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Squirt Disgrace review

Summary: Squirt Disgrace is an intense BDSM site that mixes bondage, humiliation and squirting porn together in a unique and successful manner. The site has HD quality media downloads, streaming movies and gorgeous high-res photo galleries. Access is provided to the entire 20+ sites on the Porn Pros network at no extra cost. Updates are made weekly.

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Jerry Fritz, 2009-11-13

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Intro promises

-1080p HD Movie downloads

Network Promises:
-20+ sites
-1000+ exclusive scenes
-1000+ models
-108,234 pictures
-Multiple DL formats
-Twice daily updates
-Free live cam shows
-Unlimited downloads

First impression

The banner that runs across the top of the Squirt Disgrace homepage shows a beautiful pornstar, rubber gag in her mouth, and covered in sweat. Her thighs are wrapped in leather bindings, forcing her legs apart as a dildo on a power drill burrows furiously in her wet, exploding pussy as she lets forth a torrent of juices. That banner is actually a flash video, click it and it will take you to a preview reel that shows you more highlights from that scene - - there are more toys, more kinky positions that the model is tied into, and some hardcore fucking. The babe explodes not once, but three separate times in that reel of highlights, her juices splattering onto a cold cement floor. This is the sort of material we're being teased with, and any squirting, BDSM or humiliation fan will be watering at the mouth. I know I was, so I didn't hesitate to jump inside.


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Our opinion

I've been fortunate enough to have visited the Porn Pros network on many occasions in the past. Every time they come out with a new site I can't wait for it to be assigned for review. That's because Porn Pros just gets it right. They've got a lot to offer fans, from a diversity of models and niches to a variety of high quality media options. Today they're launching their newest site, Squirt Disgrace.

A lot of the promo material on the tour shows bright, colorful images and intense, BDSM and squirting action. A few promises are made about the sort of action we'll see -- bondage, forced orgasms, sex toys, fucking machines, etc -- but besides a little stamp that says 1080p HD, no real promises are made about the content. Instead they make numerous promises concerning the Porn Pros network, which as a member of Squirting Disgrace you get complete and total access to as a member at no extra cost. Having visited the network several times I can confirm all of those stats, but I perused around again just to make sure.

So let's get into what Squirt Disgrace has to offer. So far its a total of 13 exclusive episodes that come with both video and photo material. Each one stars a different model, a lot of them well-known pornstars (Charley Chase is the babe from the tour, but Mason Moore, Eva Ellington and Tara Lyn Foxx are also in the library). Like some of the other related sites on the network (MILF Humiliation comes to mind), this site takes BDSM, restyles it and blends it with a second niche. For this site its Squirting/Female Ejaculation.

I say they restyle the BDSM niche because, for the most part, the settings, costumes, toys and props just don't fit the typical dungeon-like BDSM you'll see elsewhere. There's a surplus of lighting in the scenes that lets us see every detail, the babes are tied down with pastel and neon-colored latex, bright colored gloves massage and finger the wet moist holes of the beautiful porn stars. Pinks, purples, yellows and greens are favored over reds, blacks and browns. I personally find the change extremely pleasing, and it brings out another aspect of the BDSM action.

The scenes here are really quite intense, which is an erotic paradox with those light color schemes. Babes are tied down, suspended from ceilings, ankles are wrapped in leather cuffs and chained to the corners of the bed. Then they are rubbed and fingered, prodded with various types of sex toys until they explode in forced orgasms, soaking their thighs, the floor and anyone too close. They also get fucked from both ends, suck hard cock, have their asses creampied and enjoy a hardcore working over in general.

The media quality really allows this content to shine even brighter. All of the movies are quite long, averaging around 45 minutes from start to finish. You can download them in full-length Windows Media files that have a 1248x700 resolution and play at a 4Mbps bit rate. This is actually shy of HD (should be 1280x720) but for all purposes it is HD quality. I did not see any 1080p HD movies, though (those would have a 1900x1080 resolution). The MPEG file comes in the same resolution but at a lower 1.6Kbps bit rate. They still look fantastic.

You can download full-length scenes at SquirtDisgrace or grab them as a series of shorter clips. There are lower quality settings in both Windows Media and MPEG formats if you prefer smaller files. Those that enjoy streaming can fire up the movie in a great quality Flash video player right in the browser as well. I should note that I had problems when downloading HD, full-length movies -- after a while it would just stop, as if complete, though it wasn't. It happened multiple times, but only with that file type and setting.

Every scene comes with a very large collection of high-res photographs, most sets averaging about 350 images. You can browse through these in an online gallery or slide show or download them in a zip file. At their full-size they have a 3000x2000 pixel resolution. They are exceptionally crisp and well-defined images that are quite clearly the work of a professional.


For its unique hybrid BDSM/Squirting action, the beautiful models it features and the large amount of related, equally impressive media options Squirt Disgrace gets a very strong recommendation. The site is fantastic, easy to browse and has some of the best squirting and BDSM porn I've seen in a while.


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