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Digital Desire review

Review Update

Digital Desire now have 1,064 videos, and new movies are still being put up 2 or 3 times a week. Photo sets are put up in the days between. The new scenes are now coming in at full HD and the site also has over 2,160 photo sets, and most of these are high-resolution.

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Summary: Digital Desires is the new home of photographer Stephen J. Hicks. And it is a home to be proud of with world class photography of some of the greatest babes in the world. With frequent updates, Digital Desires is a great place for glamour babe lovers.

Tamesin, 2020-03-04

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Intro promises

- Over 700 Dream girls
- Over 2,160 premium photo sets
- Some images are as high as 3000 pixels
- Hundreds of downloadable, exclusive, DVD quality videos
- Regularly updated: about 2-3 times a week
- Largest Kyla Cole and Veronica Zemanova libraries on the web
- Zip files
- Archives extends to over 20 years from leading men's magazines

First impression

Well, it's hard to want to go inside when there's this wonderful slide show of beautiful women on the tour page. I spent a few minutes watching it before I headed to the members' area. If the slide show is any indication, this is sure to be one sexy quality paysite.


Our opinion

I'm a stickler for simple navigation. After all, a member doesn't want to spend time trying to figure out how to see the content. They just want to point and click. Well, the navigation here seems a bit overwhelming. Along the top menu bar, there are a few choices, and under each of those are sections. For example, under Premium, you get Covergirls, Dreamgirls, Creamgirls, Seasonal, Pornstars, Hooters, Girlfriends, Just 19. Under Specialty, there's Flashback, Brazilian, Amateurs, Backstage, Kyla, Bloopers, and Strip. Dailies contains DDG Today, Daily Desktops, Daily JSH, Daily Photoshoots, and Talent Search. Under Videos is HD Dreams, Dream Sessions, Dream Flicks, Reel Encore, DVDs. Tools has Top Models, Top Features, Schedule, Xtreme Schedule, Model Directory, and My Favorites. Info includes Help/Contact, Message Board and blog; whereas Xtreme includes Dreamheat, Toyland, GirlzGirlz, GirlzNBoyz, Young, RawHeat, NaughtyVids, FauxJobs, Flixx, ToyStori, XStreams.

While all that may be overwhelming, it gets a little trickier. For example, when I click on HD Dreams, I expect to see all the videos under that category. Instead, only one video pops up. To see more, click on "Archives" below the thumbnail. That only brings up 14 small thumbnails. Clicking on the left arrow brings up the videos one at a time. That's no good, because who wants to scroll, screen by screen, through all the videos in that section? Click on the right arrow (next to "Archives), and that'll take you to a screen that shows the following month's update. That doesn't really help if you want to see videos right now! At the top of next month's calendar of updates, you'll see a link to the previous issue. That's how you finally get to see the publishing schedule for the current month, but yet it's not all videos!

Sounds complicated. Yeah, it is, as well as very frustrating. How the heck do you see a listing of the videos in this site!?! The content certainly looks awesome, but I would like to see it, instead of hunt for it. After some more pointing and clicking, I finally get somewhere. Here's how I found the videos: go to Dream Sessions and click on archives. There's a ton of videos in there. Unfortunately, the thumbnails of the dream girls are very small - 51x78 pixels - so it's hard to tell if you'd like her looks. Dream Flicks' and Reel Encore's archive each contain almost 50 tiny thumbnail links to videos. The videos just have one 155x115 pixel thumbnail, with no description what they will be about. I consider that a drawback.

Videos play in Windows Media and QuickTime in low and high; Divx in high, and iPod in high. Depending upon which you choose, the screen size will be 480x360 or 1280x720. (Obviously, iPod will be smaller). The quality of the videos is great. The women are beautiful, and despite having favorites, you'll want to watch all the videos. The videos are artistic and erotic. Beware: they are heavily edited, but that's to show these women at their finest. If you're looking for more than just artistic and erotic nudes, the Xtreme category has the hardcore action.

Pictures come in all sorts of sizing options, from 800, 1024, and 1280 pixels. Sometimes the choice of 1600 pixels is offered. And then there's the whopping 2000x3000 high resolution photos. These aren't common, but I imagine more of this size will be offered in the future. You can zip download the photos or view them in a slide show.

A handy little feature is a "more of me" link above the models. This way you can see all their content within the site.

I wasn't about to count how many videos and photo sets there are because there's just too darn many to count. Generally a ton of thumbnails will greet you under every category. As mentioned before, there's a publishing schedule for all of the next month. This site really is updated a lot.

Back at the home page, you'll find along the right side another menu of sorts, with The Daily Word, Monthly, Weekly, Xtreme, A-Z Directory, and Model Search. There are also thumbnails of pretty women in the various niches. Additionally there are over 40 interviews of the various porn models, which are always fun to watch. The A-Z Directory is your best bet if you have someone in particular you want to find; you may miss her in those tiny thumbnails. This directory is listed alphabetically by the models first name. The thumbnails are bigger here - 104x156 pixels.


I'd say Digital Desire is an excellent site if it wasn't for the complicated navigation. Once you figure it out, it's fine, but my own bias is for simplicity in navigation. With that said, the content is awesome, with a ton of it. You'll find the most beautiful porn models in the world here. Their content ranges from artistic and erotic nudity to hardcore and upclose action. Every woman in here is beautiful because they're shown at their best by some of the best photographers in the world.


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