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Mr Skin review

- 4th revisit

Summary: Mr Skin is a huge celebrity site with a database of just about every actress to ever appear on film or TV around the world. You'll see sexy and nude moments for all of them plus get access to tons of articles, reviews and celeb goodies like Top 100 lists. The site is classy, easy to use and a great place to browse for gossip as well as all the sexy moments of your favorite Hollywood celebrities.

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Score 90.0 /100
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Jerry Fritz, 2010-03-02

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Intro promises

-Over 550 Hours of Video
-Full Screen & HD Video
-20,000+ Actresses
-200,000+ Pics & Clips
-30,000 Movies & TV Shows
-Reviews & Ratings
-Daily Updates

First impression

Mr Skin is almost a household name at this point. It's been spoken of in movies like Knocked Up and discussed in major print and news outlets. The site's always had the same rallying call, and that is to be the "number one source of celeb flesh!" Without question I think we can say that is the case, though the site is more than just a bunch of nude movies and pictures of celebrities. It also has a blog and other video features like the Mr Skin Minute or the Top Lists of various nude moments. If you want a full celebrity and Hollywood experience heavy with nude material but also including gossip and reviews then this is the site for you.


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Our opinion

I would say not to think of Mr Skin as a porn site, but more like a huge, interactive celebrity magazine that also happens to be chock full of naked pictures and sexy videos of famous babes getting naked and having sex in movies released all around the world. I say this because the site is so much more than its video and photographs. It's a place where there's a ton of great writing and other features that cover the Hollywood beat and it provides a huge amount of entertainment on that level. Yes, this site would be just as fun for those not interested in a famous chick's boobies - - but it's going to be more fun for those that are!

The site has a gorgeous design and it just radiates a high-class sort of feel. Visit their blog to get a further taste of just how much quality the site is packing. I recommend you start with the Top 10 lists. Here you'll find some great articles and videos. The most recent is the "Top 10 Hoosier Hotties vs Lusty Louisanans" list. There are Top 100 lists as well. Some of these come with videos that are very much like those you'll see on VH1 and E! when they're doing the "100 Sexiest Scenes" or something similar. They interview real celebs that make funny comments and narrate the picks and places. That sort of production does not exist on any other celebrity porn site.

For these seeking leaked sex tapes and fake sex tapes Mr Skin is not that sort of place. It's all about finding the moments of real celeb nakedness and even hardcore in movies they've made, giving you video clips and stills of the action and telling you where to find it yourself. These clips can be streamed instantly online in a great quality Flash player or downloaded. You can grab them in WMV and H.264 formats. These offer pretty great playback as well at a 640x360 resolution. The pictures aren't quite as great but that's because they are just still frames from the movies. No matter if a nipple is only visible for a microsecond, the crew at Mr Skin will capture that exact moment and share it with you. The videos sometimes use "Skin Vision", too -- it's just slow motion so you can see the quick nudity moments better.

The site is just as large as it claims to be. It's really mind boggling. I don't think you'll be able to beat the collection here. Think up the most obscure actress and you'll find her. They even have a ton of European and Asian movies listed, plus indies that you may never had heard about. That's good because foreign films tend to have a lot of skin moments in them. Besides giving you a recap and clips of the nudity in these movies they also give you detailed reviews. Before you go rent a DVD you'll definitely want to look it up on here. See if it's any good from a story standpoint plus which celebs show some skin in it.


Mr Skin is the first site that pops in your head when you think naked celebrity and that's just as it should be. This is a legit site with only real nude moments from movies and TV shows showcased and reviewed. With most of the models and actresses that have ever appeared on tape listed here the selection doesn't get better and when you throw in all the other entertaining aspects it's a site that's hard to top.


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