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Celebrity Movie Archive review

Summary: Celebrity Movie Archive is a celebrity site that centers around the video content. There are nearly 5,000 videos featuring over 1,000 celebrities, most of the images are screen caps.

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Rasmus N, 2003-01-04

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Intro promises

Number of celebrities: 1,116
Number of movies: 4,758
Total size of movies: 47.02 GB
Total video time: 72.06 hours

First impression

The design is very nice and it’s easy to find just the video you are looking for. A big plus is the fact that the preview tour allows you to access the member section and view screenshots of all the downloadable movies – but to download them you have to pay. Read this review and find out if it is worth it!


Our opinion

Celebrity Movie Archive is a collection of movie clips of celebrities (widely interpreted) appearing fully or partially nude in different movies. If you saw your favorite celebrity nude in a movie once, you can be sure to find the clip at the Celebrity Movie Archive. Also it contains some other footage of celebrities in different scenarios of interest (e.g. concerts and so on).

It is really surprising how many of the “big” celebrities you can find footage of in sexual contexts - e.g. you have to see the fully nudes of Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon.

There are many ways of navigating the site. Video Clips are organized by the name of the celebrity, or you can do a search for a name or a description (e.g. “Swordfish” to find all the nude scenes from this movie). You can also view a list of the latest additions or a list of the most popular video clips.

The quality of the pictures is the best possible. In many cases the clips are captured from DVDs and are high resolution.

One of the great things about Celebrity Movie Archive is the fact that you can download movies to your computer. This means you can watch them even when you are not a member any more.

Some of the clips are also of celebrities from the porno industry. This means that many of the clips offered are from porno movies, so it doesn’t all have to be about Hollywood celebrities

However, the greatest thing about Celebrity Movie Archive is its billing system. In stead of paying a conventional monthly fee you pay for a certain amount of credits (MB) that you can download. And remember you can save the clip on your computer, so you don’t have to download it every time you want to watch it.


Celebrity Movie Archive is definitely worth your money! Even if you get tired of celebrities there are many clips of more or less unknown people having sex. Remember: You can check out screen shots of all the movies before you buy credits.

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