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Explicite Art review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Explicite Art is the homepage of French film director John B. Root. Here he shoots fresh and unseen French models. Compared to other studio sites, the action is very hardcore including oral, anal and various fetishes. Recommended, but a bit pricey.

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Score 90.0 /100
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CB, 2007-04-30

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Intro promises

- Daily updates with fresh content
- More than 100 hours of exclusive high quality videos
- Videos downloadable without any limit
- More than 50,000 crystal clear hi-res exclusive pictures
- Pictures downloadable as zip files without any limit
- More than 250 models
- Real first time debutantes
- John B. Root's famous films online
- True sincere pleasure and orgams

First impression

Explicite Art is the site of French director John B. Root. The tour is fairly extensive, and gives you a good idea of what you're in for, which is always nice. All too often you're still left guessing after the preview. I'm always interested in so called "studio" sites, as they tend to adhere to higher quality standards than your average internet porn shop. So far, things look good! And man, some of these models... yow! Gotta see more.


30 days - $38.95 recurring (includes bonus of 1 ultra high res photoset)
30 days - $29.95 non-recurring (includes bonus of 1 ultra high res photoset)
90 days - $79.95 non-recurring(includes bonus of 2 ultra high res photosets)
150 days - $99.95 non-recurring (includes bonus of 3 ultra high res photosets)

Pay by credit card, online cheque (US only), or Euro debit (Germany, Austria, Netherlands)

Secure billing by CCBill or Billing France

Our opinion

As you may imagine, with such a large site comes quite a variety of content. There are as many different kinds of action as there are girls on the site... some are a little more shy, and others like to get right down to business. The models only do what they are comfortable with, but most of them seem pretty darn comfy. You can tell from all the orgasms. Everyone is enjoying themselves and having fun, and it shows!

In general, things start out with a casting shoot which is usually on the soft side. Things tend to get more adventurous in subsequent shoots. There are several models who make their debut on Explicite Art, and it's interesting to see how they progress from casting through to the rest of the shoots they are involved with.

Mr. Root has quite the eye for beauty - these girls are so striking, it just pulls on the ol' heartstrings. Fantastic. Extra points for such good taste! Extra points for even [i]finding[/i] girls like these! Extra points for getting them on camera! I dunno, maybe it's easier in Europe. I think they're more liberal over there.

Explicite Art has recently re-vamped their entire site design, and it sure does look good. The home page shows you both future and recent updates, in addition to convenient links where the content is sorted by videos, photos, models & films. There is also a handy search function. Organization is very important on large sites where the content is plentiful and varied. Explicite Art makes it easy to browse around or look for specifics, putting all the necessary navigational tools in plain view and keeping the design clear and simple - not to mention aesthetically pleasing.

The updates on the main page are presented as large thumbnail images in a "magazine cover" style, which is unique and adds to the professional image of the site. Clicking on an update takes you to the page for that particular video or picture set, where you can also find links to other content from the same model. You can easily access any part of the site at all times, and items that are related to the stuff you're currently looking at are conveniently brought to the forefront.

Pics are presented as pages of thumbs, and you can download entire photosets as a zip archive if you want. I like that you can choose how many thumbs per page you want to see... there is an "all" option, which gives you all the thumbs for a set at once, and I quite enjoyed being able to see everything at a glance instead of having to sift through several pages. The photos look great, as you would expect from a professional photographer, and are all quite large - in the neighbourhood of 1200x1800.

For videos you have many choices - DIVX, MPG, WMV, QT, and even an MP4 iPod option for when you have to take your collection on the road. There are, however, a few video shoots that only have the WMV version available. I get the impression that these are from photo-shoots where the video was just an afterthought. Here's what you can expect quality-wise: DIVX - 25fps, 720x576; MPG - 1600kbps, 640x480; WMV - 605kbps, 400x300; QT - 25 fps, 720x526; iPod - 25fps, 320x240. File sizes vary, of course. For the highest quality files, expect sizes upwards of 100MB, with some of the larger ones getting up into 300MB territory.

In the "films" section you get to see all of John Root's TV & video productions, as well as photos from on set. These vids are all offered up as WMV files, with a bitrate and resolution around 337kbps, 320x240. It's a fair step down from the high quality of the other vids, but this is the only place where you can see the full-length, uncensored version of these films so I guess you'll have to take what you can get! A nice touch, nonetheless. If you really want the real thing, you can head on over to the online shop where you can purchase DVD versions of most of these films.


I'll keep my conclusion of Explicite Art short and sweet: Amazing models, lots of hardcore content, regular updates and easy navigation make this one a no-brainer. Treat yourself to an Explicite Art membership! Now!


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