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Mr Skin review

- 6th revisit

Summary: For real nude celebs, there isn't a better source than Mr Skin. This site is one of the largest and longest running sites dedicated to showing you every moment in cinematic history where an actress showed her tits, ass, or even just a lot of cleavage. The library is massive and they continue to look for new clips to add to their collection every day. With a great site easy to browse and other features like complete bios, movie reviews, and special blog features it's a fantastic pick for fans of nude celebs.

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Jerry Fritz, 2013-09-13

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Intro promises

"Fast-forwarding to the good parts since 1999!"

- Over 550 Hours of video
- Full screen and HD video
- Over 20,000 Actresses
- Updated daily
- Detailed reviews and ratings

First impression

If there's one source for nude celebrities, it's Mr Skin. Always popular, and even more so after they were mentioned in the Seth Rogen's film Knocked Up, the site is the nexus of all things celebrity and nude.

They do a lot more than catalogue nude clips and still images from TV series, Movies and Awards shows, though; they 'curate' that collection. On the tour you can check out some of their recent playlists like "Breastfeeding scenes", "19 Favorites of '98", and "Bottomless Nude Scenes". They also review movies and of course have a massive database of clips and pictures, today with more than 20,000 actresses!

I signed up in 2013 to see what they're up to and you can read my opinion below.


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Our opinion

Probably the most famous site for celebrity nudes, Mr Skin is a real mammoth of a site. While it's very large library of video clips and stills of the sexy and naked moments in Hollywood are at the core of the site, it also offers a lot more for the movie buff: reviews of films, in depth model profiles, playlists and best-of lists, and plenty of gossip.

Over 20,000 actresses in the database

As I said, while it isn't all about the nude clips and pics, that content is certainly at the very heart of a subscription here and the main draw. They have the best organized and most complete index of stars and lesser known B-movie actresses in the niche, and you'll find stars from blockbusters, those girls who do the bad scary movies but show their tits, and more avante garde European cinema stars who are usually much more comfortable with both nudity and sex in their roles.

Nude and sexy highlights

For a long time their tagline has been 'fast-forwarding to the good parts,' and that sums up how they put together this collection pretty well. They watch every movie known to god, keep track of very sexy moments and especially nude moments, then make short clips of those parts and put them online. They are then organized by the actress featured, the movie or TV show that they come from, and by rating (members, including you, assign a score of 1 to 3 stars usually). They also tag the clips with important information - nude or sexy, the ethnicity of the actress, if they show their tits or their ass, and that sort of thing. You can use these tags later to browse by and look for content in their big library.

There are no fakes here, and no porn movies. Some celeb sites put in skin flicks from late night cable but you won't find that fluff in Mr Skin. They are only interested in real cinema, Hollywood, Independent, or otherwise. Not all of the 20,000 actresses are massively famous but they are all actresses, not porn stars. You also won't find the sex tapes here that have started scandals in the industry. Just clips from movies and TV shows.

HD downloads for newer releases

A lot of the updates won't be in high definition, but in 640x360 screen resolution downloads and streams. The movies and shows released in HD and Blu-ray, though, do come in HD streams and downloads with 1280x720 screens (3 mbits) that look great. The streaming player loads quickly and looks sharp.

Pictures are usually stills from movies, though there are some pictures from premiers and award shows that aren't screen captures. Usually, the screen captures open to 1000x600 pixel resolutions or smaller. They look pretty great when from HD sources, but even then can be a bit blurred or pixelated.

Actress biographies, Movie reviews, Playlists and Top Lists

The site has a lot of entertainment to offer outside of the clips. The actresses each have biographies, which are very complete and competently written. Usually they include details of a more sexual angle - Jennifer Aniston has a quote in hers about how she is comfortable being naked and likes to be naked, for example. Her bio also goes over her past, her career highlights and other of course her love life (Brad Pitt). The movie reviews are very competently written as well, and you can find a lot of good flicks to check out that you've never heard of or just haven't gotten around to seeing yet. They have good tastes and make great recommendations.

The other fun content is their Playlists, which are curated collections of clips that have some sort of theme; a recent one is best scenes from movies with topless actresses rubbed with sun tan lotion, for example; others include best bottomless nude clips. There's quite a few playlists and they are always thinking up new ones. They are a great way to enjoy the variety without having to endlessly search for yourself.

Huge collection and constant updates

There really are over 550 hours of clips in this library, and they are adding new clips every day from various sources both new and old.


Mr Skin is the most complete and best quality collection of celebrity nudes and sexy moments. No fakes and no porn stars, they stick to Hollywood and European cinema releases, as well as TV shows with hot actresses who show a lot more than their pretty smiles. With a huge archive, a very complete index of actresses with bios, movie reviews and of course top quality clips and stills of those nude and semi-nude moments, it's a fantastic pick for lovers of nude celebs and everything Hollywood, too.


The other celeb sites out there are a mix of legit clips and stills, fakes, sex tapes and scenes from skin-flicks on late night cable. Among those sites, though, are some nice options, like Celeb Nakedness.

Paparazzi Stalkers is a massive library as well and it also features spy footage, paparazzi photos, sex tape clips and other content of Hollywood babes.

Homemade Celebrity Porn goes even further, looking for the most intense celebrity action to bring you. All those sex tapes of famous girls like Pamela Lee Anderson and Kim Kardashian as well as other intense action is here.


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