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ATK Exotics review

- 3rd revisit

Summary: ATK Exotics delivers an awesome site with focus on black, latina, Asian and Indian girls. Lots of models and new updates in great looking pics and vids. A definite must-see if you are into exotic girls.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2005-12-05

Photography / studio, Amateur, 18-23, Latina, Ebony, Asian, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- Over 1400 exotic women from around the world
- Well over 950,000 images online
- Updated 7 days a week, with an average of 4,200 fresh, never before seen images
- Hundreds of videos

First impression

ATK presents themselves as the archetype of the online porn industry. Indeed, they are a constant presence on the web, and cater to most every niche. The preview for their Exotic site showcases a stunning variety of girls, from every ethnic background imaginable. I'm excited to finally be able to check out the inner workings of the ATKingdom!


$29.99 for 30 days recurring
$49.99 for 60 days recurring
$64.99 for 90 days recurring

Pay by credit card, check, phone, or mail.
Secure billing by Paycom, OPS, iBill, CCbill

Our opinion

Ok folks, ATK Exotics is a massive site, and consequently will be getting a loooong review from me. They have an amazing racial variety here. Pretty much every skin tone under the sun that isn't Caucasian is featured here. Having a comprehensive navigation system in place is crucial for a site of this size - the more content there is, the harder it is to organize and search. Thus, I will focus more on the nuts and bolts of how the site operates, rather than the content itself. After all, there is an extensive preview of the site available to the public, so it's quite easy to sample their offerings at your leisure. Buckle up an get ready for some nit-picking...

On the right of the main page there is a menu bar with categories for the site. This menu appears differently in all subsequent sections of the website, so I think of the main page as a “portal” to the content on ATK. This was a little confusing at first, because the navigational tools appear differently on the main page than the rest of the site. There is also another intermediate page when you click on the Photos link, where you get a summary of the hardcore and softcore photo categories categories before being taken to a third page where all of the content is (I'll call this third page the “Content Page” from hereon in). Clicking on the Softcore and Hardcore links in the menu bar take you directly to the Content Page without an intermediate page. I think that the intermediate page for the photos section is superfluous, and just adds an unnecessary step in the navigation of the site.

The Content Page is where all the action is. Links to every section of the site are presented in the left margin of the page, so you can easily access everything on the site from here. The design is simple and a little drab, but effective. It seems to me that it would make more sense to just do away with all of the pages that came before the Content Page and make this the main page of the site. I like the idea of being able to see every available section of the site on one page, and being able to navigate the site from a single location. When you start introducing different paths that lead to the same page, things start to get confusing.

There are four main sections of the menu on the Content Page. Member Links is where you can find the Updates section, Main Page, Search Engine and ATK Lounge (a webzine). The Hardcore and Softcore sections feature the bulk of the content, with links to all sorts of niches and video categories. Finally, there is a Model Directory section where you can sort content by model.

Photos can be viewed in a variety of ways. Clicking on a category will bring you to a page with text links to each volume of photos available. Each volume represents a past update to the category. Clicking on a volume will bring you to a page of thumbs that link to their respective series; each series consists of several pages of thumbs. Clicking on these thumbs will take you to the full size version of the photo. In addition to the photo you get some handy organizational tools. There are options at the top and bottom of the screen that let you resize the image to fit your browser. You can also activate a “thumbs bar” that opens as a frame on the top bottom, left or right of the screen (you choose!). This way you can easily browse through each photo in the series while viewing the full-size version at the same time. You can also turn all of these options off and view photos in “plain image” mode which is just a traditional page of thumbs that link to the full-size photos without the bells and whistles. Handy downloads are provided as .ZIP files of each entire series.

Newer volumes of photos feature sizes in the 1024x682 range, and the photos themselves are fantastic. Everything has great lighting, and details are crisp and clear. As you go back to the earlier volumes, sizes get a little smaller, and the quality decreases. Well, at least they're improving things as they go along. In the more recent stuff ATK manages to keep the quality relatively consistent, considering the number of photographers and studios they buy content from. Earlier content is little more varied in the quality department.

Videos are presented in the same way. File sizes vary a fair bit. Older episodes are smaller, anywhere from 2 to 12 MB, with recent episodes averaging 20 MB or so. Quality is pretty consistent across the board with sizes of 320x240 and bit rates that range from 930 kbps to 1.15 mbps for more recent MPG additions. During the early days, ATK only offered RAM files. Then around volume 35 or so they started to introduce MPGs as their video format of choice. Good call. The RAM movies look very good as far as Real Media content goes, but the MPGs look better, in my opinion. Audio for all options is very good, clocking in at 44.1 Khz / 176kbps. Again, newer stuff looks better than the older stuff.

And the content - a seemingly infinite amount of amateur ethnic goodies. I have not seen such a varied collection anywhere else. All kinds of backgrounds from Native American to Mediterranean, as well as more common ethnicities such as Black women and Asians. With over 1400 models in the ATK Exotics database, there is literally something for everyone. One thing that struck me odd was how everything is sorted. In the Softcore section things are categorized by race; Black, Latina, Asian, etc. The Hardcore section is only categorized by the type of action, such as Masturbation, Toys, Girl Girl and whatnot. I think it's a bit of an oversight to not include racial categories in the Hardcore section.

Updates are posted daily like clockwork. There are usually several sections updated all at once, so you get a fair bit of material rather than just one picture set. The update page features a different design than the rest of the site, with a nice compact “quick jump” bar at the top of the page that can take you to any part of the site. THAT is the sort of navigational tool that the rest of the site needs.

The search engine feature is very necessary for a big site like this. You can search for content with a variety of criteria that you select from lists: model, photographer, freckles, socks, glasses, hairy, not hairy, race, and the list goes on. I found that it worked very well, but I missed having a keyword search option. Seems like a pretty standard thing to include in a search engine, but it doesn't exist in this one.

The ATK lounge is a nice feature as well, a webzine that features a wide variety of articles on sex, dating, health, etc., as well as a bunch of non-sex related content.


ATK Exotics is your one-stop-shop for everything ethnic on the web. Massive amounts of content is all easily searchable, and of high quality for the most part. Although anything you could possibly want to link to is at your fingertips in every section of the site, I'd like to see things organized a little better. There are several unnecessary pages, and the navigational tools are not presented in a consistent fashion. I would like to see a less complicated approach. It gets confusing when the site navigation tools are presented in several different forms. In my opinion, the quick jump bar in the update section (or something like it) should be standard on every page. It's very simple, but allows you easy access to every section of the site. Then, all of the nonessential pages could be discarded, and the whole site would be greatly simplified and have more consistency. Racial categories in the Hardcore section would be nice too.

Over all, well worth the money. You'll be hard pressed to find a better offering of ethnic women.


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