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Crazy Slutty review

Summary: Crazy Slutty offers to fulfil your wishes when it comes to making content for her site. Members fill out a form and she'll do it. The idea is good, but unfortunately the site fails to make it really interesting.

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Score 60.0 /100
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Joseph, 2007-05-02

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Intro promises

“The first and still the best in providing custom porn! CrazySlutty is the first to offer 100% custom content based on member requests! You choose the outfit, the activities, the toys! A completely unique, personal experience unlike anything else!”

First impression

Crazy Slutty boasts of having “one hundred percent custom homemade porn;” in other words, our gal Crazy, the site’s web mistress and primary performer, will do just about anything that her members ask her to do! See, inside Crazy Slutty is a request form which members are encouraged to fill out with what they’d like to see on the site — members get to browse Crazy’s closet and pick out outfits for her to wear, choose toys for her to use, etc. And Crazy clearly loves her work! In fact, she claims to orgasm “around ten to twenty times” during sex (sometimes as often as thirty times!)! If you actually believe that, then I have some swampland in Florida to sell you.


$24.95 per month recurring
$64.85 for three months recurring

Credit card discreetly billed through safe and secure CCBill.

Our opinion

With regards to action, Crazy is up for just about anything: oral, deepthroating, fucking, anal sex, double-penetration, bondage, artistic nudes, creampies, anal creampies, public flashing, public sex, dildos, anal beads, butt plugs, cum on her face, cum in her hair, cum on her boobs, cum on her ass, cum on her pussy, etc. And Crazy is just crazy about cum! You’ll see her drinking it from a shot glass, eating it on ice cream and even drinking it in her coffee (I take mine with cream too!)! There are certain things she won’t fool around with, though, like scat, needles, blood, animals and children. Jeez, what a prude! I guess I can throw out my form with the request for footage of Crazy using needles to draw blood from children and animals to inject into piles of human feces for her to eat!

Currently, there are twenty-nine movies, forty-eight audio posts and over five thousand photos in one hundred and thirty-seven galleries on Crazy Slutty, which is usually updated twice a week/eight times a month with new photos, artwork, audio and video. The members area of Crazy Slutty is as simple as simple can be — all of the site’s major destinations are easily accessed from a menu bar of links at the top of each page. These major destinations include galleries, an FAQ, messages boards, a request form and Crazy’s email address. All galleries on the site can be searched with a convenient search function — type in a keyword like “anal” or “upskirt” and you’ll be bombarded with results!

The photo galleries are the main draw of Crazy Slutty. Each gallery contains an average of fifty high quality photos that appear to have been taken by Crazy’s boy-toy. Photos can be viewed one at a time or in a slideshow, which members have complete control over — they can decide how fast the slideshow runs, pause it at any time and choose what size to view the photos at. The photos generally look pretty good, but aren't that large with only 614x464 pixels.

All of the videos on Crazy Slutty have been shot with a camcorder by Crazy’s companion; later clips are available for download in Windows Media while the earlier clips are available for download in QuickTime. Honestly, the quality of the videos isn’t all that impressive. And there’s not much to look at in these movies either — Crazy’s boyfriend isn’t much of a performer and his cum merely dribbles out... who wants to see that? Shouldn’t he be shooting streams of jism all over the place as he lives out the fantasies of countless members? Shit, man, you get to do things to Crazy that others only dream of! Get it together, bro!

There are also a number of MP3s (Crazy sings “Santa Baby”!) and creepy member-submitted drawings on Crazy Slutty. This extra content isn’t particularly erotic, sadly. Of course, I didn’t find much of the photo and video content on Crazy Slutty all that erotic either...


Though I love the idea of Crazy Slutty (I mean, who doesn’t want a woman who will do whatever you ask her to do in the bedroom?!), I can’t say I’m wild about the execution — the content on this site is average at best. Crazy looks alright and she seems to enjoy all the filthy stuff she does at her members’ request, but the videos and photos just aren’t that hot. I wouldn’t even know what Crazy could do to improve the site — get a new boyfriend, maybe? Sorry, Crazy, but I’m just not crazy about your site.

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