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Total 4 reviews
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  • VanillaBabe4U screenshotoffline
    VanillaBabe4U from

    Date: 2010-03-21

    Summary: I enjoyed Vanilla Babe's immense friendliness. She kind of made me wish I knew Russian so I could actually understand what she was saying. Her sexuality matched her kindness as she really enjoyed seducing and teasing me. I think her show could be as much as $5.99/minute. I definitely liked her performance and wish that I could have seen more of her.

  • Zhanna screenshotoffline
    Zhanna from

    Date: 2010-02-28

    Summary: The $0.99/min voyeur price initially seems to devalue her semi-private performance, but the definitive lack of sound makes it seem reasonable. Her fully private show is probably $3.99/minute. Shes definitely worth every penny, and would easily be $5.99 if she had a microphone. I really enjoyed watching her performance, and Im sure the other viewers did, too.

  • PrettyNelly screenshotoffline
    PrettyNelly from

    Date: 2010-02-25

    Summary: I think that Pretty Nelly is worth $4.99 per minute. She is very open sexually, so long as she isn't expected to go to the bathroom on camera. Her personality is very inviting. She claims that she tries to make every show different. I certainly wish I could have spent more time with her.

  • Kandance screenshotoffline
    Kandance from

    Date: 2010-03-03

    Summary: Kandance's show is the right price. If she approached every second of her live performance with the sexual tenacity that she tackled certain minutes of it, she would definitely be worth $5.99/minute. Yet, sometimes she doesn't really seem to care about what she's doing, which might make some less polite surfers rather distraught.

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Total 4 reviews