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Stunning Studs review

Summary: Stunning Studs's main draw is its extensive bonus network, as the site itself is pretty underwhelming. There are no updates to the site, the collection is small and non exclusive, and the video quality is nothing special. Come for the bonus network if you're interested in a lot of gay porn for your money, but if you're just after the guys at Stunning Studs you'd be better off elsewhere.

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Tiffany, 2009-08-17


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First impression

Stunning Studs is a bit confusing right from the get go, mostly because they're showing sexy muscle bound studs, and underneath they start talking about all the different types of guys that they're offering. In that list is cute teen boys and smooth twink guys, which doesn't sound like any sort of guy that should be showing up on a stud site. Hopefully that's just a bit of misplaced marketing, because I am always up for seeing a gorgeous hunk with a big dick, well defined muscles, and a six pack that will make you want to drool.

The member's area is set up to mostly be a gateway into the bonus network that you get with your membership to Stunning Studs, so it doesn't have a whole lot of personality. What it does have is a clean and easy to use set up that packs a ton of information and options without being cluttered or busy looking.


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Our opinion

Although the tour talks about a bunch of random types of guys on the tour, thankfully it is hunkville through and through once you get into the main collection. There might be a few studs that are on the slender side, but they are all still well toned and six packs abound here.

The episode listing page features 21 updates in total, and it doesn't really look like there are any new additions getting queued up for the site. A quick look at the update schedule only shows some updates on other sites in the network, but none specifically for Stunning Studs. This is a rather small number of videos, although they do tend to be pretty lengthy at around 25 minutes each.

The video page has a 640x480 Flash video shown first if you want to see the hunks getting it on right away, this is the way to go. It's not the highest quality compared to the downloads, but for a Flash video it does look pretty good and has the advantage of playing very smoothly. Underneath the Flash window there are three download options, a description, a link to add the scene to favorites, a comment box, related scenes, and links to the photo sets.

The downloads are all DRM free, and are available as two MP4s and a WMV video. The first MP4 is shown at 568x426 and 1.1 mbps, the WMV is available at 480x360 and 1 mbps, and the other MP4 is designed for Ipods and shown at 285x214 and 435 mbps. The content seems to be largely non exclusive, and it's also used in several clone sites by the company behind the site. The quality is average at best, and really nothing that's mind blowing. The same thing goes for the action it's good to watch for a bit, but it's not the type of porno that is going to grab your dick and never let go.

There are buttons for a photo set and a screenshot set, but either one will take you to the caps. This is a standard video page format throughout their sites, and a few of those offer both types of photos so that's why the odd photo set button is sitting there. The galleries are set up for easy browsing, and there are 125 screencaps per set. Each cap opens up in a lightbox style, and are average quality. Since the file sizes can get a bit hefty on the higher end qualities, this allows you to get a good idea for the hunks starring in the scene, along with exactly what type of trouble they're getting into. They are shown at 680x467. There are no slide shows or zip files available for these galleries.

The real draw of Stunning Studs is the bonus network, as it's pretty hard to get into a site with only 21 videos of non exclusive content. The bonuses are easily accessible throughout the top and side navigation, and like the rest of the site it is very well designed. You can't fault them for their user friendliness, that's for sure. The total scene count is 27,635 and the bonus sites number come in at 25 gay sites and 1 bisexual site. Of the scenes, 2,275 are full length gay scenes in a variety of niches, both exclusive and non exclusive content. I daresay you can find plenty of additional studs throughout the site.


Stunning Studs is nothing special non exclusive content, a small collection, and no updates really don't give the site much appeal. The bonus network is amazing, of course, so if you want to get in on that by all means go for it. Other than that, I wouldn't bother with Stunning Studs.


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