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Celeb Nakedness review

Summary: On Celeb Nakedness you can find nude or revealing pictures or even movies of virtually anyone you've ever heard about in TV or movies. Due to the different sources quality varies greatly. Navigation and design however seriously needs some work done!

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Joseph, 2006-07-23

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Intro promises

“I am very proud to present to you this Nude Celebrities site that is updated multiple times a day (50-100 pics and 7+ videos added every single day!) with the latest nude pics and movies of your favorite celebrities! You will NOT be disappointed. Guaranteed!”

First impression

Comedian Jon Stewart has claimed that he titled his 1998 book Naked Pictures of Famous People in honor of the most popular Internet search keywords of the time. It seems like not much has changed in the past eight years — plug the phrase “naked celebrities” into Google and you’ll get more than eight and a half million results. With so many pics of nude starlets floating around in cyberspace, how the hell does one go about ogling them all? You could Google variations of “nude famous folks” for eight hours a day and see what you come up with or you could just join Celeb Nakedness.

Celeb Nakedness collects thousands upon thousands of compromising photographs and videos of famous women. The site is updated multiple times a day and the amount of material to be found on this site is staggering — any infamous paparazzi shot or celebrity sex tape you can think of can probably be found on Celeb Nakedness. Heard rumors of a Gena Lee Nolin hardcore video? It exists and clips from it are on Celeb Nakedness. Remember when Paris Hilton’s T-Mobile was hacked into and her address book, notes and private camera phone photographs were posted on the Internet, including the topless shots that Paris snapped of herself? Yup, those pics are here too. Wanna see the infamous Chloë Sevigny blowjob scene but don’t want to be caught dead renting The Brown Bunny at the local Blockbuster? Don’t worry, the uncensored four minute clip is here in all its poorly directed glory (quick, someone alert Vincent Gallo’s team of lawyers!). Dude, I even found a video of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst fucking some chick on this site! Yes, it’s all here, folks...for a price...


$25.95 for thirty days
$6.95 for three day trial
$100 for six months
The three day trial recurs to $24.95 per month and the monthly memberships recur to $25.95 per month.

Credit card, online check and telephone billing are accepted as forms of payment.

Processed by Safshop, Probilling and Global Exchange Billing.

Our opinion

Quite frankly, Celeb Nakedness is one of the most poorly designed websites I’ve ever seen — it looks terrible! Adding insult to injury, the navigation just plain sucks and searching for starlets is a frustrating ordeal — your best bet is to scan through the numerous updates posted daily and hope something catches your eye. Hey, webmaster, how ‘bout a nice index of all the naked celebs featured on Celeb Nakedness so the member can easily find the famous ladies he’s looking for? And why not put a search engine on the site that actually brings in some halfway decent results? Let’s think outside the box here, man!

Nothing is off-limits at Celeb Nakedness You’ll find paparazzi shots of girls strolling on the beach in their bathing suits, photos of tits falling out of dresses at movie premieres, scans from popular magazine, screen caps from TV shows and even clips from blockbuster movies. The quality of all these pics and videos varies significantly, but most of ‘em are pretty decent.

The more popular a celebrity is, the more pages of photos you will find of her bodacious bod on Celeb Nakedness. Obviously, stars like Madonna and Jessica Simpson have numerous pages of photos, but there’s also an amazing array of not-so-famous babes on this site. Remember Kennedy, the squirrelly MTV VJ from the nineties who dated James Woods and bragged of being a virgin (poor James Woods!)? Of course you don’t, but there’s a video of her on this site anyway! Not too shabby.

Surprisingly, there’s a fair amount of reading material to be found on Celeb Nakedness. Each celebrity’s first page of pictures contains a “mini biography,” which is actually pretty sizable and informative (who knew Lindsay Lohan was allergic to blueberries?!). There are also extensive movie reviews on the site which will tell you if there’s any nudity to be seen in recent cinematic releases.

Sadly, downloading some of the videos on Celeb Nakedness proved to be downright impossible — a bunch of the videos can’t simply be played with Windows Media Player or QuickTime unless you first download no less than eight different codecs that the webmaster recommends. I didn’t have the time or the patience to download any of the codecs, so it is with a heavy heart that I report the following: I didn’t get to watch the infamous Jenna Lewis (you know, that gal from Survivor...) sex tape, the one she claimed was stolen from her but was actually put out by her and her husband. Bummer.


Fans of rags like Celebrity Skin and the infinitely better Celebrity Sleuth will go bananas for Celeb Nakedness. This site is an indispensable resource for those looking for shots of celebrities behaving badly. Unfortunately, though, Celeb Nakedness looks like shit and is hard to use. If the webmaster were to redesign the site and fix all the navigation issues, Celeb Nakedness would be a force to be reckoned with. Until then, I will give this site a cautionary thumbs up.

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