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Mystique Magazine review

Summary: Mystique Magazine is a high quality photography site with photo series of very beautiful models shot in magazine-like style and quality. Only flaws are average video quality and a very complicated membership structure involving credits.

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Melissa, 2008-05-20

Photography / studio, Softcore, Babes


Intro promises

Babes, beauty and boldness are the first things that come to mind when I opened the tour area of Mystique Magazine. Pure nudity and loveliness from the offered models show how with good reason they are not shy about showing off all aspects of their bodies. The tour area holds the look of a magazine layout, with the covers exhibiting the featured girl. The promises of content count are high for the images and the videos.

The payment information will give you choices as to how you want to go about enjoying your time here. Youíre free to wander through the sets, find a girl you are lusting after, click the orange button and purchase credits for viewing her material, sort of a-la-carte choice of pay as you go, with 3-5 credits needed for viewing. Or, you can opt for the monthly recurring charge, of which the longer you remain a member, the more credits youíll receive for the same price each month.

First impression

The first thing that tickled my taste-buds when I opened Mystique Magazine was of course the beauty, but also the professional layout, which Iím sure will carry over in the membership area. They have everything up front and easily found for those that will prefer to pay only for what they want to see at the time.


30 day $29.95 (recurring, including 50 credits - credits are added on a monthly basis)

Additional credits can be purchased for $0.99 each.

Credit Cards accepted.

Our opinion

Ok, before delving into the loveliness that will be found from Mystique Magazine, I want to point out a few highlights that may be of interest to you. First of all, after typing username and password, the page that appears, is the one already there, when you have a winning layout, why change it! Also, youíll find the spin to this site being a bit different in the fact that they specialize in exotic layouts for their photos shoots, so they want you to experience the full deal of desire from their hard work, not just the anatomy of arousal from the 130 models offered, but everything combined, blending for beauty. When they feel a particular girl has reached the prime of prettiness, the best she can possibly bestow upon their pages, she becomes what they call a ďSiren,Ē so do watch for the perfection from these girls.

Wanting to make sure you find the exact girl of your dreams from their site, when clicking on the image link, you can weed your way through the wonders of all they have to offer, choosing from hair and eye color, cup size, height, breast type, nationality and more, this is like a build your own babe area. But, if youíre like me, I enjoy just admiring as I go, not looking for anything specific, and they do a nice job of presenting the goods. It seems that of the 800+ galleries tallying up high numbers of over 30,000 images, you could get lost in this section alone for quite some time. Iím finding an average count of shots per gallery comes in around 35, but that does waiver up and down.

As with the rest of this site, the choices are lively, the beauty is astounding and the presentation through thumbs and enlargements is done to perfection. Iím always amazed at the talent of photographers and how they can see the inside out of a person through their lens and then be able to capture that and portray it to the public. They were exactly right in what they promised in regards to the exotic backdrops, they are wonderful. You have choices for viewing and keeping the pictures, which includes a slideshow and the ability to download as a ZIP file. There are different sizes offered, 580, 780,1400, and 3000 pixels.

You do have a video link included with some of the sets as well, so you donít have to go searching. Not all photo galleries will hold this, but there are 709 videos available from Mystique Magazine. From this area the choice list is long as well. You have streaming (Flash, QuickTime) or download, (iPod, DivX, QuickTime, WMV, and Real) Just as an example for the downloading of WMV, there is a low, (368Kbps, and a video size of 320x240), or the high, (1315Kbps, and a video size of 640x480). These are zipped, so when you click, itís immediately unraveling the erotica.

If you canít tell from the extraordinary photos of these models just how breathtaking they are, then the videos will cover any loose ends in your judgment. They show you bikinis, lingerie, sexy garments that will soon be discarded to offer the full female effect of their nudity. They keep everything pretty limited to the exclusiveness of the material they offer from this site, which does include wallpapers, and through Yahoo Groups is a message area.


Everything about this softcore site, Mystique Magazine will take your breath away. The navigation is simple, the women are pure specimen of sexuality and depth, the photography captures the entire scene, not just focusing on one specific thing, it really does all blend for the beauty. The content count is definitely high enough, and matched with the quality. Only downside is that you do not get unrestricted access to the content, but have to use only a limited amount of credits.

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