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Digital Dream Girls review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: DD Girls is home of photographer J. Stephen Hicks. And what a home? Fantastic looking girls are photographed on many different locations to create incredible pictures. Quality is great and updates are very frequent. Great site for glamour babe lovers!

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Joseph, 2006-10-11

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Intro promises

High quality digital pics.
25 HQ pics of each model in 2 resolutions:
High (1024*768) for fast connection.
Medium (830*543) for slow connection.
A Strip section.
A pornstar section.
Videoshop, desktops and more...
24-7 support by phone or e-mail

First impression

DD Girls a.k.a. Digital Dreamgirls is the brainchild of J. Stephen Hicks, a talented photographer whose work has appeared in the pages of Penthouse and Oui. Hicks actually uses the phrase “it’s all good” in his bio on DD Girls, which is more than a little disconcerting, but don’t hold that against him — our hero is clearly a very able lensman with access to oodles of beautiful women. Not surprisingly, this former Playboy employee’s site is filled to the breaking point with artful glamour shots of many, many stunning women, the kind of beauties who would never give any of us mere mortals the time of day. But they’ll give J. Stephen Hicks the time of day (and so much more), which is precisely why I hate J. Stephen Hicks with a passion. Seriously, fuck this guy (not literally, ladies, it’s just an expression — having sex with J. Stephen Hicks will only make me hate him more!).


$29.95 a month (renews every month)

$54.96 for 3 months recurring ($18.32/mo.)
$99.95 for 5 months non-recurring ($19.95/mo.)

Credit card, check, phone

Our opinion

Okay, you got me: I don’t really hate J. Stephen Hicks (I don’t even know him...). If anything, I praise him for his fine work photographing gorgeous naked women. This guy is a god in the lowly world of Internet pornography — not only does he photograph some of the most beautiful women in the universe, but he also dresses them up in some of the nicest lingerie I’ve seen in a long time (since my old lady left me, actually... excuse me, I have something in my eye!).

Put simply, there are a ton of photos on DD Girls; there are so many photos, in fact, that I think it would be physically impossible for me to count ‘em all up and give you a number that would be anywhere near the actual number of photos on this site. Take my word for it, people: There are a lot of pictures on this site. A lot. I’m not one hundred percent sure, but it looks like DD Girls is updated every day with three new photosets, thus insuring that this particular well will never run dry, no matter how long you are a member. Not only are there tons of pictures on this site, but the pictures themselves are fucking gigantic — they easily dwarf the photos you normally find on the average porn site. I would guess that most or all of these pics are high resolution, but only a handful of ‘em have been labeled as such. As with most porn sites these days, you can either download the photos one at a time or in a single ZIP file.

The photos are broken up into three different sections: Premium, Specialty and Dailies. These sections are in turn broken up into smaller sections; for example, Premium is broken down into Covergirls, Dreamgirls, Creamgirls, Seasonal, Pornstars, Hooters, Girlfriends and Just19. This strict categorization of content is helpful but ultimately pointless as all categories basically feature smokin’ hot babes. Really, what else do you need to know?

Not only is there a ton of photos, but there’s also a fairly sizable collection of videos on DD Girls. The videos are available in two sizes (low and high) and two formats (QuickTime and Windows Media Player), though some clips require DivX for download. The videos look just as good as the photos do.

Along with DD Girls, there’s DD Girls Xtreme, which comes with your membership to DD Girls. While all the photos and videos on DD Girls are softcore, the content on DD Girls Xtreme is entirely hardcore. Currently, there are about forty-one hardcore photosets on DD Girls Xtreme featuring men ‘n’ women getting’ it on. Aw, baby. There are also twenty-two girl-girl sets in case you’d rather see women bump donuts. And, yes, there are plenty of hardcore videos to boot, including a section called Faux Jobs, which features videos of women giving blowjobs to dildos. I’m not quite sure that I fully grasp the point of this particular section.


DD Girls is a virtually flawless website. Honestly, I can’t think of a single snarky thing to say about this site — I’m left totally speechless, which is a first for yours truly. Do I really need to convince you to join this site?! Just do it, guy — you’ll be glad you did.


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