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Lush Stories Review

Summary: If you fancy a good erotic read or want some hardcore fantasies laid out in word form, then you won't do better than Lush Stories. This 100% free site offers you thousands of self-submit, quality adult stories plus a heap of extras. These include and porn tube area, a forum, interactivity, chat and cams, a store and a free pass. Anyone can write and submit, or you can just read, or you can use your free access to view everything at the porn tube and elsewhere. Honestly, if you want to be part of a community that offers so much more than the usual adult site, then you are going to fit right in at Lush Stories. It's incredible.

Score 84 /100
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Luke, 2019-03-20

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Erotica, Stories, Tube porn, Forum, Writers, self-submit, cams, chat

Intro promises

53,254 Free, erotic stories
Story competitions, porn tube, forum
393,921 images
208,036 blog posts and 3,246,725 forum posts.

First impression

A picture paints a thousand words, but over at Lush Stories, it's the words that paint the pictures. This is a free story site with a video tube area, a forum and loads of other 'community' elements for its members. Chat, meet other readers, write and submit your own, find thousands of stories that are all checked for quality before posting and find yourself lost in a wood of words with the ability to veer off and check hardcore porn at the same time. The neat thing here is, you don't need to part with a penny. The site is free for all and what you see on the tour is what you have inside, except only once signed up will you benefit from all the site's features.


Our opinion

This is porn in word form, and sites like this make a refreshing change from the norm. What really got me was the mix of activity. There's lots on each page, and at first, you can be distracted by all the elements, but I'll try and work through them in order.

First of all, we're told there are already over 389,885 members - and you can see how many are online and how many in chat - then 53,254 stories have been published, so get your reading glasses on. There are nearly 400,000 individual images (I didn't count them all), over 200,000 blog posts and millions of forum entries. You've got your work cut out there.

Stories are the main thrust of the site, and there are thousands to read, all presented in various categories. These are (mainly) straight porn stories, some are real-life reminiscences, some are fantasy, some I suspect are written by writers with experience while some are not, but that doesn't matter. It's the enthusiasm for the erotica which gets you and, being honest, I was inspired to write and submit some of my own. You can let your imagination free and write more or less what you want (within the bounds of decency of course) and thus, we find a great long category list. This starts with anal stories and takes us through college sex, crossdressing, first time, historical, hardcore, Milf stories, monsters, Steampunk, teen, voyeur and wife lovers. There are many more headings too, plus audio stories, competitions and author's eBooks.

I guess you can say it's not all exclusive as authors may have submitted elsewhere too, but that doesn't really matter. I checked out a few of the stories (which I'd never read before, and I am an avid reader) and found them to be well written. It looks like the site runs a quality control check on every submission. You're also told the length and other details about the story, there are links to the member who wrote it, and there are ways to view. You have them simply laid out online to scroll-and-read, but also with PDF files to view and a printable version.

For such a large site, there's an easy navigation system, and you shouldn't get lost or frustrated. The stories appear first, and the category list is extensive and to the side. There are also clear links to log in, submit and find a random story. The top menu takes you to your other goodies, outlined below, and there are good search functions. You can search out specific authors, types of story and even other members. Links to the forum and tube channel the chat and live cams are all found in the static top menu too.

There are loads of interactive functions, and they make the site even more of an adventure. I mean things like submit stories, check members, create profiles, chat in the forum - which is very well used - leave comments, you can score stories, update dates are shown, you can search authors and also find links to help and support. I'd say it was 100% fully interactive and you really do feel part of an online community.

The pages are filled with info including some handy advert-links now and then to other sites you might want to explore. But, before you do, there are all the extras.

Moving through that top menu, you first come to the Forum which opens in the same way and uses a stable forum template. There are sections for stories, writers, personals, hookups and more. Groups comes next with masses of special interest groups to check out and join, and then you can explore the live Cam plug-in, the store and the Lush Tube site. (I would open this in a new tab.) Here, there are gay, straight and shemale cam clips and scenes, lots of content, categories and movies which come from all over the place. I found streams, and not everything was wonderful quality, but there is plenty that is.

You get a lot of extras at Lush Stories, but really, they are all elements of one huge, community, story, erotica porn and chat/cam site where everything you see is absolutely free.


Writing is my life, as an author, a reviewer and a reader and I have been viewing online writer communities for years now, but have never seen anything so comprehensive as Lush Stories. First off, the stores are good, hardcore, erotic or non-porn, there's a long list of them, they have been checked, and members can comment on them and engage with each other. You can also write your own. But around this star content are loads of other interactive options making this site the only place you need for quality erotic, tube content, chat, networking and porn. And, believe it or not, it's all free.


It's hard to find anything to compare to Lush Stories. I can't think of any other such sites, I mean ones that focus 80% on the written porn word and the other 20% on tube porn, chat and so on. I checked out what we had for you by putting 'Stories' in our search box, and found some interesting results. These are not all simple erotica sites, but I am trying to avoid the old toon and anime kind of story sites here:

Forced Crossdresser Fantasies is a unique site with a main theme - can you guess? It's unusual, amateur-run but packed with original content and that includes written texts as well as photo-supported short stories on the crossdressing theme.

Filthy Fragments offers you "Sex positive erotic comics created by women" with thousands of comics, drawings and pin-ups. Again, not 100% written word but there are very few sites like this.

You can also generally search online for adult sex story sites but watch out for those you have to pay to join. Many simply accept content without checking it - unlike Lush Stories who do check member submissions.


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