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Gay Creeps review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Gay Creeps has a straight goes gay theme that has roommates messing around with their straight friends until they can agree that gay is the way to go. The HD videos are above average quality but could probably be better, and the site could use a bit more personality. It's a pretty solid gay reality porn site but it's not breaking any new ground.

Score 60.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2012-04-12

Straight, Amateur, Hunks-and-Muscle, Hardcore, Fetish

gay roommate corruption, straight goes gay

Intro promises

Gay guys converting their straight roomates
HD videos

First impression

Gay Creeps features gay roommates creeping up on their sleeping straight friends and turning them to the gay side. These straight boys don't know what they're missing by turning down their roommates' advances, so the roomies are taking things into their own hands (and mouths, and asses) to show their friends just how much they're missing out on.

Gay Creeps has a slightly busy looking member's area. There is a quick nav bar at the top, drop down menus to refine your search selections, a keyword search if you know what you're in the mood for, and then advertising right below that. The latest updates are shown underneath the ad block. It's a somewhat generic looking design but it seems to work out for the site okay. I just wish there had been more personality, because it really just looks like a network site layout.


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Our opinion

Gay Creeps has 39 episodes total with a new addition put in every 2 weeks. The update schedule is kind of week so that's disappointing right off the bat. The locations manage to vary a lot more than I was expecting for this type of site. Instead of the straight guys always getting accosted in the bedroom, they're really all over the place. The bed and couch do factor in a decent amount but there's enough to keep you interested. There are many different guys with a general guy next door look.

The episode pages have a nice design to them. There's a Flash streaming video that you'll see first thing. The videos have plenty of categories associated with them, along with the model name so if you want to see more of the same it only takes one click. The videos are rather long at 30-40 minutes average so you're getting a lot of action packed into the videos. The Flash streaming video is split up into parts so you can click through the various sections for fast loading and browsing.

Underneath you have full length videos, 1 minute clips, and 5 minute clips. The Get Video To Go section is a big disappointment, as it is simply a link to a program that will create these options for you. That's definitely not what I was looking for when I clicked that option, and it should be labeled as an advertisement. The video formats that you can download are WMV and MPG shown at 720x404 and 1 mbps and 1250x702 and 2.62. The video quality is above average but probably could be better.

The photo galleries are split between high resolution photos and video screenshots. The galleries both have zip download options if you want to grab them all at once. The photos are shown at 3000x2250 at max size and they really should have been presented in smaller size. A lot of the pictures are grainy and blurry, so it just doesn't look good if you opt to see the largest size. The screencaps are 1250x702 and look average. As a bonus you get access to Out Him, another gay reality porn site created by the same company.


Gay Creeps is a decent reality gay porn site but it's just not hitting the mark to be an amazing site. The design just seems very network like, the weird thing with the video format advertisement was annoying, and the top video quality could be better.


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chit oo
2013-03-07 09:15:56

very good