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Gallery Carre review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Gallery Carre is the home of photographer Didier Carre. His website features all high quality black and white photography with beautiful models in many different poses and includes closeups of different body parts. A limited number of videos is offered as well. Unique photo material is found here.

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Score 85.0 /100
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Melissa, 2008-07-07

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Intro promises

Nudity, sensuality and eroticism seems to be the main staples on the plate of presentation coming from Gallery Carré. Opening the tour area proves that when you venture into an artistic type of sites such as this, the layout is going to radiate the artful eye of those behind the scene.

Itís simplicity with beauty, just the right touch of color to make a loud statement of what this area is about. And itís that statement they hope will linger in your thoughts even after you close the pages. They promise black and white galleries, fine art prints, videos and e-cards as well.

First impression

I must admit my heart was won over when I first opened the tour area of this site, seeing the monotone shades used for image displays gave me the feeling the quality for this site was going to be something magnificent. From the layout in this area alone it doesnít look as though navigation will be an issue and Iím looking forward to the artistic works of Didier Carré.


30 day $19.95 (recurring)
90 day $39.95 (recurring)
180 day $59.95 (non recurring)
1 year $99.95 (non recurring)

Credit Card, Check

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Our opinion

Keeping with the same basic layout and presentation Gallery Carré opens its membership doors with what remained looking like an easy navigation. Images of highlights are shown, along with an area that should you decide to share your email address, you will receive free images and weekly updates. From there you have the ability to venture into wallpapers, unique email cards and of course the fine art prints. This is relatively a small main page, they keep things looking flawless and with the offering of links into the designated areas, the beauty is about to unfold.

Opening up the galleries I found they have done a fine job of keeping everything laid out in monthly installments, from their date of origination, which seems to be December 2003, so this is not a brand new site just getting its feet wet. Daily updates to the gallery section means we are looking at approximately 1600 galleries, and approximately 10 pictures per gallery, so the material count will be high for this site. I love the way they stay with basic black and white filming, and yet some are monotone shades of different colors, but still relying on the hues of the same color to make their statements. To me, images such as this pack such a powerful statement, more expression seems to be captured Ė more shadows stress the impact and it just displays with total beauty in this reviewerís opinion.

For as many galleries as this site holds, there will be the same amount of personalities captured, the playfulness, the coyness, the allure and the sensuality, which is just the tip of the iceberg. These are totally nude shots, some showing masturbation while others are just sexy posing in general. Opening up the set will show each image is offered to display in small, (459x600 pixels), medium (917x1200 pixels) or large, (1529x2000 pixels) while there is also the opportunity for downloading the gallery as a ZIP file. These images are breathtaking, and also amazing in the realm of how they can take the most simple act such as waving her panties while standing naked and yet it projects with such an erotic look.

Moving into the video section of this site, there is a notation letting us know that Carré is known for his work with the women using glass dildos, so expect to watch some stimulating masturbation scenes. These carry the same basic layout as the images, except they are broken down into the years, not the months, and apparently the pictures were what began it all because videos came later and offer a total at the time of this review as being 40. In the year 2006 the productions were done in color as well, which theyíre still amazing, but in comparison I canít help to hold a special fondness for the black and white filming.

The quality to the clips is nothing short of astounding! Three formats are offered, QuickTime (960x540 video size), WMV (1055Kbps 720x576 video size) and .AVI (720x394 video size). Each choice has clarity and the presentation of the beauty from these ladies really does go above and beyond the call of delightful duty. The download time for these clips was quicker than I expected them to be and you will definitely find material worthy of saving to your hard drive. Itís exquisite to say the least.

A beautiful model index is included, highlighting all 82 breathtaking girls, and with the wallpapers and email cards, they have a nice little bundle of personal perks. Many of the girls are European glamour models known from many other sites, but captured in a very different way here because of the black and white photography.


Itís bountiful beauty from Gallery Carre, each girl is given the ability to let her true self show through the seductive black and white shots. A glint to the eye, a wrinkle of the nose, and of course always the lovely breasts with hardened nipples and the triangle shaped vaginal area will allow you to know them intimately.

This softcore site presents nothing but extremely high quality, high numbers for the image galleries, beauty through the video presentations and all for a more than reasonable membership fee.


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Screenshots from Gallery Carre

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