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Georgias Peach review

Summary: Georgias Peach is a pretty standard personal amateur homepage with varying photo and video quality. Most videos were of disappointing quality and photos lacked consistency. It all comes down to how much you like the girl behind the site.

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CB, 2006-07-07

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Intro promises

- Weekly webcam picture updates (2 sets per week)
- Weekly digital picture updates (1 set per week)
- Weekly video updates (3 per week)
- Streaming audio/video chats (1 per week)
- Personal contact
- Guest model galleries
- Custom pics and movies available for purchase

First impression

Georgia likes to take naughty photos of herself and put them on the interweb. Sometimes her friends get involved to make things extra naughty. Just how naughty? I'm not too sure. She used to be a “naive non-nude teen model”, but has re-invented herself as a “superwhore”. And proud of it, too. The preview doesn't really give much to go on, so you'll have to become a member to find out. Or just read this review.


Our opinion

Georgia's site has a do-it-yourself sorta feel, but remains fairly well organized. There is a menu bar on the left of the home page, and the latest updates appear below a message inviting her members to get in contact via AIM, Yahoo chat, Myspace, or email.

Photos are divided into three sections, Digital Photos, Webcam Photos, and Girlfriends.

There are 52 galleries of digital photos to choose from, 68 galleries of webcam photos, and 34 girlfriend galleries (at the time of this review). It seems that around May 2006 the presentation format was updated to reflect what I assume is a newer look for the whole site. Prior photosets are presented as drab pages of thumbs on either a purple or rather harsh magenta background, while the newer ones are in keeping with the look of the rest of the site. Although the new galleries look way better, they lack the manual slideshow feature that the older galleries had.

The digital & girlfriend photos come in a wide variety of sizes. In the sample group that I downloaded, there were no less than 7 different sizes, ranging from 466x700 to 1044x1566. In general, the newer ones were the largest of the bunch. Quality varied quite a bit as well, with some photos being grainier than others. This is all amateur photography, so lighting and framing are all over the place, but for the most part these pics are not too bad. I would definitely appreciate more consistency, but this could just be a case where things are improved as the site grows. Hey, I'm all for growth.

The web cam photos were not too hot. Sizes were more consistent, staying in the 800x600 range for the most part, with some smaller ones around 640x480. These photos, however, look a lot worse than their non-webcam counterparts, with many being quite blurry or grainy. There were also some thumbs that shot me back a 404 error when I tried to check out the full-size version.

Comparing the older pics to newer ones, I found it interesting to note how Georgia transitioned from sort of a fresh and innocent look to more of a pornstar type of aesthetic.

The videos are presented the same way as the pics; as pages of thumbs. There were 78 of 'em at the time of this review. Like the photos, quality and sizes vary drastically here. The only consistent factor is the format, good ol' WMV. File sizes are anywhere from 300KB to 19MB, with an average somewhere around 4 or 5MB.

Some of the older vids are a god-awful 160x120/38 kbps. The sound is as bad as the picture on those ones. Moving up, we have quite a few that are 320x240/150 kbps. Better, but not so great. Perhaps these are the webcam vids?? One of the clips I downloaded was doing this intermittent fast-forward thing, and yet another had something wrong with the sound, giving it a tremolo-like effect. Interesting.

The more recent vids step things up a notch, delivering the goods at 320x240/340kbps, with the shiniest, newest clip clocking in at 512kbps. A side note about the newest vid... it appears to be made for Lesbian - I could tell 'cause the web address was floating around on the screen. This makes me wonder about the exclusivity of the content here at Georgia's Peach.

At any rate, none of these videos look all that great, even at their normal size. Don't bother with the fullscreen.

One thing I did like was that there were several clips that didn't feature anything sexy at all... just Georgia doing her makeup, showing off some underthings she just bought, or even smoking some sort of slender cigar on her front porch, all Paladin style. These add a nice personal touch, and augment all of the options you have for getting ahold of Georgia.

Although the site preview promises a “superwhore”, there are very few vids (or pics) that feature any sex. There are a couple of lesbian scenes, and only two clips where you actually see a cock. The majority of the content here is solo stuff, with quite a bit of it being more on the softcore side of things.

In addition to the main content, you also get access to 9 feeds (blah), Georgia's Journal (which was under construction when I was checking out the site) and a chat feature where you can talk with other members or get online with Georgia at 10pm on Thursdays.


Well then. On one hand we have quite a bit of exclusive amateur content (mostly softcore) on Georgia's Peach featuring a girl that likes to get to know her members. Very appealing for those interested in “personal” sites.

On the other hand, most of the content is of poor quality, and lacks consistency. I'm a big fan of sites like these, and an even bigger fan of the whole DIY mentality. However, I'm also a stickler for quality, and I couldn't really find it here. The low-grade content outweighs the personal touch, in my opinion.

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