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Naughty Alysha review

Summary: Naughty Alysha the site of mature amateur wife Alysha. On her site she shows how huge and strange things she is capable of inserting into her pussy and ass. She is also an avid squirter and swinger as well. Content here is very hardcore and fetish oriented.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Uli, 2005-04-05

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Intro promises

Naughty Alysha - The fetish queen!
"Get ready to see some of the raunchiest, nastiest, naughtiest fetish content available anywhere on the NET! Ass and pussy stretching, fisting, gangbangs, massive insertions, gyno, squirting, food fucking... you name it. It's all here for you done by me personally"

"I produce all my own content so you are guaranteed to see fresh, naughty pics & videos"

"But, that's not all! I have plenty of extras and bonus stuff inside, like games, bonus sites, links to the CamZ Network, the HomeGrown Cams Network, and SexCamCentral."

Beside these promises there are some clearly marked as "samples"-pictures shown and a higher resolution is promised than the examples have. Also the update list of the last month is presented, looking impressive indeed. There's also a video trailer, which simply confirms: Yeah, this is nothing but a hardcore place!

First impression

When entering the membership area for the first time during this review I had two impressions I have to tell you about: Although the colors and pictures of the site design are unique, the construction and navigation of this site looked very familiar to me - right, the same tool was used I already found on the KatVixen [review] and on a few other sites. Secondly the most meaningful explanation of what this site about is the picture directory with its subdirectories which I'm going to introduce now and how many pictures each directory contains (numbers in brackets). This gives you an idea what the favourites of Alysha are: Anal (2534), Big Toys (12665), Blowjobs&Facials (1885), Cervix&Gaping (1237), Creampie (513), Fisting (4587), Gangbangs&Orgies (3391), Girl-Girl (3292), Gloryholes&Theatres (1770), Interracial (3265), Micellaneous (3203), Odd Objects (3919), Pissing&Squirting (923), Public (1627) and Softcore (2261) - wow, this is a grand total of 47072 pics just at the moment when I did this review!

Furthermore I have to confess that I already knew this site. I was twice a member in 2001 and 2002 and already had planned to resubscribe before I did this review. Besides the fact that you don't resubscribe a site you didn't like I have to say that I'm quite impressed and satisfied with the development the site has undergone. It's gotten more professional in its layout, its hardcore content is still unmatched but now with a better and more consistent picture quality and the lady herself is the same hottie she was before!


$24.88/month recurring
$49.88/3 months recurring

Payment processor is NetBilling.

Our opinion

The Lady herself, well, that's always the right place to start the closer checkup. Alysha is a hot blond gal now being 34 years old. She's definitely not the Mom or MILF type. She had curled hair in her earlier days, but now has straight hair, which makes her look even younger. To be honest, just from the newer pics I hadn't expected that she was anymore than 30 years old! Also compared to the older pics something has changed about her boobs - they didn't get bigger (they weren't small before), but look "lifted" now, not bad.

I think I gave you an idea about the type of content this site has with my list above. It's pure hardcore on a level only a very few amateur pages on the net present. Look at the list above and you will see Alysha is specialized in big toys and I can confirm she knows how to use them. It's quite often astonishing that such a slender lady can take such big toys. Of course there's a lot of pussy play around, well, this site is a paradise for the pussy lover (like me ;-) )! You get to see it all - that's meant literally. And it's not only pussy play - there are nearly all forms of hardcore sex (few bdsm so far) you can think of - it seems to me if you miss something, just request it from Alysha! Of course Alysha is well integrated in the swinger and amateur scene - looking around on her site you will some other well known faces of the amateur sex scene.

Alysha presents her sex actions in two ways. The pics have already been mentioned. But there are also a lot of movies around. In many cases they were taken from the same scenes as the picture series show, so they have the same level of hardcore content. Occasionally they contain more random content (it seems Alysha just came up with some action and there was no photo camera there) like peeing in public parking lots and so on. The videos are in wmv-format, the smaller ones in mpg. The site lets you choose between different filesizes and resolutions according to the type of connection you have. You can stream or download the videos just as you want. The biggest files are up to 20 MB/single file. The video resolution is 320x240 taken by digital cameras. Thus picture quality is normally good.

Nevertheless I think the pictures are the main content of Alysha's site. Their default size is 800x600 pixel and although they are in average only 50-100 kb each (some being bigger, some smaller), the work of size reduction has been done well, so their quality is not top, but still good. It's a little bit sad - Alysha's site is a top site in many aspects, but the picture quality falls a little bit short. Get it right - it's not bad and I don't want to complain, but the question will arise why this site didn't get a 9-something-rating. Well, the technical development in digital cameras and internet speed has raised the level of good digital pictures so much that those 800x600 at 100 kb, which once were top notch, is now getting sub par. Some top sites are going to show you images well above 1200x1000 with unbelievable crisp quality - and that's what's top today. I think Alysha should do at least as addition to their normal picture series some "HQ"-exposures having this level and having a size of above 250 kb or - even better - raise the quality of all new pics.

The bonus material includes all of the promised cams. I think it's a good sign for the quality level of a site to have at least one of the bigger cam systems and welcome it very much. Alysha has three so go figure! Most of the other bonus stuff is from Camz. To be honest: I think anybody subsribing this site is going for Alysha - I doubt whether the bonus stuff is that important!

Well, the last point to review is the site's navigation. I explained at the beginning that the site looked familiar to me at first sight. It uses the same CMS-system "Adultwebware" I found (and reviewed) on other sites too. I saw it (and used and tested it) on sites such as 'Amazing Ty', 'Brittany Love' and 'Kat Vixen'. Since I already reviewed the system in my KatVixen review, just have a look there to get my opinion in detail. But I found Alyha's implementation of Adultwebware is the best I've seen so far - she uses all features the software has. That wasn't the case with the other sites. And she has used the "download Zip-File" at ALL picture series - very well done, Alysha! After all I got curious how well the system works and whether I could find any flaws. Forget dead links, you won't find any on Alysha's site. But it has some (minor) trouble with Mozilla-based browsers - download of videos is only possible with IE - neither with Netscape nor with Firefox! Also I think if more sites are going to use this CMS, the programmers will have to invest more work in enabling the sites to get a more unique look especially with the menus, the arrangements of buttons and so on to prevent that too many sites end up looking alike.


Oh yes, if you're just into nudie pics and cute girls showing bikinis, this is not the right place for you to come to! Naughty Alysha's site is one of the most hardcore amateur sites on the net - I think there aren't enough fingers on your hands to count the levels on which this site is hardcore. And it has more aspects to it than just hardcore: The variety of content is great - many girls do tend to concentrate too much on one single action - Alysha doesn't.

The content quality is good (the pics) to really good (videos), the amount of content is VERY good (yes, this is a really big site), the bonus cam systems don't leave any wishes unfulfilled. Navigation, organization and features of the site are top notch. Naughty Alysha is definitely worth a price of $24,95.


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