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Have you ever fantasized about turning the cute straight guy across the hall gay? The straight to gay fantasy is well represented in this category, with hunky and hot straight guys either whipping out their dick to masturbate for all of us to watch, or gay for pay straight guys that find out they really do enjoy the feel of a cock slamming into their asses.

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  • Broke Straight Boys screenshot
    Broke Straight Boys
    Date: 2021-05-21

    Summary: Broke Straight Boys turns these straight guys into cock sucking bottoms that are learning what it's like to be at the receiving end of some dick. A massive collection and fast update schedule give you plenty to occupy yourself with, and the content is pretty good quality overall.

  • CMNM screenshot
    Date: 2010-09-16

    Summary: CMNM stands for clothed male nude male, and it gives you an idea of what to expect. These horny businessmen are in a perverted powertrip over every worker that they get their hands on. They strip these straight boys down, plug all manner of toys and fingers up their asses and give them handjobs until they are forced to cum. The video quality and viewing options could be better but the actual content is so hot that you aren't going to mind. The site is a bit pricey, however.

  • Straight Guys for Gay Eyes screenshot
    Straight Guys for Gay Eyes
    Date: 2010-02-18

    Summary: Straight Guys for Queer Eyes is the type of site that you don't get to come across too often - a truly innovative porn site that slants your standard straight porn to a great gay audience. They could have managed to mess it up pretty bad, but clearly a lot of thought went into the angles and action.

  • Now: $19.95 Was: $29.95
    Next Door Hookups screenshot
    Next Door Hookups
    Date: 2011-03-10

    Summary: Next Door Hookups features straight sex geared towards a gay audience. While this theme is both rare and does not always work well, overall this site has nailed it. The update schedule and quality need to be a bit higher for it to really stand out, but the niche and the network add to its value.

  • Gay Creeps screenshot
    Gay Creeps
    Date: 2012-04-12

    Summary: Gay Creeps has a straight goes gay theme that has roommates messing around with their straight friends until they can agree that gay is the way to go. The HD videos are above average quality but could probably be better, and the site could use a bit more personality. It's a pretty solid gay reality porn site but it's not breaking any new ground.

  • Str8 Boyz Seduced screenshot
    Str8 Boyz Seduced
    Date: 2015-01-08

    Summary: In the mood to see a straight guy get seduced over to the gay side? Str8 Boyz takes you into this hot and sordid world that will have you whipping out your dick right away, and the collection size is going to make you want to do a dance. Frequent updates and good quality videos combine to give you a quality experience.

  • Straight Boys Jerkoff screenshot
    Straight Boys Jerkoff
    Date: 2010-04-19

    Summary: Straight Boys Jerkoff features twinkish straight guys that get offered some cash to whack it for the camera. Sometimes they know that they're whacking it for the gay dudes, sometimes they're whacking it on a gay guy, and other times they just want to get off and get paid for it - who wouldn't? They are in a large collection featuring many different video options, but the quality does bring the site down quite a bit.

  • His First Gay Sex screenshot
    His First Gay Sex
    Date: 2011-03-28

    Summary: His First Gay Sex takes these naughty straight boys on a wild ride, as they get their first taste of gay cock. They are certainly savoring this delicious and forbidden treat throughout the large collection of HD videos. A bit more polish would be nice, as well as faster updating, but the network helps to make up for these sins.

  • Out Him screenshot
    Out Him
    Date: 2010-11-02

    Summary: Out Him features videos and pictures of straight guys that are really hiding their gay sides. The material ends up being pretty standard gay porn on the whole, although it does have a bit of a fun feel to it. The site is not being updated currently so that's really hurting it, along with the small collection. Until it starts updating again I probably wouldn't recommend checking it out.

  • His First Facial screenshot
    His First Facial
    Date: 2011-04-14

    Summary: His First Facial introduces these gay amateurs to the joys of cum dripping down their faces, with HD episodes and a decent collection size. The site does not appear to be updating, although older updates do get their low quality videos replaced with higher quality versions.

  • Straight Boys Fucking screenshot
    Straight Boys Fucking
    Date: 2010-09-23

    Summary: Straight Boys Fucking gives you two flavors of straight boys. The first are the guys that have always wanted to try out gay fucking, and just need a bit of a push in the right direction. The others are the straight guys that don't mind being filmed for the gay crowd, whether they're masturbating or fucking their girlfriends. A good size collection, frequent updates, and good amateur content makes for a solid site that you should swing by. The downloads are somewhat low quality, but the Flash makes up for it.

  • Straight hell screenshot
    Straight hell
    Date: 2021-05-24

    Summary: There are precious few sites in the gay fetish world that really take things right to the edge but Straight Hell goes right over it with brutally intense scenes featuring straight guys made to take cock, tied up, humiliated, and tortured every single way that they can be. This is one of the hottest gay BDSM sites out there, and although it's small and expensive it's worth every penny.

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Total 12 reviews