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Tokyo Whores review

- 2nd revisit

Summary: Tokyo Whores is a bondage site specializing in providing content featuring Asian amateurs. There is some good bondage video and photo content to be found here, but the organization of the members area is somewhat lacking. Around two short movies are added each month in decent quality.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2008-07-22

Asian, Fetish, Amateur, Hardcore, Videos, Movies


Intro promises

- Our Japanese bondage clips are the real deal. They come from dealers in Japan exclusively for our site
- Full image galleries added the first of every month
- Gigabytes of hi-res videos

First impression

Tokyo Whores certainly looks like the place to be if you want to see Asian women all bound up, especially Shibari style. Here, you'll find models from all over Asia being submissive and kinky in all sorts of poses and scenes. Since I have an interest in Shibari, I figure this will be a fun site to enter in!


$24.95/30 days, recurring at $19.95
$59.90/90 days, recurring
$89.95/180 days, recurring

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Our opinion

Well, there's certainly a lot going on inside this members' area. The navigation is definitely different from anything I've ever seen. I actually kind of like how they break down all their various offerings in text links, rather than winking, blinking visuals that can be overwhelming.

The first offering is the category of Japanese Bondage Galleries. There are over 15,000 images and weekly rotating galleries. These aren't laid out by date, though. You'll see almost 20 links that go to various galleries, some of which are exclusive. The bondage galleries feature many Shibari images, some of which are semi-exclusive. Each of these galleries shows beautiful Asian women Shibari-bound.

The next categories are Asian Girl Galleries, Video Galleries, Extras/Bonuses, and Live Streaming Web Cams and Chat. Among the Asian Girl Galleries, you'll find amateur, Korean, Thai, anime, glamour, and bondage classics. Video Galleries contain exclusive Japanese bondage clips, full length Asian DVDs, and archives from 2003. Extras/Bonuses offer 20 minutes of free Bondage VOD, games, and puzzles. Games and Puzzles contains Concentration, Sliders, Strip Poker, Strip Blackjack, and a Jigsaw Puzzle. The first two have pretty Asian women in various states of undress. The latter three games aren't of Asian women.

The photos in this members' area don't have any uniform sizes. Some of the pictures were 322x418 pixels or 561x740 pixels, while others were 630x801, 630x877 and the new ones 1200x794. They're decent quality - not anything to rave about. The sets also vary in how many pictures are in each gallery - from around 25 to 150. They're not zip downloadable.

Most galleries don't have a date on them, but the picture galleries are updated once a month. They did mention that they have a "weekly rotating gallery," which is indeed rotated once a week.

There's a note that states all clips are uploaded around the 15th of the month. The archives have videos from 2003 to 2007. There were only two clips for the current month: "Body Abuse - Nose Bondage" (7 minutes, 75.6 MB) and "Body Abuse - Mummification & Bound BJ" (almost 5 minutes, 50.2 MB). There are some screenshots to go with the clip, which open to 640x480 pixels. Looking back at the previous months, there are usually only two clips of varying lengths uploaded every month. They're not long clips at all - ranging from around 2 to 7 minutes. Upon occasion, they've uploaded only one clip or several clips for a particular month. For example, in February, 2008, there were 6 clips uploaded, all of which totaled 24 minutes. All movies download or stream in a zip file. There offer you a codec patch that will allow you to view the older movies from 2003 and 2004 in the "ASF" format.

The videos are certainly very interesting if you're into a lot of face scrunching and Asian women crying. This site loves doing all sorts of funny things to a woman's nose (hence, a lot of nose bondange and making her nose look like a pig's). I find it odd that all a man has to do is lightly touch the woman's nose, and she starts whimpering and crying, but perhaps that's the fetish. The good quality videos open to 640x480 sized screen at around 1.50 Mbps - depending upon the length of the clip.


Well, I'm not really sure what to think of Tokyo Whores. On the one hand, I understand that there probably aren't that many sites out there devoted to the fine art of Shibari. On the other hand, I think their members' area could be run a lot better. There is no uniformity of picture size. Additionally, their video clips are small - only around a couple minutes in length. There aren't that many updates a month, with two small clips, a picture gallery added per month and one weekly rotating gallery, on average.

Instead of seeing Asian women cry just because someone touches their face, I would've preferred the majority of the videos in this members' area to be of Shibari and other bondage. So I guess the bottom line is: how desperate are you to see Asian women in Shibari? If you are, then you might like this site. If you have other resources where you can find Asian women Shibari bound, then don't venture into this site.

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