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Visconti Triplets review

Summary: Not only are the Visconti Triplets unique by being the only gay triplets in porn, they are also hunky to the max. The video quality is good, the photo quality is great, and if you can get past the lack of video downloads you are going to be in a blissful, triplet infused heaven.

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Score 80.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-07-30

Amateur, Hunks-and-Muscle

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Intro promises

Only gay triplets in porn
2 bonus sites

First impression

At some point in my porn surfing career, I declared that there could not possibly be anything out there that I haven't watched already. It turns out I was completely wrong, because I never dreamed of a site featuring hunky gay triplets. The Visconti Triplets features Jimmy, Jason, and Joey, their sexy abs and broad shoulders mirrored across all three, the same sexy look in their eyes making you want to just crawl over to them and suck all three of their dicks at once.

I really liked the slick style of their main member's area it's flashy without being too distracting, and you get more of the trio of eye candy that treated you on the tour. There's a quick intro that introduces you to the triplets (they're from Hungary) and goes over their wonderfully distinct personalities. The navigation is pretty simple, with a bar running below the header, covering the content sections. At the bottom you get to see the latest scene, which happens to be Jason covering himself in cum on the pool table.


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Our opinion

It goes without saying that there's no other gay triplets in the world, so they're going to win out on that alone. It's just not something you see every day, and it stands out in a sea of generic hardcore gay porn. Now before you get any really wrong ideas, like twin sites in straight porn, the guys are not doing anything sexual to each other. They certainly have no problems with posing by the camera together, or taking opposite ends of a guy to fuck, but this is nothing fucked up. That's not to say that it doesn't feel taboo as hell, and that's a big part of the attraction to it.

Oddly as I was starting to dig into the collection, I saw that there was a separate photo section but not video section. That was a bit odd, so for videos you have to click through the pages that are shown on the main member's area. There are 56 videos in total, and run from 5 minutes for shorter solo masturbation scenes up to around 25 for hardcore. There are two sets of video options, one says that the movie is ready to be viewed in high and low resolution, and if you mouse over it the alt text talks about downloading. However this just pops up the same streaming windows that the option below does, which specifically talks about streaming. So we're looking at streaming only videos shown at 620x360 and 1.5 mbps for high quality, and about half that for low.

Although the inability to download the videos is a negative, the quality of the Flash is very nice, and much better than what I was expecting. The videos buffer quickly and play very smoothly, with an overall professional touch as far as camera steadiness and lighting is concerned. A new video is added every week.

Now to the photo section there are 83 galleries here, and you'll notice a distinct trend as you scroll on through. There are streaks of 4 to 7 photo sets that are shot in the same location. Doing this once or twice wouldn't really catch my attention, but it seems to be a trend and can get very repetitive as you look through. The set sizes also tend to be all over the place, with some galleries only having 25 photos, and others having over 250. One thing that I can't complain about is how well the photos are done. The composition and lighting are perfect, and the size is good at 800x1200. They might spend a lot of time in the same places, but it's hard to mind once you see their identical long cocks and washboard abs captured in these great quality stills. There are no slideshows or zip downloads for these sets.

Although they don't do anything like private camshows, the Visconti Triplets do have a blog that, although irregularly updated, does read as though these three hotties are posting and showing off their personalities in a way that doesn't involve their dicks being out.

You do get access to two bonus sites with your membership to Visconti Triplets. Male Digital and Bisex Digital are both big non exclusive dvd download sites. Obviously one is for gay porn and the other is all bisexual, and if you're looking for something to do in between updates you can certainly take the edge off here. They're both run by the same folks that are being the triplets, so you have a pretty user friendly site with both of them.


You aren't going to see anything else like the Visconti Triplets, so if you are intrigued you're going to sign up anyway. They do have a few annoyances, such as the repetitive locations in the photo sets and the lack of video downloads, but you are going to ignore all that to focus on the trio of hunky goodness anyway.


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