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Total 11 reviews
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  • WildKitty screenshotoffline
    WildKitty from

    Date: 2010-02-24

    Summary: Wild Kitty earned her $4.99 per minute price tag. She is a very cute woman. I loved her smile and thought the gap between her two front teeth added a healthy helping of character. She was nice and eager to please me. She did a lot of sexy things without me asking.

  • Clairebelle screenshotoffline
    Clairebelle from

    Date: 2013-08-12

    Summary: Clairebelle is the a cute Russian girl with a sweet personality and a body to die for. She delivered a very authentic and extremely sexy private show with toys and a real orgasm in the end. A highly recommended model.

  • VanillaBabe4U screenshotoffline
    VanillaBabe4U from

    Date: 2010-03-21

    Summary: I enjoyed Vanilla Babe's immense friendliness. She kind of made me wish I knew Russian so I could actually understand what she was saying. Her sexuality matched her kindness as she really enjoyed seducing and teasing me. I think her show could be as much as $5.99/minute. I definitely liked her performance and wish that I could have seen more of her.

  • Expressive screenshotoffline
    Expressive from

    Date: 2010-03-10

    Summary: Expressive definitely earned her hefty price tag of $5.99/min. She is friendly, talkative, and eager to please. Her fiery personality is matched by the energy she puts into her show, pumping her hips up and down like sheís fucking your cock. The only downside was the lack of sound, and the fact that her face could have showed more sultriness.

  • Catterine screenshotoffline
    Catterine from

    Date: 2010-02-23

    Summary: If low model ID number is any indication of time spent on the website, there is no wonder why Catterine's is only 7452. She is a voluptuous woman, a true asset to Private Feeds. I recommend her to anyone who can afford the somewhat hefty price tag of almost six dollars per minute. Her show is worth every penny, though.

  • Zhanna screenshotoffline
    Zhanna from

    Date: 2010-02-28

    Summary: The $0.99/min voyeur price initially seems to devalue her semi-private performance, but the definitive lack of sound makes it seem reasonable. Her fully private show is probably $3.99/minute. Sheís definitely worth every penny, and would easily be $5.99 if she had a microphone. I really enjoyed watching her performance, and Iím sure the other viewers did, too.

  • PrettyNelly screenshotoffline
    PrettyNelly from

    Date: 2010-02-25

    Summary: I think that Pretty Nelly is worth $4.99 per minute. She is very open sexually, so long as she isn't expected to go to the bathroom on camera. Her personality is very inviting. She claims that she tries to make every show different. I certainly wish I could have spent more time with her.

  • MayaGold screenshotoffline
    MayaGold from

    Date: 2010-03-17

    Summary: I know that MayaGold is worth her $4.99/minute price tag even though I couldnít get her to do anything steamy in her private show because I saw her get hot and heavy in her nude chat for $2.49/minute. Just be nice to this woman and donít tell her you canít spend much time with her; she wonít like it at all.

  • AngelStuff screenshotoffline
    AngelStuff from

    Date: 2010-03-04

    Summary: If pricing was based on looks and politeness alone, AngelStuff would deserve her $5.99/minute; however, the fact that she doesnít use toys or her fingers should reduce the price to $4.99/minute. Many surfers are not happy to just see heavy petting and stripping, regardless of how beautiful and friendly the model is.

  • Liene screenshotoffline
    Liene from

    Date: 2010-03-08

    Summary: Liene sure does earn her $5.99/min price tag. I really liked her demeanor and her body. I think she could have been quicker showing it off since sheís sitting on such a high minutely rate. Thatís why Porn Factor isnít higher. The video feed was kind of shoddy for high-definition.

  • Kandance screenshotoffline
    Kandance from

    Date: 2010-03-03

    Summary: Kandance's show is the right price. If she approached every second of her live performance with the sexual tenacity that she tackled certain minutes of it, she would definitely be worth $5.99/minute. Yet, sometimes she doesn't really seem to care about what she's doing, which might make some less polite surfers rather distraught.

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Total 11 reviews