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Celebs Private Scenes review

Summary: Celebs Private Scenes gets mixed reviews. It contains a number of infamous celebrity sex tapes and paparazzi shots. The videos are usually pretty good quality, and the updates are regular at every two to three days. There isn't a huge archive though as many other celeb sites do. Another problem is the download and streaming speeds which are rather mediocre. Faster server and a larger archive of celebrity clips and videos would be a great improvement.

Score 65.0 /100
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Tamesin, 2009-10-05

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Intro promises

- Celebrity sex tapes
- Oops photos
- Uncensored clips
- Nude celebrity photos
- High definition videos
- Biggest paparazzi shots archive
- Regular updates
- Fast downloads

First impression

Celebs Private Scenes shows some of the hottest celebrities from today and yesterday in their steamy sex scenes from the silver screen. Also included on this site are the famous, or should I say, infamous, sex tapes of various celebrities and celebrity wannabes. Since many people have a keen interest in celebrities and their naughty bits, this appears to be a promising site.


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Our opinion

As soon as you enter, you'll see the 10 latest updates. There's a new celebrity clip added every 2 to 3 days. Below this are the 10 top rated celebrities and 10 top rated content. The menu along the top is very simple, with a handy feature being the A-Z menu link. (It's also on the home page). This link lists all the celebrities you'll find within Celebs Private Scenes. It's also further divided into Sex Tapes (around 40), Videos, Hi-Def Videos, Oops Photos, and TV Captures.

You can download or stream the videos clips. As to streaming, buffering is hit or miss here. Sometimes the movies buffer quite quickly, while at other times you wait several minutes just to view a clip that's only a minute or two long.

The videos show in various sizes, such as 704x404 (approx. 1.02 Mbps), 352x240 (approx. 705 Kbps), 720x384 (approx. 2.04 Mbps), 1920x800 (approx. 3.07 Mbps), and 624x352 (approx. 2.55 Mbps). The quality is usually very good, almost like watching the film on your TV screen, although there are some videos whose quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The oops and paparazzi photos also open to various sizes, such as 504x849, 600x900, 800x1098, and 890x1200 pixels. The quality ranges from okay to pretty good.

The beauty of this site is that you don't have to rent or buy all the videos of the steamy love scenes or nude scenes of celebrities you want to see. Not only would that cost a lot of money, you'd also have to fast forward to all the "juicy" parts. On this site, all those "juicy" parts are there for you to view without having to search for them. Some of the clips, however, are not nude or sex scenes, per se, but the celebrities wearing something sexy in a video clip. For example, there's a clip of Natalie Portman in "Star Wars," and you know there was no nudity in that film. This also occurs in the photos; many are barely oops shots, or they're just photos of a model or celebrity in a bikini without any oops moments (aka nip slips).

As to the celebrities themselves, you'll see celebrities from yesteryear (Marilyn Monroe, Margot Kidder, Mariel Hemingway) to today (Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and Britney Spears). You'll also see some classic steamy scenes - like Sharon Stone's panty-less scene in "Basic Instinct." Also included are many foreign actresses and other actresses I've not heard of before. That doesn't mean their sex scenes aren't steamy; some of them are very passionate, and they have great bodies. Bear in mind, though, that much of the content isn't hardcore (as I noted above with some non-nude scenes and photos). When there is nudity, the majority of it is from R-rated movies; thus, you won't see anything x-rated. If you want to see the x-rated stuff, there are around 40 celebrity sex tapes, though they usually don't have the clarity of the feature film footage.

The main drawback to this site is the server speed. If you download any of the videos, you'll be hard pressed to be able to peruse the rest of the site without having to wait for a couple minutes for the next page to load. Additionally, as I mentioned above, buffering is hit or miss; if I had to give you a definite opinion, I'd say that for most of the videos, you have to wait 2-5 minutes for the videos to buffer, just to see between 30 seconds to over a minute long clip.


Celebs Private Scenes gets mixed reviews from me. I like the theme of the site, as well as many of the videos. The videos, by the way, are usually pretty good quality. The site has simple navigation, and the updates are regular at every two to three days. The problem is that the download and streaming speeds aren't as fast as promised. Many times I had to wait a few minutes just to stream a clip that was less than a minute long. Also, while downloading, when you try to navigate to other areas of the site, it often freezes up. If the site upgraded to a faster server, the site would get much higher ratings from me.


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