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Celeb Nakedness review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Aside from the indexing needing improvement, Celeb Nakedness is a very good site for finding some of your favorite celebrities baring their skin in candids, photo shoots, steamy sex scenes, and sex tapes. There's a 10 year archive built up, as well as several updates almost every day. Media options can be varied but are generally pretty great. You can even find lots of HD here to download, and pretty high res photos in the mix. While some other celeb sites are a little better organized the collection here is second to few.

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Tamesin, 2012-11-12

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Intro promises

- New and best content
- Large HD videos
- Daily updates
- 10 years of archives

First impression

If you love seeing celebrities and models nude, you'll want to check out Celeb Nakedness. It features all the nudity and naughty pictures that some of your favorite celebrities have done - and all in very high quality content that includes downloadable videos, Flash streaming videos, and a large archive of pictures.


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Our opinion

Celeb Nakedness doesn't have that sleaziness that many other celebrity nude websites have. You also get the feeling you can trust them when they say the content is genuine. I certainly didn't see any badly photoshopped nude and semi-nude celebrities and models, which is a refreshing change of pace from the usual celebrity nude site.

Good Variety of Real Celebs

I'm sure you'll be as impressed as I was at the well known celebrities inside Celeb Nakedness. Some celebrity sites are filled with unknown models and actresses, with an occasional "A lister" thrown in, but this site features many household names. The content itself is impressive as well, not only in the high quality, but also the variety. There are plenty of candids, nip slips, and upskirts, as well an occasional celebrity sex tape, and lots of celebrity nude and steamy sex scenes. Since these are celebrities in mainstream content, you won't be seeing anything hardcore; you'll only see what you're able to see in a movie theatre or on cable TV, although every now and then you'll find something a little more risque in the leaked celebrity private pictures and videos.

The site also prides itself on getting the newest content, and they really deliver on that. Shortly after the release of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, they had the content in their site.

Really Basic Navigation

Navigation is relatively easy inside Celeb Nakedness, though the indexing needs some improvement. For instance, I found it hard to believe that there were no celebrities under "T" that had any videos. So I investigated further and looked for Tricia Helfer under photos under the "T" link. Sure enough, she had several photo sets listed, but there was also a link to all her videos within the site. So if you're looking for a particular celebrity's videos and you don't see them, check out her photos. You'll likely find her videos in a link under her photos category.

Mostly you'll be browsing through lists of text links describing the gallery or video they link to in a few words. There weren't thumbs to browse, and there were no powerful search tools either.

A Large Archive, Lots of Media Options

Since the site has been around for 10 years, you'll find a huge archive. There's just way too much content for me to count! Plus, there are several updates almost every day, so the site is constantly growing. Since this kind of content comes from a variety of sources, you'll see a variety of screen sizes and playback qualities, such as 640x480 (1.7 Mbits), 628x468 (0.2 Mbits), and even some 720p HD 1280x720 (1.3 Mbits) downloads. There's also multiple formats: Flash streaming and downloads in WMV, MP4, and MOV formats. No matter which size or format you view the videos in, the visual quality is usually pretty great.

The photos also come in a variety of pixel sizes: 746x498, 382x790, and larger sizes like 3200x4801, etc. Like the videos, the picture quality is usually very good. The site doesn't offer zip downloadable photo galleries, but the galleries are usually very small, so that's not a big deal.


I highly recommend Celeb Nakedness for very high quality celebrity nudes, semi-nudes, and candids. I'm impressed with how high quality the videos and photos are, especially when you consider they're second hand and not directly shot by Celeb Nakedness. Since the site has been around for 10 years, they also have a large size archive built up. Because of that, you'll have plenty of great content to keep yourself busy; plus, they add several new updates almost every day. Navigation is fairly easy, though their indexing needs some improvement. All in all, Celeb Nakedness is a very good site for celebrities baring skin.


Mr. Skin is the main competitor to Celeb Nakedness. Both of these sites have been around for several years and has a ton of content. Both claim to have the largest collection and both sites offer a large variety of well known celebs, as well as no fakes. Mr. Skin does have some extras, such as celebrity bios, and the site design is much better and so too are most of the media options you run into. I would definitely visit them and see what they offer for yourself before choosing either of them.

You can also check out Nitro Video while you are out and about. It's a large and quite high quality collection of celeb pics and videos. Most of the content comes from TV shows and movies and features celeb actresses - those scenes with nudity or upskirt shots - and there are also some candid shots.


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