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Housewife Kelly review

- 1st revisit

Summary: Sexy amateur Kelly is a 30-year old housewife who enjoys swinging together with her husband Shawn. They film themselves having sex, Kelly masturbating solo and their swinging adventures with other well known swingers. Movies and pictures are provided in medium quality. There's so far 110+ movies and and 80+ picture sets, but content quality could be improved.

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Uli, 2008-10-23

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Intro promises

Kelly's site doesn't have a lot of promises in the traditional from (the biggest, the sexiest, fucking all the time etc. etc.)
Instead you'll see a list of Kelly's movie updates with their description the same way it's laid out in the members area.

It's obvious that Kelly wants to let the content convince you rather than words. There is a brief welcome message from Kelly though indicating that the site will be amateur hardcore in lots of variations! A very appealing introduction to a hardcore amateur site in my opinion.

First impression

At very first sight the member's area looks exactly like the preview page. You can start downloading hardcore movies at once. Proceeding to the pics you have a selection among screenshots, XXX-photos and girlfriend-photos. Both pictures and movies are spread across several pages and each addition has several preview pictures - there's a lot of stuff ahead.


$24.95 monthly recurring at $19.95
$89.95 half year recurring at $19.95 monthly

Payment processor is CCBill, payment via online check is possible.

Our opinion

Well, as you will already have noticed Kelly is a real sweety. She's a nice girl next door with a hot, sexy body, beautiful bright eyes and medium-length blonde hair. The prototype of a hot amateur girl.

Movies seem to be the main focal point here as they are already available from the members area home page. But there is no shortage of either movies or pictures. The movie site at the moment featurs a grand total of 110 single movies. The action is like Kelly promised in her preview movie: A wide variety of sexual actions - single masturbation, outdoors, POV, blowjobs, lesbian, threesomes (fmm, ffm), orgies, swapping partners, swinging - name it, it is there. And everything is full on hardcore, i.e. you'll see everything and nothing is faked. Kelly and her husband seem to be well integrated in the lifestyle amateur sex scene and has sex with quite a lot of ladies and guys there. So if you are familiar with this scene, expect to see some well known faces here: Barbi, Rio, Anna, Sammy and a lot more. Kelly does them all.

The movie quality of the newer movies is normal NTSC resolution (640x480), done with a digital camera and appropriate lighting where necessary and with a bitrate of 1076 kBit/s resulting in an acceptable quality. Play time of the movies is around ten to fifteen minutes resulting in filesizes between 80 and 130 MB. A lower resolution (320x240, 450 kBit/s) for the newer movies is available with files being half the size. Movie format is WMV. All movies are downloadable, but can also be streamed directly from the site. Many movie shoots have accompanying screenshot series in acceptable screenshot quality with ~30 to 50 pictures.

The pictures are in most cases shot at a different time than the videos. But nevertheless the action shown in the pics is just as hardcore as the movies. Not the same scenes and settings, but the same type of action. Kelly's site has 83 picture series, each with 10 to 50 pictures. Picture size is quite small (max 900x600, but many pictures are smaller) and quality is varying from low or medium to good - the pictures could stand an improvement in size I think.

Kelly's housewife has 20 links to other similar sites. Nearly all of these sites are amateur girls like Kelly herself and many were featured in action with Kelly on her site. Kelly has more than just the ten typical teaser pictures for each lady's site - mostly she's got a full hardcore photo series with up to 100 pictures of each. Those pictures are the same size as Kelly's.

Kelly's site wouldn't be a fully fledged amateur site if there wasn't a cam system, so here it is: She is a member of Camz and does webshows there - sadly at a bad time for us being on the other site of the pond, so I didn't see one. Kelly's membership to the camsystems of course gives you the possibility to watch the shows of all other camgirls. Too bad there are no records of the cam shows available and downloadable, so you will have to watch them live.

To make the site complete there's a blog which Kelly frequently uses to discuss all the updates on the site with her members - it's even available to non-members! Might be interesting, because there are several pictures from the members area viewable for free here.

The site design is nice and quite typical for any decent amateur site. The handling is okay and works as it is supposed to. I made an interesting observation: The pictures seem to be presented by an integrated picture management system, giving the feature of having an automated slide show. On the other hand I'm not sure it's all that good - it seems to me to be responsible for the relatively low picture resolution. Pictures are opened on new pages and sadly there are no Zip-files available.


Housewife Kelly's site is a nicely done and honest amateur hardcore site. It has all the features that make a solid amateur site:

Movies where she has sex with her husband but also where the couple swing with other couples. Hand made pictures of herself and her friends far from the typical glamour babe shoots seen on countless other sites. Previews of likeminded friends' sites with lots of examples. Of course a membership to a camsystem and finally a blog for better interaction with her members.

So if you are into amateur couples and swinging sites and agree with me that Kelly is a real hottie you should give her site a try - at least check out the preview area of her site and blog.

There are some minor points that could be improved though: The pictures look good, but in times with 10+ megapixel cameras and cell phones have 5 megapixels, a mere 0.5 megapixels and below are outdated. It shouldn't be too difficult to improve this. Next thing I miss is zip-files of all picture sets. The price of $24.95 is acceptable.


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