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Cum Swap Guys review

Summary: Cumswap Guys looks sexy as hell on the outside, with gorgeous hunks swapping their jizz back and forth. Inside, however, you have a small collection, none of the promised HD videos, and no updates. The bonus network is nice, but if you just want snowballing action you should keep on looking.

Score 50.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-08-26


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Intro promises

Exclusive hi def videos
Weekly updates
Bonus site access

First impression

Cum Swap Guys is not the first gay site out there to feature snowballing, but it is one of the first that wants to do it in HD quality. The guys that they pick up for the site seem to be pretty varied in looks, although they do tend to share that standard hunky look. These are sexy men that want to get in touch with their incredibly nasty side, and they're more than happy to truly show off just how horny they get when they have a dick in their mouth.

The member's area gives you a pretty smooth transition from the tour it's on the simple side, shares the tour colors, and is very welcoming. The sidebar gives you options for browsing around both the site and the network, and the middle presents you with the guys you are going to be enjoying as they swap their cum with each other.


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Our opinion

The first thing I notice when I take a closer look at Cumswap Guys is the fact that they haven't updated in 3 months, so forget about that weekly update line. The other thing is that there are only 19 exclusive episodes not bad if it was a newer site that still updated, but very bad without any. There is a big mix of guys, so it looks like there is something for everyone when it comes to types of guys.

There's no complaints when it comes to the layout of the individual video pages they are nicely laid out, with a user friendly layout that gives you plenty of different options. The first thing that will entice you is the big Flash streaming video. It's shown at 576x432 and is one of the quickest buffering videos I've ever seen. If you have your dick out and you're just raring to go, you need to attack this video. The rest of the page is laid out underneath, with favorites, quicklist, and comments rounding out the miscellaneous features, the three download formats, the descriptions, model names, and categories listed right underneath. Below that you have the photo gallery associated with the video, which is also available underneath the Pictures section.

The highest quality video is provided in a MP4 format, and you get to watch that at 640x360 and 1.15 mbps. The medium quality is a more familiar WMV format, and you get that at 480x270 and 1.06 mbps. Last but not least, if you're the type that loves to take your porn on the road, there's an Ipod MP4 that is shown at 320x180 and 464 kbps. The videos are 20 minutes long, with a good production value between the camera work, lighting, and the action. However, the promised HD videos are nowhere to be found, which is a big disappointment. I was really looking forward to seeing these hot cumswap couples and threesomes pushing cum back and forth between their cock sucking lips in wonderful HD, but instead I'm looking at generally average quality action.

The photo sets that come with every video aren't the screencaps that I usually expect to see in a video centric site. Instead these are full photo shoots of over 200 pictures that follow along with the movie action, and give you another view to enjoy these sexy hunks getting their mouthfuls. 800X533 is the size that you'll be enjoying these pictures at, although the quality is higher than what you normally see with pictures this size. For those of you that love keeping your hands free for...other things... you'll be glad to see that they provided a handy slideshow that allows you to choose several different speeds. There is one oddity with the photo galleries you can bring them up fine on the video pages, but if you actually try to get them to load on the pictures section they don't seem to be popping up.

Now for the bonus network if there's one thing that the company that runs Cumswap Guys is good for, it's providing you with so many bonuses that your hand will give up and run away before you've whacked your way through even a third of the extras. There are 177 bonus sites in total and 27,681 scenes this is a mix of gay, straight, and shemale porn. Out of those, 25 are gay sites, 1 is bisexual, and 2,275 scenes are gay. Unless you're looking for a particular type of ethnic gay porn, chances are you're going to need to resort to the keyword search in order to find exactly what you're looking for.


There really aren't that many snowballing or gay cumswap sites out there, but Cumswap Guys only makes the need for a good site even more apparent. There are no HD videos as promised, nor are there updates. With a small collection in such a sub niche of gay porn, the collection just leaves you wanting more, and while the bonus network is good it's not going to give you this specific type of gay porn.


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