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Lets Fuck Outside review

Summary: Let's Fuck Outside no longer updates, but its small collection of HD videos starring some of the best pornstars around fucking all over Montreal is quite enjoyable. The scenes that are available here are 100% exclusive and look pretty damn good: the only problem is that the numbers are slightly lacking and alternative destinations might offer you a better return on your monthly membership. It probably doesn't rival Public Agent, but if you prefer your outdoor sex videos to be based in Canada, there's very little reason to look elsewhere.

Score 75 /100
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William, 2018-10-17

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Other, Hardcore, High-definition

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Intro promises

"Public sex in Montreal"
- 3,000+ HD videos
- 1080p downloads
- Several weekly updates
- Mobile optimized

First impression

While from time to time I come across porn sites that have names which leave a lot to be explained, I think most people can probably work out what the main theme of Let's Fuck Outside is. Simply put, this is a place that you'll want to visit if you're hunting down hardcore action of girls that enjoy hardcore action in public. Whether it's in a nice garden, out in the forest or on a boat with loads of friends, this website has one focus: ladies who can't get enough of taboo fucking and sucking while outside! It seems fitting that I'm about to head inside right now - continue reading below for the full review on Let's Fuck Outside.


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Our opinion

When you log into Let's Fuck Outside, you'll be taken to the homepage of the Pegas Productions network. It's probably a good idea to go over this place quickly first, so let me explain what you're actually getting when you join this site. Alongside access to all of the material that Let's Fuck Outside has on offer, you'll also be able to enjoy a decent cache of bonus entertainment from websites such as 3 Way Porn, Blow Me POV, Lust Eden and Sly Masseur. I quite like the fact that there's no single theme on offer here: it's a nice mixture of content that lots of people can enjoy without being pinned down to one type of niche. You also get four new weekly releases too, so that's quite cool.

Now when it comes to Let's Fuck Outside, you're looking at a total content archive consisting of just over 50 scenes: this isn't the biggest collection ever, but given the somewhat difficult nature of the niche I'm not going to be hard on this relatively small number of uploads. What I did find quite disappointing about Let's Fuck Outside is that none of the scenes here have upload dates attached to them, making it impossible for me to work out if they're updating every few weeks or not at all. It's a tough one to call, but I'm going to suggest that it's been a while since Let's Fuck Outside has anything new added: no dates is never a good sign and I couldn't find any evidence to suggest that they're regularly releasing fresh flicks.

When you go ahead and attempt to join Let's Fuck Outside, you'll receive a message that basically states you're going to get access to 1080p HD footage inside: I could only see 720p material here and I checked around a dozen or so videos before giving up. I think that the lower side of high definition formats is acceptable, but I wish sites were just honest about their offerings. The bitrate on the content is more than sufficient to make watching the porn here quite stellar, but my experience was somewhat marred by the fact that I went in expecting 1920 x 1080 pixel videos and got nothing of the sort. There aren't pictures here either, but I don't think many people care all that much: you're not accessing public porn websites for the photography.

On the positive side, Let's Fuck Outside does have some very enjoyable porn that I think many people will be honestly satisfied with: they're setting out to deliver on a niche and do exactly that. Inside the member's area you'll find guys and girls getting down and dirty in a variety of different destinations: some are quite casual like banging by the side of a pool, whereas others venture to forests, car parks and the beach. There's even a good video of a hot blonde being fucked good and proper on a golf course - it's called 'Two Holes in One': great names are always worth mentioning!

The action is often hardcore one on one, but there are a few threesome clips to hunt down. One featured the Lane sisters and is likely the best scene I came across. Models featured in other uploads include the likes of Kendra White, Vyxen Steel, Lydya Moser and Candy Kiss: sexy women to say the very least! All the girls featured here are proper pornstars and know how to fuck, plus they seem to get really turned on by virtue of the fact that they're shagging outside.


Since there isn't all that much competition in the adult space when it comes to outdoor sex, I think that this place delivers quite a decent solution for people who enjoy porn in this niche. It's not a perfect place and there are quite a few issues I have with Let's Fuck Outside, but the simple fact is that public porn is difficult to come by and you have to take your chances when they're made available to you. Certainly consider checking this place out: the bonuses alone are one of the biggest reasons why I can recommend signing up to would-be members.


Fake Hub's offerings via Public Agent seem to be the best competition when it comes to giving Let's Fuck Outside a run for its money. With 500+ videos and true 1080p HD formats, you can't go wrong with this place and in my opinion, it's quite a bit better than the place I've just reviewed.

We've also reviewed Asses In Public before, a Brazzers owned entity that no longer updates but comes with a huge collection of bonus websites that are well worth signing up for. Brazzers also hosts some outdoor sex clips across its entire network, so that's a nice option for people who want that niche more than anything else.


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