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Only DP review

Summary: Only DP is a hard-core mega-site. Double penetration is the focus with DVD quality videos and high quality images. A part of the Brainpass Network all content is downloadable, and exclusive live shows.

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Score 75.0 /100
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J., 2005-12-01

Hardcore, Movies, Videos, Mega-Sites


Intro promises

- "This site is about really hot girls with cocks in both holes."
- DVD-quality video and hi-rez pictures.
- Unlimited access to the Brainpass network.
- All content is downloadable.
- Exclusive live shows.

First impression

The latest in a recent rash of new non-personal sites from the world famous Brainpass network (they're the folks that bring you PeterNorth, RealSquirt, ChristineYoung, etc.), this one focusing solely on double penetration content. While the overall quality of Brainpass sites is pretty much inarguable, I have to say that lately they seem to be growing a bit too quickly for their own good perhaps. We'll see how this site stacks up against their competition (i.e. themselves).


Credit Card, Check

30 days: $29.95
90 days: $59.95

Our opinion

An interesting new trend in Brainpass sites is to open the members' area with a page dedicated not to the specific site you're attempting to access, but to the latest (and future) updates of the network as a whole. I will freely admit that having easy access to the latest updates on a network this large all available on one page is beyond helpful. However, it tells of a network that may be becoming less interested in the individual sites and more interested in the quantity of content. I'm not saying the quality of their videos is likely to drop, but one thing I always enjoyed about this network was keeping the personalty of the individual sites intact despite the common format. Anyway, I digress. Skipping the network stuff I head straight into OnlyDP's own member area and I find it pretty sparse. There's the standard format you'll find in the other sites on the network (a complete navbar below the header and the latest updates listed with thumbs and links right on the front page) but at the time of the review there are only two updates viewable. There's plenty of space on the page- the whole thing barely requires scrolling to view in its entirety. I quickly click into the Videos section to make sure there aren't just 2 sets up period and I'm relieved to see that there are plenty more. However, with all that extra space available on the front page, I'd like to see some more thumbs.

Speaking of the Videos section, it's about as concise as it can be without sacrificing pertinent information. For each set you get 8 thumbnails, length, and stars listed with links to the low and high speed videos or the pictures of the set. Pretty much everything you need right there. Glancing at the thumbs, I can see this site's sticking to its guns (and sticking its guns everywhere) and giving you only scenes including double penetration.

I'm not exactly sure where this content is coming from though, since I don't really see any of the BrainPass regulars (Busty Christy, Christine Young, Sweet Amy Lee or new addition Cherry Potter). I don't get any indication of whether or not the content is even exclusive. The quality range on these vids spans a good range. And, because I am lazy, here is the exact same info on the BrainPass vids from one of my previous reviews:

The production quality of the videos is pretty normal by today's professional adult video standards: nothing fancy in terms of lighting or location, but you don't often see some random dude sitting in the corner or an empty bag of chips on the bed or anything. The video is mostly gonzo and maybe some tripod stuff and off-camera sound equipment would help round it out a little better, but overall there are few complaints. As with other Brainpass sites, there are six total video quality options: 2 high speed and 3 low speed. The high speed formats include a WMV 228kbps (352x240 resolution), an MPG 650k (352x240) and a WMV 700kbps (480x360) version. The smaller WMV looks decent at its natural size and is acceptable when blown up a little bit and the MPG version is equally viewable, with little compression artifacting at smaller sizes. But for my money, it's the WMV700 format you should stick with for full-screen viewing- it's really quite nice looking and only incurs minor to moderate pixelization at full screen. Of course, you have to wait much longer for it to buffer or download, but if you're an archiver, this is your format. The low speed formats are about what you would expect. A WMV56k version that looks like a stamp-sized (240x180) animated .GIF with a slightly better framerate, a WMV128k version of the same size with a little less compression, and an MPG350 at 240x160 with a slightly better framerate than the previous two. The low speed versions are what I would consider emergency only formats in general. And if you need to view the low speed ones full time, maybe you should invest in some high speed internet.

As usual, the photos are simply screencaps from the videos. Good pretty much only for extensive thumbnailing and sending as greeting cards via e-mail.

There are a grand total of about 30 sets on the site at this point with updates being sporadic- another symptom of Brainpass's exponential growth, you have to wait a while for a specific site's update turn to come around and it seems like they play favorites. I'd love to tell you that this particular site gets an update a week, but that doesn't really seem to be the case - there's one update per day network-wide. Not that there's not plenty of content for you to peruse. The network encompasses 26 sites in all major genres, including several personal sites, may of which I've mentioned previously in this review and almost all of which have been reviewed by the our staff. There's even some bonus content on top of that, including standard feeds from Holio and Hustler plus some less common ones as well.


It's hard to review a site in a large network based solely on its own merits. If I were to do so, I could only say that this is a small site that will grow very slowly and that, unless you're very very into this niche, you should probably look elsewhere. However, taking into account the likelihood that you're joining this for its added benefits of being in said large network, I can only say that there's not really many better networks to be in. I would love it if OnlyDP were a true niche site with frequent updates and a little personality of its own. But it's not really that- it's more just another gear on an ever-growing machine whose benefits usually outweigh its negatives.

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