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Out Him review

Summary: Out Him features videos and pictures of straight guys that are really hiding their gay sides. The material ends up being pretty standard gay porn on the whole, although it does have a bit of a fun feel to it. The site is not being updated currently so that's really hurting it, along with the small collection. Until it starts updating again I probably wouldn't recommend checking it out.

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Tiffany, 2010-11-02

Straight, Amateur, Hardcore

gay men outted, gay reality porn, secret gay men

Intro promises

Secret gay-ass lives outed
Straight guys in denial

First impression

Out Him is an interesting take on the straight goes gay reality porn niche. Instead of straight guys trying out gay fucking at the insistence of their gay friends, these “straight” guys are just hiding their gay sides. Once the Out Him crew find the evidence, they confront the straight guys and their female significant others. The reactions look like they're pretty damn hilarious, so it looks like this is going to be a fun gay reality porn site to check out.

The member's area of Out Him doesn't have the personality that I was expecting after looking at the tour. It has a very network-like member's area design. The navigation is up along the top and you have several browsing options that allow you to choose selections from drop down menus to get to where you're going. There's also a keyword search handy.


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Our opinion

There are 16 episodes currently on the site and it does not look like it has been updated since April. This is not exactly a good situation since the site just started up in January. I hope it starts updating soon, but without it it's not exactly going to win any awards.

The episode pages are very nicely designed, with the Flash streaming player prominent next to the episode information. You'll get links to the men and categories so you can click through and see anything related. The Flash video is divided up into clips so you don't have to wait too long to see what's going on, even if you are on a crappy collection.

There are some good viewing options and some oddities with the videos. On the good side, there are two formats to pick between, MPG and WMV. These come in 2 different qualities, 1244x700 and 2.5 mbps and 720x404 and 1 mbps. The video quality is okay for amateur styled content but it wasn't exactly blowing my mind. The variety of guys and locations was nice, but I think the videos could be a lot better looking. You can get these in full scene, short clip, and 1 minute clip options. The oddity comes from the bank of mobile and alternative format links – all these do is take you to a burning software page. I was definitely not impressed with the masked advertising.

Photo sets are shown in photo shoots and screencaps. The shoots are shown at 3000x2000 maximum and could really use a quality adjustment. They just do not look good at that size, the detail is lost, everything is blurry, and there's a ton of noise. The caps are 1250x702 and average. Both galleries can be downloaded in a zip file so you can grab them all at once. You do get one bonus with your Out Him membership. You can check out Gay Creeps, which is all about gay roommates corrupting their straight friends. It's run by the same company and easily accessed through the drop down at the top of the page.


Without updates Out Him is really hurting. It was only 4 months old when it stopped updating so that's a big damper in my enjoyment of the site. The bulk of the site is a fairly straightforward candid styled gay porn site, featuring straight guys in denial. I would wait to see if this one starts updating again before checking it out.


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