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Real Squirt review

Summary: Real Squirt is a fetish mega-site, a part of the Brainpass Network giving you images, DVD quality broadband videos and live shows.

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Score 80.0 /100
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J., 2004-08-11

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Intro promises

- Real female ejaculation- no pee, no water, no tricks!
- Download your favorite scenes
- DVD quality broadband videos
- No fake orgams allowed anywhere
- All hand-picked movies
- Exclusive liveshows
- Free membership to the entire Brainpass network

First impression

This is one of the many sites on the Brainpass network (see our review of the entire network for more info on them) and the layout is just like the rest thus far. Which is to say it's nearly flawless. Everything looks clean and professional and I have no complaints based on the previews. That's not to say I'm not a big skeptical of the whole squirting thing, but they seem to be pretty adament about not faking any of it, so I guess I'll have to go in and see it firsthand. And maybe second hand if all goes well.


Credit Card

30 days: $24.95
90 days: $59.95

Our opinion

The front page of the site described what you're going to see in here: girls squirting. All of the video sets on here are girls making themselves squirt or making other girls squirt. The site is layed out like all the other Brainpass sites and it's that way for a reason: they stick with what works. The front page could use a few more links to recent updates, but it's all very simple to navigate. There's the Pictures setion, the Videos section, an Archives section, and links to bonus material. The Videos section appears to be where all the stuff produced for the site goes, with the Archives being either some much older stuff or stuff produced by other companies. Bottom line here is that there's plenty to looking at and it's all set up for easy viewing.

The star of the site is Kream, who is apparently an expert on squirting. She makes appearances in lots of the videos helping girls to achieve their first squirting orgasm (and you can learn along with them!). The Pictures section is just a few sets of Kream solo and is not the main section of the site, but it's a little extra of her if you like her. The video section contains about 10 video sets of girls having squirting orgasm experiences. These videos all take place on couches or beds in somewhat well-lit rooms. The production values aren't top notch, but it's not distractingly bad. There are only solo girls and girl/girl videos in this section and they all culminate in a squirting orgasm. The girls are all very cute, natural and I'm pretty sure they're all Canadian so you get the very sexy French accent on their somewhat stilted English. In the Archives section, you can find more exotic locales and all boy/girl stuff. There's about 10 sets there as well, with about 4 or 5 videos per set in each section, for a total of around 50 videos. This doesn't sound like a lot, but these are solid, complete scenes and not just some thrown together slop. I'm pretty happy with the overall production quality on all of these.

The videos, for the most part, come in 6 different formats. The low band vids are as follows: WMV (56) which is a thumnail -sized resolution (144x96) and about 56kbps. The audio and framerate on this is terrible. Go with this format only if you are extremely desperate or your modem is powered by a mouse running on a wheel. WMV (128) is predictably twice the bitrate, but almost the same size and only a slightly improved framerate. Save this for when your new computer is on the fritz and you're forced to download your porn from a Commodore 64's Commie300 baud modem. The MPG (350) format is a bit bigger (213x160) and the framerate problems are fixed so it doesn't look like the girls are robots. However, at this size, if you can actually see a girl squirting, you should win a prize from the website. The high speed videos are a little more watchable.

The WMV (228) format is a reasonable 350x240 with 16kHz mono sound and a 228kbps bitrate. It's a little fuzzy at full screen, but completely watchable at it's natural size. The WMV (700) format is the same size at a higher bitrate and better quality sound (it doesn't blow out nearly as much). It holds up a little better at full screen, but the difference between this and the last format are very small in the video department.

The MPEG (650) is actually a little smaller (312x240) and, personally, I think the previous WMV looks better. This format tends to have some digital artifacting and pixelization at full screen. Even though the former format is at about twice as big in filesize, I suggest sticking with the WMV (700) if you plan on watching at full screen. This plethora of resolutions makes for a very nice viewing experience- if you're previewing something, you can take a look at the screenshots or simply download one of the smaller video formats. I should mention here that all of the videos are downloadable- a very nice feature.

Anyone familiar with Brainpass will know that the bonus content on their sites is nearly unmatched. You get Lesbo101, PeterNorth, BrunoB and all sorts of really nice quality sites along with your membership. I suggest you take a look at our review of Brainpass and see if there's something up your alley- there very likely is.


As with any niche site, RealSquirt isn't for everyone. If you're a fan of female ejaculation, however, I think the only complaint you could have about this site is that there's not a ton of content yet. The updates are relatively frequent, though, and the huge amount of bonus material will surely keep you busy in between. Good squirting video isn't all that easy to find, and I've yet to find a site that gives it the nice treatment it gets here. Obviously, if you take away the added value material, though, it's a bit on the pricey side. Take a look at their previews and, if you like the girls they've got, I say go for it.


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