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MET Art review

- 1st revisit

Site of the month logo Summary: MET Art is the best photography site on the net. Period. The photographic work is Playboy league. Great photographers from all over the world contribute to this extensive archive of stunning teens (18+) and the result is incredible. Recommended!

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Score 95.0 /100
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Fred Lake, 2006-05-19

Photography / studio, Softcore, Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

Where Flawless Beauty Meets Art!
Welcome to MET ART! As you probably already know we offer the largest, freshest, classiest collection of teen nude art and fine photography in the world. Our daily updated site offers beautiful, natural, nude girls captured in sensuous, professional, dazzling photos of the highest aesthetic quality by the World's best photographers! MET also has an extensive archive of high quality movies MET ART is a complete immersion in flawless beauty.
Welcome to the most imitated nude art site in the World.

LAST UPDATED: MAY 29th 2006 - 303,904 PHOTOS, & 343 MOVIES

First impression

MET means "Most Erotic Teens"; the "art" part of the title means these are artistic photo shoots, of the high class you would see in Playboy (or even higher class).

When you first enter the member's area, you find a menu bar at the top with access to each month of the last four years. You can also access movies, best of, live cams, a file about the site and company, DVDs, top-rated models (users can vote for each girl), books, and "special". This menu bar is repeated at the bottom of the screen.
Under this top bar are thumbnails of the last few updates; a button under this gives you all of the updates for the current month. There are other links (sign up for newsletter, DVD store, and so forth).
It's fun to explore just where these buttons take you.

This is mostly a solo-girl site. There are a couple of scenes with multiple girls but these are touching scenes of surreal love, not sweaty lesbo pics with saliva dripping everywhere. We're talking gentle kisses and caresses, not slobbering pussy juice. There are no guys, no cocks, no fucking, and no cumshots. Believe me, I was wondering about that too, but the classic beauty of these naked girls more than makes up for the lack of overt sex. Sex is all in the mind and you won't be able to get these girls out of your mind.


$29.99 for 30 days (recurring, you can pay $39.99 for non-recurring)
$59.99 for 90 days (recurring, $69.99 for non-recurring)
$99.00 for 365 days (non-recurring).

They bill through CCbill.

Our opinion

If you like looking at naked girls at the young end of the legal age span (and let's face it, that never gets old, now does it?) then this is the best place on the web. The volume of content is phenomenal, the girls are beautiful, and even though navigation is easy it could take well more than a month to cruise around the site and see all of the treasures on display. Unlike some sites, where you can download everything of interest in a couple of hours, this site is vast. There are almost too many girls to absorb. Take time and treasure each month of updates.

Just how many girls are there? I dunno. I lost count. There are sets for every month of 2003, 2004, 2005, and the first five months of 2006. Each month has from 20 to nearly 100 (April 2006 has 98 sets and May looks to be in stride to equal that record). Each photo set has from 30-200 pictures, without the tedious near-repetition of other sites. Photos are offered in two sizes: high resolution (2666x4000) and low resolution (681x1024 -- better than the "high" resolution photos on most sites!). The sign-up page says there are 1250 models and that does sound about right.

There is an astounding variety of material here in what would seem to be a limited niche (artistic solo nudes). Some of the girls start naked and just pose or dance around with flimsy lingerie or other props; others undress (some of them multiple times). Some girls show wide-open pussy and some can't seem to spread their legs when the camera is in view of the goodies (but all have "full frontal"). There are girls in bed, girls on the beach, girls in chairs, girls in nature, girls in the bath tub, girls in the lake, girls in the snow, girls in the pool, and girls everywhere else you can think of. There are girls with shaved pussies, trimmed pussies, razor stubble, and hairy pussies. There are girls just standing there and girls riding jet skis. The ONLY thing they have in common is that they are all gorgeous -- fashion model caliber and up. No trashy sluts, no scuzzy whores, no chubbies or dykes. All of them are gorgeous, beautiful, and pretty all at once.

There are several videos uploaded each month; April 2006 has eight of them, the signup page speaks of 250, and the "latest update" counter on the front page says 343. These are available in several formats including WMV, Quicktime H264 and MPG and even IPOD! The movies are huge and a five-minute scene can be 80 megabytes. Most of these involve a girl stripping and then caressing her body. These will download or stream.

Navigation sets a standard for all other sites to dream that they might aspire to. Select a year and it will default to a month, but you can then select any month of that year. The scene then shows you the "magazine covers" for that month (up to 98 of them). Under each cover are links for the high resolution, low resolution, and "full cover" photos. (If you just click the cover, you get the high resolution file. You can open the photo archives in a new window but the cover photo automatically opens in a single new screen.) In a photo archive, you get the first 20 photos, and the expected menu to move to each subsequent page of 20 thumbnails. Click on a thumbnail and you get the large (or huge) picture (depending on which archive you are in). A row of links at the top and bottom lets you download a zip file of all of the photos, get the cover (or even a "clean" cover without the titles), model info (links to all the other photo sets with the same girl, if there are any), and settings to use the faster "simple navigation" or all of the features of "enhanced navigation".

There is also a link to the next (and previous) photo set, and a row of buttons where you can rate each girl from 1-10. (Screw that, they all rate a 10.) Once you get to a picture, you have links available for next picture, last picture, the other size resolution, and a button that will resize the photo to fit your own screen. Navigation is so efficient that you could (if you were looking for a certain kind of picture, say open pussy or bend over or panty-dropper) you could scan through the thumbnail pages looking for what you want, then quickly click to the next photo set so you can resume the hunt. Except that if you try that, you will fail. The girls are so pretty and so delicious and so classy that even if one of the girls doesn't have the specific pose you want, you will be intrigued by other poses and lured into clicking on beautiful photos of other poses.

There are six live cam shows per day, but this is glamour nudity, not porn. You can (for an extra charge) text message the girls and ask them to dance or strip but if you ask them to play with themselves or show a close up of their pussy you will lose your text messaging privilege and the money you paid for it.

The girls are mostly exclusive to the site but a few scenes each month are samples from other sites. There are several (2-5) new girls/scenes per day.

There doesn't seem to be any bonus sites. There is a connected site called Matt's models (which includes some hardcore stuff) but beyond a few sample photos this takes another membership fee.


Site of the month logo

If you like erotic rather than (or as much as) pornographic photos of beautiful teenage (18+) girls, there is simply no better site than MET Art. Immense amounts of superb quality content and the girls are simply stunning. Sites don't get much better than this.


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Screenshots from MET Art

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Total average: 93/100 Our score: 95.0/100

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