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Celeb Matrix review

Summary: Celeb Matrix has some decent celebrity material to share, and lots of it, but the site isn't on my top list for the niche. There were a few reasons for this, but the most noteworthy were the poor navigation and the constant advertising for other sites. The site is huge though not exclusive as promised. Priced at the higher end of what celeb sites generally run for, I wasn't swept off my feet.

Score 75.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-12-08

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Intro promises

- Sex tapes, leaked photos, forbidden scenes, scandals, etc.
- 95 thousand videos
- 1.5 million pictures
- ALL exclusive pics and videos

First impression

Celeb Matrix makes big promises in terms of content numbers, exclusivity, and variety in content. I've been on quite a few Celeb sites over the years and had my interest piqued by one particular offer: all exclusive material. Most celebrity sites are using the same nonexclusive content, at least that has been my experience, so the idea of an all-exclusive site sounded interesting, if a bit difficult to pull off.

The sign up process was a bit messy. First, prices changed depending where in the world you were. Second, there are three options for subscriptions, but only one can actually be purchased (monthly recurring). Third, and most important, there are a mountain of pre-checked cross-sells. These are offers that you are opted in for unless you uncheck the box below where you enter your credit card info. So be careful when purchasing to avoid the hassle.

Read on for a review of the inside of the members area.


Payment Processors:
Local Billing. Notes: 1) Regional billing, prices change depending on location; 2) More billing options listed, but all resolve as $29.95/month recurring plans; 3) Multiple pre-checked cross sales at sign up. Read carefully before joining.

Our opinion

It didn't take very long to see that the promises of exclusivity were exaggerated (or entirely false, depending on how you want to look at it). So much of the material is available on just about every other celeb site out there. These are the famous sex tapes, like those of Paris Hilton, wardrobe malfunctions and sexy photo shoots done for major magazines. So we know off the bat that the site's most alluring promise was a false one, but let's keep digging to see how the site plays out in its other aspects.

Celebrity sites generally fall into certain types of sites. Celeb Matrix is of the sort that will put anything related to a celebrity into its library. This means you will find just about any image and video associated with a star be it real or fake, nude or non-nude. There are pics from celebrity events and movie premiers, award ceremonies, as well as shots of models in bikinis on vacation, or with their clothes half off, wasted in night clubs.

I take no issue with this shotgun approach, as in the end it just means more content and images to enjoy. The site is very busy with keeping things fresh, adding a dozen updates or more a day at times. This goes far in explaining the sites bloated, enormous size - - you don't get to 1.5+ million photographs without adding a lot of galleries day in and day out.

Unfortunately the site wasn't up to the task of serving all of this material. The main navigation, a cluster of black text beneath the colorful banner, can be confusing and too easy to overlook on your first visit. Half of the links are to other sites and 3rd party services, too. This is a recurring theme of the site; they are aggressive in trying to sell you other products and services and subscriptions, and it can grow tiresome.

There isn't a good way to look through all of the content. You basically have to pick between sex tapes, photos and movies. Only eight clips or galleries are previewed per page, and with hundreds (or thousands) or items you will have dozens and dozens of pages to flip through. There is no good way to search. The best they can offer is an alphabetized index of all celebrities, which is itself so huge that it becomes cumbersome to weed through.

In terms of media options you have a mix, with most material falling on the low quality end of the spectrum. As noted earlier, the site throws up anything and everything. This means even poor quality pics or candid snaps get uploaded. Most of it is viewable, but some can be on the edge. The media options for videos are bit varied and can be different from one scene to the next. There are DivX, MPG and MP4 media types as well as streaming for most of the clips. These are either segments lifted from movies that have nudity or are just sexy scenes, or clips of sex tapes. Most clips are short. Some sex tapes can be long.

There aren't any true extras. They do link you to various other sites and services, none of which are free.


I felt the need to be vigilant when navigating Celeb Matrix - - afraid of making a wrong click and accidentally signing up for something else I didn't want was a constant threat. The members area was just very messy and very hard work to get through, and throwing in links to other sites that cost extra confuses things further.

For the price paid for a monthly subscription I expected more. The site isn't one of my favorites in the Celebrity porn niche, but it is large. If you don't mind its pit falls (cross-sells, aggressive advertising, poor navigation) the site can deliver a lot of content.


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