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Digital Dream Girls review

- 1st revisit

Summary: DD Girls is home of photographer J. Stephen Hicks. And what a home? Fantastic looking girls are photographed on many different locations to create incredible pictures. Quality is great and updates are very frequent. Great site for glamour babe lovers!

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2005-02-09

Photography / studio, Babes, Pornstar, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- Premiere site of long time word renowned glamour photographer J. Stephen Hicks
- Over 180,000 images
- Hundreds of downloadable high-quality videos
- Daily updates
- Access to test photos and backstage footage from productions
- Exclusive content
- “Visuals unsurpassed on the WWW”
- Wide variety of model types

First impression

This is one of the most in-depth previews I've seen. Although it seemed a bit daunting at first, both the 56K and broadband versions of the tour are easy to use, attractively built, and give you detailed explanations of everything included with membership (and you do get a lot!) Updates are clearly explained, and there is even a calendar that you can refer to for info on future updates. You even get a fully functional (but censored) preview of the member's page.


DDG only: 26.95 / month, 69.95 / 3 months

DDG + DDGX: 33.95 / month, 89.95 / 3 months

Pay by credit card, check, 2000charge, phone, fax

Processed by DHD media

Our opinion

Logging in takes you to a nicely arranged home page that focuses on the current monthly and daily content. There is a navigation bar at the top of the page (which appears on all pages of the site), as well as a search function and a link to the site schedule. There is also a link to the DDG Directory, where you can search every model on the site by name.
I like the focus on updates here, and it's nice to have them presented to you right off the bat instead of having to search for them. Every time you log in, you can see what's new!

Scrolling down reveals links to the rest of the site categories. The home page contains all the links in the navigation bar, giving you a nice visual representation of the site content.

There is a lot of material here, and it seems to be organized fairly well. It's crucial in a site of this size that everything is easy to find, and indexed in a useful way.

Digital Dream Girls is broken down into two main sections, DDG and DDGX (DDG Extreme). DDGX has more explicit content, as you might expect, while DDG focuses on the classy stuff. It seems that DDGX was at one point just another category in the navigation bar, and indeed it appears there with the other DDG categories. Perhaps it was a regular category that experienced a jump in popularity, and is now being nurtured into it's own entity. It will be interesting to see what happens with DDGX in the future.

Anyway, on to the content.

The first two categories of DDG, Premium Galleries and Specialty Galleries, contain the bulk of the photos on the site. Each category contains eight galleries of photos.

Clicking on a gallery takes you to a page where you can select the models from the current issue of the gallery (if there's only one model for the issue, you go straight to a page of thumbs. Usually there's two models per issue). From here you can select a variety of options. You can browse through the issues, or go to the gallery archives to browse every photoset available for the gallery. You can click the “top rated” link to see which photosets are the most popular. There is even a link to download a .zip file of each model's photos! When you select a model, you are taken to a page of thumbs where you can choose from medium or high resolution to view the photos. (The first three galleries in the Premium category offer x-large resolution, in addition to high and medium.) There are comments from the photographer at the top of the page, adding a more personal feel to the presentation. You can view a slide show of the pics as a stream, or downloadable .exe file. There is also a “more of me” link which will take you to the selected model's page in the DDG Directory, which features all of the photoshoots that the model has been in.

All of these features are clearly presented, and navigation is easy and convenient. Each gallery on the site follows the same layout, which gives DDGirls a nice consistency and easily allows you find what you're looking for.

The content focuses on up-scale cover-girl type stuff, with gorgeous models, fancy backgrounds, and really nice glamour-style photography. Very professional-looking.

The Specialty Galleries category adds some variety to the site with galleries such as Amateur, Backstage, Bloopers, and Brazil. I was particularly impressed with the Amateur gallery. The thing that makes these amateurs stand out from the myriad of others on the web is the quality of photography. Many amateur photos are taken by amateur photographers. This is not the case here. While some may enjoy the sense of “realness” imparted by a photo taken with a disposable camera, there is something to be said for presentation. Don't get me wrong, I like polaroids just as much as the next guy, but sometimes it's refreshing to see someone who takes their trade seriously. It's cool that there even is an amateur category on this site. DDG could've easily focused on cover-girl stuff, so it's nice to see some diversity.

The Dailies category is a nice touch, allowing quick and easy access to the newest updates for the site.

The Videos category contains three galleries that have the same layout as the picture galleries. You have the option of either Windows Media or Quicktime video formats, with both lowband and highband download options for either format. It would be nice to have the option to download segments of each video, as the file sizes can be quite large and take a fair bit of time to download. The lowband options are sometimes too large for convenient dial-up download, with file sizes in the 20 to 30 MB range. Some of the highband options are over 100MB!
It must be noted however that the Windows Media files are being protected by DRM, which is described in our FAQ.
Another note that needs to be added is that according to the terms there is a 300 MB download limit per day!

The type of content is much the same as in the photo sections, except that it's video. There are a few interviews, and lots of posing and masturbation. The quality of the highband video is superb, and even the lowband option looks pretty good. No hardcore sequences here, you'll have to go to the DDGX site for that.

The Add-Ons category features a DDG store, erotic stories, and a couple of e-zines. Only one of the e-zine links worked for me, and there was only one story. Personally, I would get rid of the chaff and just have a link to the store. The rest of the site is so nicely done that it seems counterproductive to have this stuff up there.

So, on to the “extreme” section...

The DDGX portion of the site follows the same layout and format as DDG, but focuses on more explicit content.

You get five picture galleries, four video galleries, plus access to five streaming video sites and an interactive video site where you can call the shots for the action onscreen.

The Dreamheat, GirlzGirlz, and Young-N-Am picture galleries feature content that is much the same as you would find on the DDG side of things, except that many of the photoshoots involve a toy of some kind. The Girlz-n-Boyz and Raw Heat galleries feature some hardcore action, but nothing too crazy.

Out of the four video categories, only one (Flixxx) features M-F action. The other three focus on solo scenes with the odd FF scene here and there. I must admit, I expected to see more action than what is available here.

The streaming & interactive video comes from folks such as sin-o-matic & toy vision. Just run-of-the-mill leased streaming content here. I wonder if these two sections are even necessary...they seem a bit superfluous and off topic.


DD Girls/DDGX is an extremely well designed site, and it's clear that these folks take pride in their work. It will appeal mostly to those who are fans of glamour photography and professional models. DDG is definitely one of the classiest adult sites out there, and membership is a must-have for photography aficionados. It would be nice if the DDGXtreme portion of the site was a little dirtier, but it's a very fine site nonetheless. Well done, DDG!


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