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Our other category is literally where we put sites that we just don't know where to put! Often these are novelty sites. For example, you can find sites that have educational porn movies that teach you how to last longer or fuck in certain positions. You'll find some that allow for viewing movies in 3D or with unique viewing options, like being able to rotate the models around in a three dimensional picture. There is even a site whose profits are donated to preserving forest habitats! It's a unique bunch of sites, and if you're open to new site concepts and want to see non-mainstream porn belonging outside the box, the best way is to check out the sites listed below.

Editor's picks

  • »Naked News Anchors - Unique softcore content that makes you horny and smarter at the same time.
  • »Mr Skin - Not as much a porn site as a site about Hollywood movies, celebrities and gossip.

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  • eroXart screenshot
    Date: 2009-09-17

    Summary: EroXart, is an excruciatingly detailed and exquisite site featuring hardcore animated porn. The artwork is truly amazing and will probably leave you open mouthed as you admire the attention to detail and the realistic way the body moves. Bear in mind this site won't be everyone's cup of tea. Thre is no regular porn content - it's all animated drawing featuring quick little motion loops. For readers looking for something unique in your animated porn experience, then I recommend giving this site a look.

  • Educational Sex Series screenshot
    Educational Sex Series
    Date: 2010-05-11

    Summary: Educational Sex Series is a place to learn a thing or two about sex. The site uses a combination of instructional videos (starring pornstars), articles (written by pornstars) and photographs to teach members how to do a variety of sexual acts like 69s, two on one, suspension, puppyplay and cunnilingus. It's a cool idea, but could use more community features like a forum and many of the listed guides aren't yet available.

  • Fuck For Forest screenshot
    Fuck For Forest
    Date: 2006-05-21

    Summary: Peace, love and harmony. Yes the old motto is still valid on Fuck For Forest. The only site where you can watch porn and support the World's forests at the same time. Content is made by amateurs supporting the cause, so don't expect pro quality.

  • Audio Sex screenshot
    Audio Sex
    Date: 2002-05-24

    Summary: Audio Sex is a different type of site, it holds a 24 hour live strip, 1,000+ erotic stories read aloud, 15,000+ adult images, flash adult games, sex store and video clips.

  • Vixen E-magazine screenshot
    Vixen E-magazine
    Date: 2007-03-17

    Summary: Vixen E-magazine is a brand new attempt to create an online gentlemen's magazine. It consists of articles with many different themes as well as a few photo series. Overall not a threat to FHM or the other major mags, but is worth a closer look.

  • Bullettime screenshot
    Date: 2007-08-31

    Summary: Bullettime is a one of a kind website where girls are photographed Matrix-style allowing you to rotate the girl 180 degrees in many different postures. The content is very limited and updates are not all that frequent. But the type of content is unique.

  • Sexy Texts screenshot
    Sexy Texts
    Date: 2002-10-20

    Summary: Sexy Texts is an erotic story site, offering thousands of extreme stories, uncensored and illustrated, audio stories and monthly updated E-zines.

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Total 7 reviews