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Straight hell review

Summary: There are precious few sites in the gay fetish world that really take things right to the edge but Straight Hell goes right over it with brutally intense scenes featuring straight guys made to take cock, tied up, humiliated, and tortured every single way that they can be. This is one of the hottest gay BDSM sites out there, and although it's small and expensive it's worth every penny.

Score 90.0 /100
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Tiffany, 2009-09-04

Straight, Fetish

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First impression

Straight Hell is a rather apt name it is one of the most brutal sounding BDSM sites I've ever seen. The basic premise is simple these sadistic guys lure, trap, or kidnap straight guys into their clutches, and they will put them through pain and humiliation beyond imagining.

The member's area continues with the stark, dark theme that lends itself well to their niche. The straight guys that they brutalize are listed along the top, and the latest comments are under that. Further down the latest episodes are shown. Just reading the descriptions that they give with the episodes will make your toes start to curl, and your ass and dick start to ache in sympathy for these poor straight bastards that are going to have the most fucked up time of their life. There is nothing BDSM light about Straight Hell. These guys are practiced sadists, and they know just how to inflict pain, humiliate their new slaves, and all of the equipment to get it done. The scenes look to be very long, very complicated, and using everything in the book from severe bondage to forced sex to clamps of all kind.


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Our opinion

Truly hardcore BDSM sites are few and far between, and fewer still on the gay side of things. They play out these brutal fantasies very well, and as a BDSM lover I was impressed that they didn't pull any punches when it came to the action. That happens far too often in other so called BDSM sites, but you won't see anything other than a true master slave power play.

Trying to figure out exactly how many videos are on Straight Hell is a bit of a pain. The organization of the site is not exactly stellar, and the episode listings on the main page only show the main part of the action, as opposed to the overall scene. Each scenario has the set up, which is a shorter video, then the bulk of the action. Some of them also offer an interview as well, but it's hard to tell who has what, as the only way to get to all of the videos is to look at the all the guys link. Basically, the 31 guys each have their own full video, and these are split into 175 scenes in total. It's a bit of a navigational nightmare, and that's holding it back a bit.

The videos are, full movies considered, around 30 50 minutes long. The scenes themselves are anywhere from 5 to 18 minutes long. The videos are given in three different WMV qualities: 960x540 and 2.25 mbps, 640x360 and 911 kbps, and 320x180 and 398 kbps. The camera work is great, and you always get a good view of whatever BDSM action is going on. This might not be HD quality video, but it's just a bare bit beneath it. There is a full screencap set right underneath the videos, and then the rather active comments below that. The caps come in sets of 100 and are shown at 1200x675.

There are also actual photo sets with each scene. They are smaller, about 7 15 pictures per set, but they do give some very nice highlights of the video. These are very good quality and shown at 920x1200. They are simply displayed below the screencaps for the videos, so you don't get any extra features like a slideshow or a zip download.


Straight Hell is one of the most intense and darkest gay BDSM sites you are ever going to see. If you're into sadistic action and pure humiliation in the most creative setups you can imagine, then this is going to be a real treat for you. It might have a layout from hell, but that takes nothing away from the scenes once you get to them.


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