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CoCo Exposed review

Summary: CoCo Exposed is about cute blonde Nicole Graves. She likes to experiment with a few of her girlfriends as well as some of her guy friends. Video quality could stand an upgrade though, and price is a bit high compared to the only one weekly update.

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Score 65.0 /100
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Joseph, 2006-09-13

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Intro promises

“Formerly, check out the all new! We did a complete re-design from top to bottom, and we think you'll like the results! COCOEXPOSED.COM IS THE HOTTEST SOLO GIRL SITE ON THE INTERNET TODAY!”

First impression

[Update 07/2008: CoCo Exposed is now known as Nicole Graves.]

Meet CoCo (not real sure why that second “c” is capitalized...). CoCo has brown hair and green eyes. She was born and raised in Houston, TX. She is the youngest of three girls. She’s had “too many [sexual partners] to try to count” (wow, that’s a real turn-on...) and says “not cumming” is her biggest turn-off. She enjoys writing poetry, working out, wine-tasting, eating sushi and scuba diving in her free time (you know, when she’s not blowing guys). CoCo has big tits and is attractive enough to be on the cover of Playboy’s Vixens but not cute enough to be featured in Playboy proper. In short, CoCo is your typical porn model and CoCo Exposed (formerly known as Naughty CoCo) is CoCo’s typical porn site. Take it or leave it, tuff guy.


30 days - $24.95 (recurring)
3 months - $55.95 (recurring)
6 months - $89.95 (non-recurring)

Paycom is the authorized sales agent of Coco Exposed.

Our opinion

CoCo Exposed is fairly easy to navigate. All the pertinent links are at the top of each page, so you won’t have any trouble finding what you’re looking for (not that there’s a lot of stuff here to look for). The main members page displays listings of the newest pictures and videos along with the top ten videos and photosets on the website as voted by CoCo’s members. It appears that “Licking CoCo’s Ass” is the current video champion, thus proving once again that I do not have my finger on the pulse of America (c’mon, people, “CoCo Gives a Stranger a BJ” is clearly the best video on the site! I demand a recount, CoCo!). If members still yearn to have their voices heard, they can vote for their favorite kind of content in CoCo’s user poll. That’s democracy in action, folks.

Currently, there are seventy-six photo galleries (each averaging seventy-five pics) on CoCo Exposed. The photos are high resolution with 1024x680. CoCo is photographed wearing many sexy outfits, playing with herself (with both her fingers and an assortment of toys), engaging in lesbianism and fucking a handful of male friends. I do miss a zip-download option though.

There are fifty videos (approximately twenty minutes each) on CoCo Exposed at the present time. The videos are in WMV format and average about twenty minutes a piece. The videos are 320 by 240 in size. And guess what, stud? No DRM! The videos are cut up into bite sized clips for easy download. The clips are all of good quality and feature our heroine nude in public, playing with herself and fucking her special friends. Exciting shit, huh?

If you get tired of CoCo (why would you?), don’t fret! CoCo has been kind enough to include bonus content from sixteen different sites, including Desperate Teens, Couple Fucks Teen and The First Swallow, on CoCo Exposed. CoCo also has a diary, which adds a personal touch to an otherwise impersonal site. And, hey, if you really like CoCo, you can buy something for her offa her wish list!


Nicole Graves (formerly known as CoCo Exposed) is a fairly typical porn site. Looking for innovation? Look somewhere else. Nicole Graves is meat and potatoes masturbation material for guys who jerk off in the missionary position. Is Nicole sexy? You’re darn right she is! Does she look good naked? Sure. Is the action on Nicole Graves hot? Not particularly. Would I ever look at this site if I didn’t get paid to look at it? Probably not.

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