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I Want Latina review

Summary: I Want Latina is a hard-core Latina site featuring pornstars, and it's part of a megasite. There are hard-core Latina movies and screen captured images along with bonus content.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Tracy, 2005-07-13

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Intro promises

"Tons of Latina girls, sex scenes plus high quality movies.

The producers at Silverstone Entertainment have traveled the world to bring you the award-winning series Pick Up Lines, as well as Pick Up Babes, Peeping Tom and these new series: Wild on These and Latin Eye Candy. After several years of shooting in South America, they are proud to bring you this new site, IWantLatina. Silverstone has assembled the best collection of hardcore scenes featuring the most sensuous and hot Latin girls.

Huge Latina hardcore and pornstar photo archive and bonus sites."

First impression

Before I arrive at the member page, I am aware that IWantLatina is a part of the Brainpass pornstar network, and having seen many of the sites including Lex Steele and Sweet Amy Lee, I am expecting some very hot hardcore, good quality content and lots of videos. The only thing I hope I do not find is the cheesy music soundtracks that I know another site in the network, Silverstone Video lays down on their movies.


30-Day Membership: $29.95 (recurring)
90-Day Membership: $59.95 (recurring)

Paycom will appear on credit card (Discover, JCB, VISA, MasterCard) statements. There is also an option to join by check.

Our opinion

As part of a network of sites, the member page of I Want Latina is a VIP access area that gives you information on the newest updates, which are frequent, and directs you to the additional 15 bonus sites. IWantLatina can be accessed at the top of this page.

Once you access the hot Latin babes, you'll find an easy to use top and bottom page menu where you can choose to look at photos, watch movies, gain access to extra leased feeds, or visit one of the bonus sites. The site design, with its greens, yellows and oranges gives you the impression that you have entered a tropical paradise, and certainly I am hoping that they deliver a Fantasy Island of content!

With twelve pages of videos, and a total of 60 hardcore Latina movies, and corresponding video captures, I am already fairly happy. Videos appear to be between 1220 minutes in length, and there is quite a bit of variety between indoor and outdoor action, blowjobs, anal and even some girls taking on two cocks at a time.

Each movie comes with a brief description like "by the pool, on the table, and a bench. Blowjob, oral, missionary, doggie, cumshot." I liked the synopsis because I could find exactly the kind of spicy hardcore I wanted in one quick glance.

The girls aren't pornstar stunning, but most definitely know how to get it going on! Some of these girls were sizzling, and others didn't suit my taste for a Mexican or South American dish. However, I went for some steamy poolside action with a hot tamale named Gabriella.

The videos have multiple options. Lowspeed includes a 56k, 144x96 pixel and 128k, 180x120 pixel WMV files, or a 350kbps MPEG that streams. Highspeed movies are 228kbps, 352x240 pixel and 700k WMV files, as well as a 650 MPEG.

The highspeed videos were good quality, but slightly blurry even at 700k, and none of the videos are available to watch as a full-length feature. There are 24 clips per episode that stream for about five minutes each, or you can download them in these segments.

Disappointingly, the movies do have a music track that completely overshadows any real hardcore moaning. I don't mind music too much, but if it exists in a video, then I also like to hear all the heavy breathing, and pussy pounding action!

On the upside, there is quite a bit of hardcore variety in each video, and the camera angles and framing of blowjobs and sex is well done with smooth zooms from long shots to close-ups, and seamless editing. Gabriella can certainly blow the heat off a chilli! Long dark hair, a taut ass and a sensual mouth sliding up and down a hard cock goes a long way in my books! If you can bare the music track, then you will definitely get off.

The 720x480 JPEG photos are video captures that are very grainy, but surprisingly not too blurry. Each episode includes 50140 pictures that you can view in a slide show, or download as a ZIP file.


As I mentioned, there are many additional bonus sites, and I know that many of those sites have better quality videos, and some have the same quality as found on I Want Latina. The IWantLatina sex is as hot and sweaty as a summer in Cancun, but I wasn't impressed with the music track. Fortunately, not all the videos in the Brainpass Network contain music. There is nothing original about the photos, but when you consider the actual amount of video content that you get for thirty dollars, then you really can't complain too much. Just be aware that this is the only Latina site in the network.


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Total average: 78.8/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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