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Ron Harris Studio Review

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Summary: Ron Harris Studio is a photography/studio site with amateur teens. There is downloadable hi-resolution images, streaming and downloadable movies, with 25 sites included in membership.

Goodgravy, 2003-10-02

Photography / studio, 18-23, Amateur


Intro promises

* "The world's most beautiful women" many shot for the first time
* 7 Ron Harris sites, and 18 "mega" sites included in membership
* Downloadable .zip file high-res photo galleries
* Streaming and dowlnoadable movies with choice of quality

First impression

60 yr. old Malibu porn maven, Ron Harris, seems to be a proven talent scout, and is happy to inform you that the performers he's recruited are amongst the world's most beautiful. I'll leave the verification of that claim up to you, but, after a quick cruise, I'm happy to attest to the amount of content available to members and the high standards for (conventional) beauty Harris seems to uphold in his own photography and video work. The models are young, seem generally to abstain from silicon products, and appear to enjoy their performances -- all a strong endorsement for what's in store.


$ 0.00for (NON recurring)

Our opinion

With 25 sites promised, I knew I was in for a bit of a navigational challenge, particularly as everything seems to open in a new window. As it turns out, however, the third party sites aren't really "mega" at all (unless all considered as a whole) and are all bundled under the "hookers and whores" marquis on the main members page. After a bit of a browse through the wide range of 3rd party material on offer there, I can safely say that there's a bit of something for everyone, but nothing (save David Lace's "new galleries") to really rival the quality of the exclusive pics and vids shot in Harris' Malibu beach home. Ahh, the luxuries of being a successful Californian porn photographer and television producer...

Before getting into the exclusive galleries, a few more words on the bonus features. Filling out the content at are erotic flower galleries, short spreads of supermodels posing topless, equally small photo collections from a number of acclaimed erotic and fashion photographers, and (lest I forget), a collection of the sexiest moments from Harris' popular television show, Aerobicise. These galleries are perhaps a bit too limited to warrant much attention, but they were certainly worth a look and Harris is to be applauded for trying to make explicit adult content classy again. Wait, was it ever classy?

Whether Harris' archives are "porn" or "erotica" or even "erotic art" is really up to you. You'll also have to decide whether you can be bothered to try to absorb Ron's raves on homosexuality, the fundamental motivations of the sexes, or his man-is-a-sphere/Woman-is-a-circle theory. Whether you spend time on the writing or not, it's clear that Harris is a bright guy with his mind trained on the prize: sex, money and power. I wasn't particularly interested in trying to put his evolutionary principles to work for me -- however much I'd like a bit more sex, money, and power -- but it was fun to try to read some of Harris' ideas about sex in his films and photography.

In particular, I was interested to see how much Ron's assertion that "women are at their most beatiful when cumming" plays out in his videos. I'll confess to being a sucker for adult content that prioritizes female pleasure and wherever possible faciliates female orgasm, so I was happy to check out the full length downloadable feature, White Turntable, and a number of the short masturbation films, several featuring Ron's trademark electic toothbrush vibrator. It's clearly unrealistic to expect the majority of the young models featured to be able to, on command, climax for the camera . In general, however, I was quite impressed by the sincerity of the perfomances and the chemistry between Harris and his models and am sure I spotted a few authentic female orgasms. To be clear, though, the content at all leans a bit toward the "softcore" distinction, at least in the sense that most shoots include only one woman (though sometimes 2), rather than girl-guy lovemaking. As far as I could tell, Ron's is the only dick on the set, and it's nearly always safely behind the camera.

In terms of the technical specs and overall image quality, this site is well above the current standard, particularly for amateur content. At this point, it seems pretty clear that the DivX codecs for encoding Mpeg videos is a cut above the Windows Media technology, but the Windows Media shorts at RH.comn look quite decent when encoded at anything over 300kb/s, and the average length of the vids (somewhere around 10 mins) was a treat. I had a bit of trouble streaming the 100kb/s shorts over my 128K ISDN connection (as Windows media player seemed to want to buffer the whole file), and doesn't really offer a fullscreen-worthy format, but with 3-4 choices of quality for both streaming and downloading, most members should find a viewing arrangement to their liking.

The same holds for the photos. With the 70 has provided excellently for all members by offering the choice of high-resolution .zip file downloads, thumbnailed galleries, and high- or low-res Explorer slide shows. Most of the photos from the "Sweet 18" and "Ron's Malibu House" galleries are large format and quite crisp (around 100-150K per pic), making the download feature a particular asset to collectors of high quality pics. Photo updates seem a bit more frequent than video updates, but, looking at the past year's track record, you can be assured of something new every week.


Ron has carved its own niche in the world of amateur adult content. An emphasis on youthful beauty and sincerely performed masturbation scenes makes for an intimate experience of the featured models, and the quality of all the original material is quite high. It's not really in contention with so called mega-sites in terms of the amount of material on offer, but if the Ron Harris formula sounds right for you, you need look no further.

Screenshots from Ron Harris Studio

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Comments from other readers

2010-01-01 05:41:57

I joined Ron Harris website a few months back and I thought the videography was excellent however I will never be able to go back to that site unless Ron or whoever is behind the camera will QUIT MAKING THOSE INSESENT MOUTH NOISES( LIPSMACKING, I BELIEVE)that totally detract from the girl be viewed. I can't believe others haven"t noticed it.

Ricky HIll
2016-05-27 02:40:15

Well its been six years an I have to say I would not recommend this site anymore. The updates are rehashed stuff from the past . THERE IS NOTHNG NEW! I'm sorry I tried it again for 2 months. Adultreviews should not even acknowledge its existence.