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Club Katsuni review

Summary: Club Katsuni is the official site of Asian pornstar Katsuni. The sites includes around 45 videos and 20 photo sets. Videos are offered in good quality with several options and formats. Katsuni keeps her members updated via a blog and behind the scenes photos from her life as a pornstar. A decent collection of Katsuni content. Part of Premium Pass network.

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Score 75.0 /100
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Count Gripsnatch, 2009-08-24

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Intro promises

This is Katsuni's official site. She has all her best hardcore movies and photo sets including a home made sex video. The site also has backstage and personal videos and pictures. Live shows and blog are included.

First impression

The site looks awesome and Katsuni is an Asian aberration. It seems like if she isn't already, she will be a huge star in this business. Why else would her site be part of the Premium Pass network (16 sites and growing) that features the site of AVN Award-Winner Jenna Haze, amongst others.

Katsuni is an Asian living in Paris. The site is available in French and English.


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Our opinion

There are 45 videos on the site as of this review, and Katsuni is featured in all but three of them. A new video is added every two weeks. The site has videos of Katsuni's private life, as well as behind the scenes videos from both photo and video (11 of the 45 videos) shoots. Katsuni is not opposed to letting members into her world. While there will always be the element of fantasy in porn, she likes to give a more personal touch. In the 'contact' section of the site, she says, "Feel free to contact me about anything - whether it be to book me for a scene, signing, or appearance - or even if you have a general question! I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible."

High speed videos are available to download in clips in WMV format (480x360, 1 Mbps) or in full, DVD quality scenes in both MPG (438x360, 1 Mbps) and WMV (720x480, 3 Mbps) formats. Low speed videos are available to download in low, (160x120, 125 Kbps) medium (192x144, 445 Kbps) and high (320x240, 825 Kbps) quality MP4 files. Videos range from 18 to 48 minutes long.

There are 20 photo shoots on the site, with an average of 50 photos per shoot. They are downloadable in a zip file and are 768x1024, with an average size of 700Kb. Photos are lit and shot wonderfully and make Katsuni look like one of the hottest Asian women on the planet. Photo content features Katsuni in all states of dress and undress, and no matter what the case, she always looks sexy and inviting.

Katsuni's blog is updated every two weeks, and though her English isn't great, she is much more than just someone who gets paid to have sex. While describing a model that she discovered in a grocery store and whom she later did a scene with, she said "You’re the perfect young American lady. All the world belong to you. Your beauty is your power, your age is your alibi. In my bed, in front of my camera,you’re a little jewel wiggling and moaning with pleasure, a big dildo inside your wet pussy. You look at me, I taste your lips, it tastes like strawberry, you’re a candy melting on my tongue. Porn brings you the perversity but it also reminds you how innocence is priceless."

In all honesty, I never expected words like this to come out of someone in the adult entertainment industry. It's beautiful, thoughtful and sexy. And that's what Katsuni is all about. On keeping in shape, she writes "As soon as I came back from Corsica, happy to have finaly a beautiful natural tan, I took the resolution to go back to my good alimental habits: no ice creams anymore, no wine “rose” to enjoy with my meal at dinner anymore. Back to the diet, green vegetables and the minimum 40 minutes training at the gym to burn bad calories and fat. It’s a part of the job , not just the hobbie of a young Parisian woman. It was also the time to go back in front of my computer and spend my day sending e-mails, having my phone see, to do porn is not just having fun! More than anybody else we must deal with attorneys, unexpected bills…it’s a fun job if in fact you keep being serious."

Katsuni, with all her beauty and ability to lure men in with her body, is also able to do it with her mind as well. There is a complicated person underneath the heavily made-up girl having sex on camera. I've never had any insight into the mind of a porn star, and it's very personal and refreshing. It makes this site very unique, and is possibly a glimpse into the future of adult sites.

Sex on the site is what you'd expect from a Parisian babe. It's classier, slower and more sensual than American porn. The variety of the videos goes from Katsuni solo, to two to three lesbians, to two or three models with one or two men. It is obvious that Katsuni loves women as much as men, and is as insatiable as you'd expect from someone with such tastes. Seeing her sucking cock in a purple fishnet outfit is as magnificent as seeing her eating pussy in a leather miniskirt. She loves dick in either hole, and sometimes both at the same time.

Videos are straightforward when it comes to sex. What you see is what you get. Katsuni goes with the 'tried and true' approach of suck, lick, fuck and pop. But when you see her body and her face - the way she moves, writhes and moans - you know that this isn't cookie-cutter porn.


Katsuni is smoking hot. Her friends are smoking hot. She and her model friends accommodate very large penises and love every minute of it. The lesbian scenes are beautiful, and it's just as hot to see her wearing a sexy outfit as it is to see her without clothing.

Videos are still being added to the site, and you'll always be able to keep tabs on Katsuni by reading her blog. You get a glimpse into her world, more than just watching her seduce men and women alike. And don't forget the Premium Pass Network.


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Total average: 70.6/100 Our score: 75.0/100

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