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Sexy Anastasia review

Summary: Sexy Anastasia is an interesting and different approach when making a personal amateur site. It displays Anastasia's experiences - including her travelling and partying - in magazine form. She is a beautiful girl and always includes a couple of photo shoots in each issue. Newest issue is free.

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Melissa, 2008-02-28

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Intro promises

Get ready to get your information groove on from the intro area of Sexy Anastasia. There have been a lot of changes that took place starting the first of this new year, which does include this now being a free siteÖ.well, to the monthly updates, if you want the archived material, that will cost you the membership fee. It was the stress of dealing with memberships that made this girl lean towards offering some free material to folks, which is good for those surfing through. Speaking of which, her tallies show that over 21,000 people visited her site last month, so that is a nice number of hits for free.

This Canadian based gal professes through her write-up that this site has been complained about previously in the navigation area, so she does supply instructions for the easiest maneuvering.

First impression

To be perfectly honest, Iím not sure just what to think about this particular site as of yet. There are some nice image previews to enjoy, and I have for the most part, but they are pretty mix-matched in bringing hot nude posing and then mixing it with cartooning and such. It almost gave me the first impression of they needed a filler quick and so thatís what they went for to fill up the frames, but it could just be this girl is fun-loving and a free spirit, and going with her whims. Either way, weíll find out inside together.


Monthly previews - Free
6 months membership $40.00 (recurring every 3 months @ $40.00)

Credit Card, Check
CC Bill

Our opinion

To take a quote right from the header of this site; ďOne Womanís Online Magazine, The new trend of intelligent adult entertainment.Ē Itís a nice capture of thought, and now we get to see what it all stands for. As of the date of this review there are seemingly 2,481 archived images for this site. Iím not seeing anything mentioned in regards to videos. The site map shows us navigation into the magazine area, a forum, a contact link, and of course a wish list for accepting gifts from appreciative folk.

One thing to keep in mind if you prefer to purchase membership and not just nibble on the free elements, is that you login through the archive link, it took me a while to find where to get in, so I wanted to pass that along. Once inside, you are just pretty much given thickly bordered images, one right after another, after another, I found more personal contact through the free area where you preview everything from the month.

Going throughout the site, Iím finding that the layout is a bit confusing, not so much on how to find things, but more of the way itís offered. To sum up what my overall feeling is at this moment seems to be that this is like a life story laced with pictures. She goes places and does things and then offers write-up accounts of what her chain of events were, what they made her feel like or think about, and then the images give a look into the captions. Itís a different type of amateur site. Yes she does sprinkle nudity throughout here and there, in the form of one or more photo series in each issue with everything from a bit of tit flashing to be totally naked with some masturbation tossed in.

She has a strong political view, and that does come to show. I realize she has laid this site out and has a purpose behind what has gone where Ė but I must admit, there are some pictures offered that donít really make a lot of sense to me and actually has left me scratching my head. I did enjoy her insight on some issues, and for being of a bit younger set than myself, she seems to have grown up in a place where growing up quickly was one of the requirements.

There are some images to this site that I absolutely fell in love with, and should by all accounts be entered into some sort of contest, or at the least, be framed and hung on a wall in an art studio. One of which enlarged to a 600x800 pixel size, in black and white filming, and was simply titled, ďMountain Trail.Ē Itís a beautiful shot and if she indeed was the one that took this image, she should be proud. As I said, everything is pretty scattered throughout, thereís not an easy way to get a total count of images, but I would say their offering would be right on the money.

You can tell Sexy Anastasia is having fun with what sheís doing, and when it all boils down to the bottom line, that is the most important part. She offers pictures of her just being herself, and what more can any of us ask for? Another shot that Iím particular fond of is again, done in black and white film and titled, ďOne of my favorite self portraitsĒ and I can see why. Iím finding this girl to be much more beautiful, much deeper and more appealing when sheís not trying to be. Beauty comes in all forms, and hers seems to be in the form of naturalness. Her talents are bountiful, I mean, she has that keen eye that a true photographer needs to really make a statement that will be hung on someoneís living room wall and admired by all of the neighbors. Itís an extra something special nestled within the creative mind of a person, and she has definitely got it!

There is a forum area to this site, with a total of 799 articles, but only 57 registered users. There are some nice headings, and even an area for Japanese viewers.


My emotions are so mixed about Sexy Anastasia, Iím not sure just where to begin. Itís like a photo album with text, that gives you a volume for each month of someoneís life, expressing through art and the written word their inner most feelings and thoughts. Yes, Sexy Anastasia is sexy, sheís adorable, she has the kind of body any woman would be thankful for and she is so natural, that makes for a wonderful combination. But I must say, Iím much more impressed with her artistic talents of photography than I found myself being with a tit shot here and there. She has the eye, and ability, that is what she should be striving to offer.

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