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Next Door Hookups review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Next Door Hookups features straight sex geared towards a gay audience. While this theme is both rare and does not always work well, overall this site has nailed it. The update schedule and quality need to be a bit higher for it to really stand out, but the niche and the network add to its value.

Score 80.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2011-03-10

Straight, Amateur, Bisexual, Hardcore, Hunks-and-Muscle

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Intro promises

HD videos
Straight sex for a gay audience
Updates every two weeks

First impression

You don't really get to see a lot of straight porn orientated towards a gay audience, but it's a refreshing change from “straight” gay porn that features straight guys who really don't look like they want to be there. Next Door Hookups gives you all sorts of time to ogle the men as they're doing their thing, and you get to see straight and bisexual men enjoying themselves while you get to perv on their untouched asses and massive cocks.

Next Door Hookups has a layout that matches the tour pretty closely, with a navigation bar running across the top and the episodes being listed right down the middle of the page. The search bank is below the featured update, and you can choose categories, actor or specific movies. Links to their social networking profiles are right underneath.


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Our opinion

Next Door Hookups has a great concept, and Next Door Entertainment has a long history of producing high quality gay and straight for gay porn with some of the hottest men in the industry along with the guys next door. You get 196 videos and 160 photo sets, with an update every two weeks. That's a bit slower than the update schedule that Next Door Hookups had when I first reviewed it, but given the unique site niche it's not a large bother.

Videos with HD versions are labeled as such on the episode page, so you'll be able to easily find the highest quality videos in this collection. The HD videos are not full HD offerings, as you only get these in the streaming options and they are shown at 960x540 to 480x360. The downloads are given in two WMV downloads, shown at 720x400 and 2 mbps and 360x200 and 1 mbps . The quality is a bit above average, but I was expecting higher when the videos are indicated to be HD quality. The video length is about 25 minutes on average, and the videos use a lot of skillful angles to emphasize the man and his dick, minimizing the female presence in each scene.

The photo sets take the same approach, and generally are associated with a specific video. The photo sets are in their own section as well as linked within the video pages, so you can easily jump over there. The photo sets are pretty small, with an average of 20 pictures per set. The galleries have a super basic layout as well , without zip downloads and slideshows. The photos are shown at 800x1024 and are good professional quality pictures.

Membership to Next Door Hookups gets you access to the Next Door network, which has more traditionally gay and bisexual themed sites if you're looking for a different experience from Next Door Hookups. The sites are quality throughout, and have very similar layouts to Next Door Hookups. Also, you can access these sites through a drop down menu at the top of the page.


Next Door Hookups is one of the most unique gay geared sites out there, with a gay look at straight porn. While the update schedule has slowed down significantly, the collection is at a good place overall. I do wish the download quality would have been brought up to the streaming level, but the quality is still above average.


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