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MET Art review

Site of the month logo Summary: MET Art is a soft-core amateur site with a photography/studio feel. With over 100,000+ photos and 200+ movies you have the choice of zip files in high and low resolution format and unlimited downloads.

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Score 95.0 /100
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J., 2004-10-01

Photography / studio, Softcore, Amateur, 18-23, Babes, Movies, Videos


Intro promises

- 2 updates a day or more
- Zip files in hi and low res format
- Pop-up, spam, and spyware free
- Unlimited downloads
- Photos up to 4000 pixels resolution
- Over 100,000 photos and 200 movies

First impression

As erotic art sites go, MET (Most Erotic Teens) appears to have the professional touch that some others are lacking. The previews appear to be of extremely high quality and the layout has that modern "smaller is better" kind of look that's very popular at the moment and, so far, I'm pretty impressed. I'm anxious to see if they live up to all of these nice-looking promises though. I should mention that their preview gallery is flippin' extensive. I highly suggest at least taking a peek.


Credit Card (CCBill)

30 days: $29.99
90 days: $69.99
180 days: $99.99
365 days: $150.00

Our opinion

Surprisingly, the main members page opens as just some links- albeit, well-formatted links, but I was hoping for some nice picture content here right off the bat. The images are the main bulk of the site and they are organized by year (MET's been around since 1999) and each year has its own link here. You can also view the photos by using an interesting little search engine they have, where you can choose hair color, body type, nationality, etc. or the model you'd like to see.

Unfortunately, viewing the photos by model is not yet possible, but a page is set up for beta testing of that feature, so it's in the works. Clicking on a year brings up another disappointingly-text-based menu of updates. The older updates are listed right in the year section, but newer ones are seperated into months, which is decidedly me convenient as you can get preview images for all that month's sets.

As stated on the tour pages, the quality of the images on the site has been increasing every year. This being said, I should mention that some of the earlier images are not, by any definition, high resolution. In fact, the photo quality of the earlier sets is quite variable, with some looking like amateur shots in someone's house. This is not, by any means, indicitive of their more recent material, however. In fact, the material gets much better very quickly as you're going through the years, with the year 2000 images being about 150k (800x1200 resolution) a piece at best, which is pretty good for an average site today. But the very next year, they're up to 2000x1500 resolution in the HiRes version and 2000x3000 is their best modern size that I saw. Basically speaking, the picture quality here is simply not an issue. These are remarkably high quality images and I am very impressed.

The quality of the photographs themselves follow a similar arc. From humble beginnings, this site apparently grew to include some of the best and most professional artistic nude images I've ever seen on the internet or in print, hands down. This site is right up there with some of the famous nude art photographers' personal pages in terms of consistent quality, plus they have a lot more images with two updates per day. Again, I am quite impressed with the variety and quality of the content here. One thing I especially appreciate is that not all of the images have the constant greased lens effect that most erotic nudes seem to have. Most sets have between 40 and 60 images a piece and it goes without saying that this is all posed, softcore content here. If you're looking for hardcore, this is not the site for you. The updates each have their own "cover" which is like a glamour shot from the set and each updates is usually one part of a larger set, all parts of which are accessible from every part. That sounds confusing, but it makes sense once you see it and it's all very intuitive.

Apart from the photos, there is also a Movie section which contains over 200 videos. The older videos are available only in .mpg format at about 350x280 resolution and usually consist of about a minute of a girl frolicking in between shots of a photo set or something. Newer videos are avialable in Real format and even newer ones have a DiVX format. The videos range from boring to sexy but really aren't the focus of the site at all, and it shows. The major plus to having the videos on the site is that, if you like a particular model, you get to see a lot more of her.

As far as bonus material, there are a few sections that have some extra images by MET photographers or of MET models not found in the normal galleries. There are also some standard third party live video feeds and a store where you can purchase photography books by some MET photographers and DVDs of MET content.


Site of the month logo

Essentially, MET-art is an incredibly large and high quality erotic photography site. If erotic photography is something you enjoy and are willing to pay for, then this site is a no-brainer. The single month price is a bit high, but the now rarely-offered yaerly membership is quite a deal for the amount of content you will have access to, not to mention the twice -a-day updates to keep you coming back for more. The site has some minor navigation issues to be worked out, but since you're here to look, you'll have no problem sifting through the pages and pages of quality content, especially since even the high resolution photos have a virtually unnoticable load time.

As I've said, if you're looking for hardcore sex, this is not the site for you. But if beautiful models photographed respectfully and professionally is something you're interested in, you owe it to yourself to take a look.

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