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Educational Sex Series review

Summary: Educational Sex Series is a place to learn a thing or two about sex. The site uses a combination of instructional videos (starring pornstars), articles (written by pornstars) and photographs to teach members how to do a variety of sexual acts like 69s, two on one, suspension, puppyplay and cunnilingus. It's a cool idea, but could use more community features like a forum and many of the listed guides aren't yet available.

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Jerry Fritz, 2010-05-11

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Intro promises

- Access to a 'plethora' of videos and photos
- Written out How-To instructions
- 50% off hard copies of videos (in DVD format)
- Dozens of instructional sex lessons

First impression

Educational Sex Series isn't your run of the mill porn site. In fact it isn't really a porn site at all, but a sort of porn/online education hybrid. The site's slogan sums up its vision pretty well: "Let's explore the world of sex". That's just what it looks like we're going to do as members. There are videos, articles and access to sexual experts according to the tour that are going to teach us how to do all sorts of kinky sex acts, from Analingus to Toys and beyond. I'm a firm believer that you never stop learning, especially when it comes to sex. Let's get inside and learn something.


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Our opinion

This site is very serious about the instructional aspect of its videos. In fact, it's 99% instructional and 1% porn in most cases. The host is usually a pornstar or at least someone with experience in adult movies and they do a lot of explaining in addition to showing how to perform the actions physically. This is where the porn aspect comes into play. It's hard not to get a little turned on when watching a babe licking another's tight shaved pussy while talking you through the act. You just need to fire up the How-To video for Cunnilingus to see that action.

The site does look to be pretty diverse in its range. There is a long list of How-Tos available so far and they really vary. You'll learn things that are more extreme like suspension bondage, puppy play (domination) and Progasms to the more typical actions like road head, deep throating, kinky positions and 'swallowing'. If the names of the how-tos didn't tip you off yet, the site is geared towards men and women both straight and gay. You can learn something here and apply it on whoever you like. The site is all about the teaching and learning.

Unfortunately a lot of the how-to lessons listed aren't actually available. You'll get a message saying that the lesson is in production when you click on it. Others are ready to be viewed and can be enjoyed in a streaming Flash video player in most cases in a 475x173px player. These by the way are obviously encoded wrong - their aspect ratio is wrong which makes the image seem squeezed. Fortunately the downloaded videos look fine. There are some downloads in DivX format that have a 720x480px resolution and a 1.24 Mbps bit rate as well. Some lessons include text as well, other will be text-only. I would like to see a little more uniformity for lessons. Each really should have a video download and stream option, a written guide and some photos. Instead it's sort of a mix in most cases and you won't know what you have access to until you click on the lesson's link.

Outside of the lessons you'll find a section called "definitions". These are organized alphabetically. If you ever wondered what the hell Emetophilia was, you can look it up here and learn that it is "arousal from vomit or vomiting". They cover just about all of the different words, terms and slang in this dictionary. The other section to visit is the 'Ask An Expert' area. There are emails to a variety of pornstars and performers like Trina Michaels, Crystal Heart, Kelly Wells and Veronica Jett. Allegedly you can write them directly and get specific questions answered by people that definitely know a thing or two about fucking. I doubt it though, since the links all lead to the same email address.

The layout of the site makes browsing through all of this material pretty straightforward. There aren't so many lessons that you'll need search and browsing tools. What I do think is missing here, however, is a forum or chat room. For an eLearning sex site, I would really think a forum would be a crucial extra to include. It would give us a place to go and talk and chat with others about our experiences or questions and to share our success or failure stories. That would be some fun reading!


Educational Sex Series is a very unique site and definitely offers members a lot of information. The instructional pictures, videos and articles should have a great impact on your sex life and I'm sure your significant other will appreciate the effort (maybe you ought to share the site with them, too). It could certainly use more lessons and instruction but the site is off to a good start. If you're eager to learn how to fuck better or want to learn how to do more kinky/fetish sex acts this is a great site to join.


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