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New Nude City review

Summary: New Nude City is a soft-core, photography/studio site featuring amateur teens. Video clips and images are available on this website.

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M. Leach, 2005-04-11

Photography / studio, 18-23, Amateur, Babes, Softcore


Intro promises

"Let photographer Richard Kern take you through the sensual fantasy at, an urban jungle so raw and erotic in all that swirling vapor there must be a mystic potion that will waft you to voyeur's paradise. Nude girls, Erotic films... there's no city on earth like New Nude City"

Richard Kern has his voyeur eye on the crazy world of New Nude City. Girls in black stockings and suspenders. Girls in bondage. Rich girls shedding their inhibitions. Nude Girls in fetish clubs. Teenage girls arriving on the midnight train. Girls working the Meat Market and hanging out in Times Square.

First impression

The girls at New Nude City range from not to hot and every type of look in between. All models are portrayed in a street punk type scenario, 15 New York honeys can be found on the front page. Although the resolution in some of the pictures is pretty bad, the photos remain artistically rich. If you’re in the market for a soft porn photo site, without much video content; because as of yet, I've seen none, you might enjoy New Nude City.


Our opinion

I really loved some of these photos on New Nude City. Kern stays true to his New York City central theme, entitling each different model with the names of all the different suburbs of New York City. 10 of them to be exact.

This theme is successful in terms of site design. New Nude City is very artistic in display. The sections include Soho, Greenwich, Times Square, Spanish Harlem, etc. Each of the sets is categorized in a category that would fit it. There is also a traditional model list, selectable from the top navigational bar. Once you select the section of the site you want to go to, you are given a page with a large thumbnail of the latest update as well as 8 smaller thumbnails of preview updates. This is set up in a frame sort of way, where so if you go to the next 8 small thumbnails the big one on the left hand side stays the same. Cool setup, but the thumbnails could be bigger or at least have a better focus on the girls. A lot of them were just far-away shots where you can't see anything.

Once you select a girl, you get a page with 21 thumbnails. Each set has about 3 or 4 pages of content. The thumbnailling here is a lot bigger, and a whole ton better. You have options! For each picture in the gallery, you can select to view it at 600 or 1400 pixels.

There is also a little video section on New Nude City. These are all just short clips, not full movies. The quality on these videos is just okay. There seems to be a lot of pixilation, despite a relatively high bitrate here. There are three video options, WMV, MOV, or AVI.


Well, this is a very odd site. It won't appeal to everybody, soft porn fans mainly; a very targeted audience. I'm not even sure if I could consider most of this pornography, even though there can be some pretty explicit stuff on here. It just looks like art. For me, it's sometimes nice to maybe look at and have as backgrounds on my computer. It's not really get-off material for the average porn seeker. But hey, if you like this kind of photography- there is really no flaws at New Nude City. You just have to be a part of this very targeted audience. Know that going in, and you'll be fine.

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