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Fame creates desire, they say, and we want nothing more than those things which seem impossible. Often getting a glimpse of celebrity flesh can fall into this category. While there are plenty of famous celebs that have taken off tops and bared their naked breasts and asses for Hollywood movies, what we often crave most are celebrity sex tapes, released in a media storm of scandal. The sites in the Celebrity category often offer a portfolio of material that includes still frames and video clips from blockbuster sex scenes, candid nude or risque pictures snapped when the celebrity stars are out and about or on vacation and also those most illicit of all types of content: the celebrity sex tape.

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  • Mr Skin screenshot
    Mr Skin
    Date: 2022-10-11

    Summary: Mr Skin and its army of workers searches through every mainstream TV show and movie looking for the 'good parts' - which are when hot actresses are showing tits, ass, or just looking damn fine in almost-nude scenes. They have over 20,000 actresses and 500 hours of clips indexed so far, including all of the famous A-list girls you can name. They also write up great bios of the girls, review movies, and create playlists of themed clips. With updates every day and always some Hollywood gossip to digest as well, it's a great pick for fans of celebrities.

  • Nitro Video screenshot
    Nitro Video
    Date: 2012-06-11

    Summary: Nitro Video's Nude Celebs is a site that has collected nude clips from movies and tv shows for over twelve years. The site is pretty massive as a result, with just about every star who has shown hard nipples or done a sex scene caught in the act here. They have HD downloads for a large portion of their clips and add many new downloads every single day.

  • Celeb Matrix screenshot
    Celeb Matrix
    Date: 2010-12-08

    Summary: Celeb Matrix has some decent celebrity material to share, and lots of it, but the site isn't on my top list for the niche. There were a few reasons for this, but the most noteworthy were the poor navigation and the constant advertising for other sites. The site is huge though not exclusive as promised. Priced at the higher end of what celeb sites generally run for, I wasn't swept off my feet.

  • Homemade Celebrity Porn screenshot
    Homemade Celebrity Porn
    Date: 2010-09-28

    Summary: Homemade Celebrity Porn offers a lot of the home videos shot and leaked by actresses, singers and other celebrities. Although some are well known sex tapes, like Pamela and Tommy Lee's, there are plenty you've probably never seen before and some you didn't know existed. With regular updates and access to a network of celeb porn and nude sites, this is a pretty exciting pick in the niche.

  • Celeb TA screenshot
    Celeb TA
    Date: 2008-11-07

    Summary: Celeb TA offers a huge archive of video clips and screen captures of mainstream actresses and celebrities appearing nude in movies or tv shows. The amount of clips and celebrities is impressive and the movie quality is good. Lots of updates regularly. Only slight problem is that clips download slowly.

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Total 5 reviews