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Celeb TA review

Summary: Celeb TA offers a huge archive of video clips and screen captures of mainstream actresses and celebrities appearing nude in movies or tv shows. The amount of clips and celebrities is impressive and the movie quality is good. Lots of updates regularly. Only slight problem is that clips download slowly.

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Count Gripsnatch, 2008-11-07

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Intro promises

- "This is the number one site for female nudity in mainstream movies from all over the world."
- "We are dedicated to providing news, reviews, and bios of the hottest movies and actresses so that you as a consumer can make an informed decision before you lay down your hard earned money on your next DVD, PPV, or going to the glory that is the big screen experience."
- "Over 200,000 clips and pics!"

First impression

I'd be remiss if I didn't say that this site didn't remind me of Mr. Skin. But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Oh yeah, it also reminded me of the movie "Knocked Up" where friends have worked for years building a database of celebrity nude scenes, only to find out it's been done before. But I will review this site based on its own merits.

The site looks professional and is loaded with information; maybe too much. There is movie cover art, full frontal pics, headshots, a search box, links to download scenes (.avi format) and more. Where do I begin?


$19.95 for 30 days.
$44.95 for 90 days.
$59.95 for 180 days.
$89.95 for a year.

Payment via and 2000 Charge.

Our opinion

I'm going to take you through the site as I surf it. Clicking on a photo of a strikingly beautiful actress, I am led to a page that tells me her race, breast size, hair color and body type. These traits are all individually searchable and when you get your results, simply hover over the name to see a thumbnail of the actress' face. There are also links to their IMDb pages and for buying their movies on Amazon. Sadly, the actress I chose only has one scene, described as "Upskirts while wrestling in a Star Trek mini-skirt outfit." Thinking of the time spent on this unknown and clothed actress, I imagine how comprehensive this site must be considering all the beautiful actresses there are. A slight hiccup: clicking to watch the scene froze my computer (Vista running Firefox - I must not have had the right plugin or codec). I try another tac and in five minutes time, I have downloaded the 2 1/2 minute clip. Video size is 880x500 and looks pretty good for an obscure movie transfer. Too bad the content was straight out of an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, and was not sexy.

Next, I do a search on Scarlett Johannson and find five galleries of photos. They are all culled from other sources or are screencaps, approximately 668x500 pixels in size. I thought I might find some nude scenes, but they are all tame. It turns out that she doesn't do nude scenes. I can dream, can't I?

Even though I have not seen any flesh, I realize it's part of the addictiveness of this site. The thrill of the chase. The exploration of actress after actress, trying to find a gem. And the best part is - there is way more than one gem to be found!

Now that I have the gist of this site, I type in Asia Argento. She's nude in just about every movie she's been in. I found over 40 clips in all. In addition to descriptions of the .avi clips, they are divided into four categories: sexy non-nude, quick peek, great view and full frontal. This site doesn't want you wasting your time. They did all the work so you don't have to!

Another attractive thing about this site is that you can revisit puberty. I remembered an old Diane Lane movie that I taped and wore out due to the excessive "watching" of a steamy scene. I had high hopes, but out of six scenes from the movie, the site did not have the one I was looking for. It was still nice to "reminisce."

Those are pretty much the ins and outs of the site. Navigation is easy, updates are plentiful (185 clips in the last 30 days) and every screen starlet is here (models too!), from Angelina Jolie to Zooey Deschanel. Even if you don't know an actress, this site makes it very easy to get acquainted. Sure it's hit and miss when you are exploring with no particular actress in mind, but with over 200,000 clips you will find more hits than misses. Why? Because of the beautiful naked women! Also, there's enough substance in many of the clips, you might find yourself intrigued enough to buy the movie.

Even though I reviewed this site on its own merits, I will say that it is clearly not a Mr. Skin copycat. While the basic idea is the same, this site includes a lot of unknown (for now) talent. You will wonder why you haven't heard of some of these women before. The site is ahead of the curve. The next generation of movie stars are here now! Get 'em while they're hot!


Ever fantasized about Katie Holmes' breasts? How about Mimi Rogers huge assets? You'd be surprised what you can find on Celeb TA if you look. I did, and the feeling of having your fantasies fulfilled is great. It's not pornography, but it tantalizes your mind way more by making you feel like you're seeing something you're not supposed to; something you might never know was out there.

I would say if there was anything close to a con of this site, and this is a stretch - there may be too MUCH content. I know I could get lost in it for hours at a time.

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