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Hardcore Power Tools review

Summary: Hardcore Power Tools is a new site for fans of machine sex to have a look at. Their exclusive scenes are offered in True HD formats that look amazing, and the machine-powered pussy-pounding hardcore is exciting, satisfying, and surprisingly varied in terms of positions and penetrations. The girls are all hot pornstars as well, and the generous bonuses included will help keep you entertained as the site continues to grow.

Score 80.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-12-02

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Intro promises

- High Definition movies.
- Extreme & original content.
- "Extreme hardware and 110 Volts of raw pussy-pounding power!"

First impression

Hardcore Power Tools shows off its gorgeous girls and intense fucking machine action in a big way on their tour. These huge, color-rich previews showcase cute amateurs and known porn stars like Brandi Edwards undressed, sometimes in nothing more than socks or less. They are sucking and teasing the firm rubber cock that is strapped onto the end of a long, cold steel arm. Black coaxial cables and power chords run amok, snaking around the bed or couch on which the beautiful, nude model is bent over or laid out to take her machine-powered ass or pussy-pounding punishment. The site promises all of that in full high definition options.

I signed up for a pass and logged in. Read on for specific details about the content quality and the what the porn collection is like for members.


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Our opinion

Hardcore Power Tools is a new site, just launched at the end of 2010. It was still building up its collection at the time of my visit, but they already had plenty enough online to get excited about. The site is adding new material weekly and came with some bonuses which we'll get into in a minute. First, let's take a look at the site's porn.

The collection of videos and galleries at Hardcore Power Tools is original and exclusive. They shoot this stuff themselves. They also built their own small fleet of fucking machines, all electric-powered apparatuses that are so bizarre as to seem unreal. But they are real, and the girls that get naked and get fucked by these machines are too.

The idea in the episodes is to meet a hot porn model first. She is undressed as she is introduced and plays with her body -- big tits are squeezed together, girls lick their own nipples, her ass is spread open or she sits and rubs her pussy for the camera -- once introduced, we bring in our inanimate sex hero: the fucking machine.

These machines are pretty standard. They have electric motors and long, chrome-plated arms that pump and spin and drill. On the end of that arm is a big rubber dildo. The girls will play with the machine to start, sucking the dildo and lubing it up with their saliva, then it's time for the machine to prove itself. The girls bend over, lay down on their backs and try out various positions, taking the hard rubber dick into their tight holes. The machine fucks these girls in the pussy and ass, and sometimes throat fucks them until gagging as well. The girls are not in control of the machine. I suppose a guy off camera is turning it up and down as the scene rolls on.

Occasionally the machine is double-tipped and gives girls hard double penetration. Make no mistake, this is rough and intense hardcore fucking.

At the time of my visit the library there were just 16 movies online so far. They are adding new ones weekly. As promised, all of these were available in truly stunning High Definition media options, too. You can save the movies in Windows Media files that are 1080p High Definition quality. They have huge 1980x1020 resolutions. The bit rate for these movies is a high 7 mbits/s. The picture is clear and sharp, rich with detail and color. You also have alternative download options that are DVD quality or less.

Movies can be watched online. They will play in a Flash video player right in the web browser. They have a 640x360 resolution and look great. Most movies run 15 to 20 minutes long.

Every episode came with a picture gallery of the action. These were sets of 100+ images. They are large and very high quality images with 1136x757 picture resolutions. The pics are a mix of the girls posing and undressing and of the same hardcore power tool sex as in the movies. You can browse through and view full size images online but there were no zip files to save entire galleries.

As a member of Hardcore Power Tools you will have access to the entire Fucking Awesome network at no extra cost. There are 7 other sites to enjoy, all of them offering the same high definition media options. The sites are Spitsters, Tag Team Tranny, Will She Explode, Hardcore Smoothies, SoCal Porn Sluts and Solo Trannies. The sites are a bit bizarre or quirky or kinky, sometimes all three in one.


Hardcore Power Tools offers a great collection of original fucking machine content. Their models were exquisite and so too were the large True HD media options the content was filmed in. The library needs to grow and it is. The bonus sites are a nice mix of porn that is different and out of the ordinary. I think this is a pretty solid package and would recommend it for fans of machine sex.


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