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Squirtalicious Review

Review Update

Squirtalicious is where the girls get down and dirty. The site seemed to stop updating back in 2016, but its good to see it back on track, and they have added a further 15 new scenes since the last review, so it now has 269 hardcore scenes with many of them in full HD. They also have 128 DVDs, 281 pornstars, and 181+ high-resolution photo galleries that are downloadable in zip files. The site looks raunchy, and there are 211 hours of hardcore viewing to enjoy. Plus, as a bonus, you will get access to 26 more sites that are all from the Fame Digital network when you subscribe to this site.

Score 78.0 /100
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Summary: Squirtalicious delivers hardcore squirting scenes straight from DVDs from the production company Devils Film. The videos are good quality and contain hardcore sex scenes where the girl(s) squirt during the act. Content is not unique, but a decent site for squirting fans even though there seems to be some fake squirting among the scenes.

Melissa, 2017-12-17

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Intro promises

There is no drought for the dames on this site, these ladies are pumping the fluids with more pressure than most people have coming out of their faucets! Immediately when opening the tour area of Squirtalicious youíll feel as if youíve had a sensual shower, large advertising images and free trailers will take you through the footage of flow they promise youíll get. They promise youíll receive pictures and videos from this sopping site.

First impression

Iíve really enjoyed the intro area of this site, so much so itís raised my hopes and my desire to remain dry through the tour area. They have really given up extremely large advertising shots that will show what these ladies hold as a talent. Apparently when you hit their G-spot, that stands for gusher!


Our opinion

Opening up the membership area to Squirtalicious gives a dignified look to a dampening niche. The total age of the site here seems to be measured in months, so Iím not sure yet just how much material weíre looking at, but Devilís Films is happy to announce the arrival of this pay site and hoping it will quickly become a favorite. They are quick to announce DVDís that are available and should you decide to purchase, an area is supplied for such. Throughout the clean, precise look of this membership page youíll find the liquefied links guiding you through the streams of sexuality.

I must say they do insist on doing things in a big way, so much so in fact that each installment of film has its own page, and surprisingly so, Iím finding 269 video installments. These do seem to take excerpts from the DVDís they offer, keeping the sizes varying, depending on your connection speed. These are full length clips, ranging between 15 and 30+ minutes in length. I do enjoy the way theyíve kept simplicity in their offerings, nothing confusing about how you want to enjoy the action.

These are streaming, or you can choose to download in either a small version (approximate number 101 MB), or a big version (479 MB). Trying them all on for size showed that quality is on the top of the list for this site. I found nice technical numbers for most of the options here, youíll get 720x400, 2 Mbps video size for the big downloaded clip.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most from going through the videos was the camera work, not a drop of dew is missed while being ejaculated, and all of the hardcore material that leads up to that point is definitely filmed by a professional eye. The sound is extremely nice so turn up the speakers because the moaning, groaning and dirty talk coming at you from these soaking sessions will be a part of the turn on for you. If you have any doubts about these ladies being able to spray across a room, think again, the clear liquid expels with a projection that made me sit back in my chair a few times!

A gallery is offered with each set, meaning youíll get 181 galleries from Squirtalicious as well. Unfortunately the images are screen captures of the video. There is no slide show or ZIP offered.

The only basic extra to this site offered is the store itself, offering DVDís of different niches and also toys, etc.


Squirtalicious ended up being a saturating pleasure. When they made note on the main page that this is a newer site, I didnít hold out hope for a lot of material, but the count of 88 scenes was nice, especially with them being decent sized clips. Their tour promises held true for this hardcore, fetish site and itís one that I would recommend if you are into this specialty.

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Total average: 81.2/100 Our score: 78.0/100

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