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Club Jane review

Summary: Club Jane is a pretty hot blonde amateur. Her site is rather basic and the content quality varies a great deal. Overall the site is okay, but needs general improvements to take it to the next level.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Uli, 2006-08-26

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British girls

Intro promises

The written intro promises look pretty well known for anybody being familiar with adult websites: "I like to be naughty and do lots of sexual things. Cum and see for yourself." "Cum inside to see my steamy video's. I have solo to hardcore vid's for your viewing pleaseure." "My photo's are high resolution and 1000x667 in size. I love to be naughty and I have sets from solo to anal fucking. I love a hard cock up my tight ass!"

I admit I felt more turned on by the pics and the small movie extracts of this hot blonde classic young gal - if you have a weakness for the more "amateur" professional models like I do, you should give Jane (Burgess) a try - well, as Jane said, you're welcome!

First impression

The design is an exact continuation from the free site - giving the pics a try - ah, nice overview of series - checking one - nice big pics of a real hottie - yummy - the videos - smaller site but bigger files - nonsense - Jane obivously tries to do her best on her site and deserves a real review - not just a few thoughts. BTW, although Jane claimes to be professional model and even a starlet her site in my opinion resembles the typical amateur site which - I absolutely insist on that - does not mean anything negative.


$ 14.95 30 days recurring
$ 24.95 30 days non-recurring
$ 5.95 5 days trial recurring at 24.95
Payment processors are CCBill and Verotel Tickets Club.

Our opinion

Well, Jane - I admit I've seen this gal before on different websites. I kind of had the impression that she's one of those nameless hotties performing on lots of different sites. You see them, nice & hot, but don't get closer. I liked the idea of now finding the real site of such a hotte. Jane (perhaps you've heard her full name Jane Burgess before - there are several smaller sites of her on the net, e.g. one on the "ProAdult"-system and one on Yahoo) is a blond hottie with nice natural perky tits, great body, a little bit the bitch-next-door-gal and blonde bombshell, well, I bet the young lady you would look at after passing her at the streets!

Let's proceed with the content of the site - at first there are the pics. At the moment there are around 70 picture series - each with 10-30 pictures. Most of them do have a resolution of 1000x667 exactly as promised. There are some older series which don't, but nevertheless I think they are worthy of getting shared with us, so I found the lack of some pixels acceptable. It's obvious the newer full sized series were done for Jane directly - I suppose it's true that they were done exclusively for the site - but some - especially older series were taken from other sources - some work Jane did for other sites or mags. The quality of the pics is not bad of course due to their resolution, but on the other hand it is in my opinion not as good as they could be. I've seen pictures of this size on other sites which were smashingly crisp and lively, something I do miss from Jane's pics. This cannot be because of the compression - some of these pics are more than half a mb in size. I think Jane has to check the camera's quality or the lighting setup - the pics should come out better for this size and resolution.

Being curious already what the pics that I'm talking about show? Most of them are just nude pics, mostly of the natural type, less artsy or stylish pics. I really liked the hot and nice spread pussy shots. As promised there is also a bunch of more hardcore pics like blowjobs which Jane obviously likes. Of course there are some fucking scenes, some anal, some lesbian (with a real hot partner - yummy), some light bondage - yes, that's a complete range of lighter hardcore scenes. There's no extreme hardcore on this site.

The movies can be discussed quite quickly - there is a grand total of six (just 6!) of them on the site. The range of action is like described above. Their resolution is 640x480, the bitrate varies from 2000 to 768 kbps and the playtime between 12 and 1 minutes. File sizes vary between 16 and 130 MB. The quality is not bad, but not really top either. All the movies are obviously privately produced for the site - they are very much amateur level and not professionally done.

As a fully loaded personal site couldn't and shouldn't do without a cam system. Jane is member of two such systems - Amateur Camz and Amateur Cam House with the well known offer of lots of ladies (not just Jane) doing shows. BTW, I wasn't able to get ACH to work for some reason. Camz has recordings of parts of Jane's previous shows, so if you missed them you will get at least a glimpse what happened. To get improve contact with the subscribers, Jane offers a blog to keep the connection alive and there are e.g. the free clubs like the one at Yahoo (look for "janeburgessmodelinghangout").

There is one point were Jane's site surprised me and surpassed what I had expected by the preview - it's the mass of pictures shown of bonus websites. Besides the normal 10-20 free exchange pics the web amateurs give each other to increase the popularity of their sites there is quite a lot of stuff e.g. from FTV Girls, Harris Galleries, PG Galleries and not to forget Suze Randall. I suppose there are several hundred pictures. This is in my opinion even a bit delicate as quite a lot of these pics are better in picture quality than Jane's own pictures. The links are presented - just in case you're looking for new and exciting places to go to...

Finally some words regarding the design and handling of the site. The site looks quite basic to me. Design and menu structure is not professionally done. Nevertheless it does what it is meant to be - let's look at it the positive way: no gadgets, no php-orgy, no idiotic flash animations, just plain html directing you were you want to go. Thus the handling is ok - not prizeworthy, but easy to get around. All content is downloadable without any hassle, although there are no zips for the picture series.


Although Jane claims to be a professional model I regard her personal website to be an amateur site. Professional sites do have more professional layouts and pics/movies done by professionals where most of this content obviously has been done by someone not being a full-time photographer. Nevertheless I find the stuff on Club Jane to be ok and I think a commitment to delivering an honest product can be felt - but the realization lacks the last ten percent to the top. The mass of pictures is good, but not very good - the top amateur sites outperform Club Jane significiantly. So after all, this is a good site - but not a top one. At least it has a very personal character and displays Jane's personality better than a sterile pornstar-type site done by an agency. The recurring monthly pice of $14.95 is alright and gives me a realistic impression. The non-recurring price of $24.95 is a bit more than what I think it is worth though.

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