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Gallery Carre review

Summary: Gallery Carre is dedicated to black and white photography displaying beautiful models in all kinds of posistions from softcore nude posing to explicit close ups. Images are the highlights of this site with daily updates and also a feature to send e-cards.

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Score 85.0 /100
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J C, 2005-03-11

Photography / studio, Babes, Softcore


Intro promises

"As a MEMBER of GalleryCarre you will have exclusive access to:

. The daily updated galleries of Didier Carré's evocative and extraordinary black and white photographs of sophisticated nudes.
. An invitation Backstage at the Carré studio in Paris's bohemian Pigalle with its behind the scenes shots of models, explicit films and previews of exhibitions.
. Rare insights into Didier Carré's impressive list of internationally acclaimed models.
. The opportunity to acquire limited-edition prints at special members' only prices.
. The chance to be a part of the web's most classy and refined site."

First impression

I'm probably not in the know if I've never heard of Didier Carré before, but right away I like what I see.
I'm a huge fan of professionalism in erotic work and this photographer definitely shows some serious chops. And thighs. And breasts. Should be fun.


Via credit card, online check, or phone
$19.95 for 30 days, recurring every 30 days
$39.95 for 90 days, recurring every 90 days
$59.95 for 180 days, non-recurring
$99.95 for 365 days, non-recurring

Our opinion

Right when you enter the site, you get an idea of the class and sophistication to expect. It features the newest aspects of each section without seeming too clustered or self-promotional (somehow). The best place to start will vary depending on what kind of stuff you're looking for. If you're in the mood for a more traditional pornographic/erotic experience, then I'd hit the model pages. If you want to sift through the pictures and savor the beauty of the girls as well as the photography, then the gallery section would be more appropriate.

The galleries are very simply laid out in front of you. Organized by month in a calendar format, it's pretty easy to see what each set (or picture of the day) will contain. Granted, the site does update every day, but the thumbnails are pretty small. With only 30/31 pictures on any particular page, the size could be upped. To help compensate for this, however, the site allows you to skip the browsing and download the whole set as a zip file straight from the gallery navigation pages. If you're not comfortable downloading the jpg files in one go, you can go in and navigate the set. Within the set (which opens in a new window), you'll find the option to download it once again (good), view the pictures in small, medium, or large sizes (even better) and the ability to email your comments about the specific set (interesting, maybe not practical).

In the set, clicking on a picture will default to the lowest quality -- 600. Medium is 1200 and large is 2000 (referring to the height in pixels). You can also easily go from one picture to the next at your favorite size setting. The low is low. In these black and white photos, the gradation and haloing of the light actually creates faint digital colors of green and blue. This is mostly noticeable in the backgrounds as the main focus of the picture holds up pretty well. The other sizes are just enlarged versions of the same thing. It's disappointing to see the bland backgrounds suffer when the girls look so incredible. If you look at a picture or two with little or no visible backdrop, you'll see how greatly detailed the images truly are. It's just that when they're set against such bland settings, the digitation takes over a little too much.

There's a very nice variety of images on display here. Not all of them are erotic. Occasionally, he'll throw in one or two pictures from his personal collection that just shows off his photographic prowess. No matter what the subject, the photos are visually interesting, fascinating, and stimulating. But beware. The picture sets are unusually small. You won't find repetition of images, but you also won't see a click-happy person. Just soak in what you can get.

The models section shows each of the thirty-five women as well as their home country arranged in alphabetical order. Clicking on one will provide a little background information about her as well as list all the galleries she can be found. Not all of them will have thumbnails (for some reason), but most do. The descriptions find a way to provide those "vital stats" and measurements in a matter that's actually slightly interesting to read. There are a lot of attractive girls here worth exploring and this is a good place to start discovering some new favorites.

Speaking of favorites -- the best section on the site is the backstage area. Here you get to see some analysis and insight into Didier's work followed by a collection of representative images. Not all of them are erotic in nature, but the photography once again is just great. The section is a wonderful biography/journal that explores and celebrates the art. This area also provides the only video content on the site. The picture quality is very nice and crisp. It'll take a while to load the surprisingly short video segments. And in fact, you may want to skip them altogether. They provide no real content or added value.

Now we get to the more unusual stuff. The site allows you to send e-cards for free. The concept of e-cards sounds good, but the images chosen to go along with the messages seem odd to me. An acrobatic upside-down woman says "Congratulations!"? A framed butt really personifies "Thank You."? I could go on. It's just poor picture choice. The wallpapers to be found here are much better and appropriately chosen.

Also, there's a section where you can buy prints. If paying to gain access to the site isn't enough for you, feel free to browse through the rather slim selection of prints for sale. The prices range from $95-$400. Serious inquiries only. What I find odd about this whole thing is what happens if you're interested in making a purchase. Clicking on the "buy print" link will not lead you to a shopping cart or online store like you may think. Nope. Instead it opens up your default email service addressed and subject line filled. Seems like a rather round about way to do business.

The site also offers more standard parts such as the about, contact and links sections. They seem rather big on comments and feature the more flattering ones prominently, so go to that section for your chance at fame. The best section here is the tip section. It's more than just support. It goes into describing how many individual programs may effect the site and your enjoyment of it. It's the most comprehensive section of its type that I've seen so far.


His theme is nudes in shadows and light. Often times I find that professional "erotic" photographers don't live up to their tantilizing monicker. These photographs are not only beautifully composed pictures containing gorgeous women; they are actually pretty hot. The girls look fantastic as well. The quality of the photos was hit and miss, depending on how much background they contained. Also, there are a couple things that could or should be handled better or just thought out a little more. Overall, this is a very nice site and Didier Carré's work deserves to be seen.

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